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I Used To Sell Mixtapes….

by Travis on October 19, 2005

It’s floating all over the net, but some dude in Japan (leave it to the Japanese) has over 500 old tapes in his collection….the dubbing kind.

If you were like me, you didn’t DJ, you bought tapes. You made tapes, you dubbed shit off the radio, waiting for that one song for hours with your finger on the pause button, hoping some moron DJ wouldn’t talk all over it or cut if off before it was over. Shit will never be the same. Now, in less than a minute you have that new single or whatever. Someone needs to invent a time machine and fast.

Anyway, I think Noz summed it up best on his site and I doubt many people are reading yet and I’m too lazy to get any further into it.

More MP3′s tomorrow….not sure just what yet.

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