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It’s a New Era

by Staff on October 8, 2005

Welcome to the 989,743th Hip Hop audio blog on the net. Why will this one be different from the many others out there? Hell who knows. Honestly my computer knowledge is confined basically to navigating the internet, so this blog shit is pretty new to me, hence the boring ass background. So we’ll be having some feeling out time on this thing trying to figure out what the hell we are doing.

Why are we doing this? We have a great love for hip hop. For me personally, when I heard Run DMC’s “Walk This Way” back in the mid 80′s, it was on. I’ve been through it all, the golden age, G-Funk, the west/east war, the bling bling, the indie push…blah blah blah. Basically, we just want to add to a bunch of good sites out there already. I’ve been inspired by the many of the Hip Hop sites I’ve seen out there….the Cocaine Blunts, The Vinyl Addicts, The Low End Theory, Freemotion. Ever since I first found Cocaine Blunts back in march of this year, the knowledge and music I’ve been exposed to has jumped in leaps and bounds. If we can contribute to that, hell, the world is even a better place. I’m also into writing, I write reviews for, and I wouldn’t mind writing some more, so this is a good way to write about shit that I like. I’m sure y’all will be exposed to some various rants and raves non hip hop related from time to time as well.

There are two of us for the time being…who knows what the future holds. I’ve been around for awhile, trying to finish my degree and get on with life while living in the Mile High City (Shitty local music, but great scene otherwise)….I’ll let me partner in crime introduce himself at a latter time…So whatever, sit back, comment, do whatever the figgidy fuck you please…cause it’s ON!….oh this was posted before we broke into two contributers….this is Travis, aka Glavet

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