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"Fuck Wit Zee I’ll Bash Ya Face"

by Travis on November 17, 2005

One of the most slept on crews in the history has to be the New Jersey based The Outsidaz. Consisting of nine members, including a hungry Eminem before the pop garbage dream corrupted his head. My personal favorite out of the clique has always been Young Zee. Zee has one of the most recognizable voices and flows in all of hip hop. He’s also been the victim of the wrong place at the wrong time. Zee and Pacewon joined together in 91′ to start the Outsidaz. They were lucky enough to get on The Fugees “The Score” album that should have given them some shine. He dropped an album on Perspective records in 96′ that never saw the light of day, which is a shame cause shit is absolute fire. There are promo versions on tape I’ve seen floating around. Not sure if it ever appeared on vinyl. I did get lucky enough to have someone hook me up with an MP3 version, although I’ve seen multiple tracklistings for the album so I’m not sure how legit it is.

The Outsidaz released “Nightlife EP” in early 2000. It was a very good glimpse of what the crew had to offer. Each MC had a different style, although some group memebers didn’t really standout all that much, but any crew consisting of Zee, Pacewon, Rah Digga, and a early Em couldn’t be all that bad. Zee also apperead on fellow Bricks alum, Redman’s “Doc Is Da Name”, or whatever the hell it was called. If I remember right he also apperead on a Methodman track with Jamal and Red. In 2001 The Outsidaz released “Bricks”, the full length debut and only LP they would release. It was a hodge podge of traditional sounding tracks and some tracks that sound like they were label forced attempts of radio play.

The Outs soon broke up, not sure really why, other than it would be hard to keep that many memebers together for any amount of time…just look at Wu-Tang….anyway, Zee showed up on the Masta Ace’s “Disposable Arts” with one of my favorite verses of all times:

Niggaz fear me like the fear of AIDS
I take out pretty boys wearin’ shades
or thug niggaz with they hair in braids
then fuck yo girl thru that thing she wearin’
get her pregnant and leave that bitch a single parent
got mad cars, u probably hopin’ a jaguar
drunk at Justin’s, while you hang in a fag bar
scared of jail, but at home u tryin to rob
when I got inside ugot sodomized by alot of guys
girls pile up in young zee room
I fucked the wives of about twenty grooms on they honeymoons
we had a check sellin’ bottles of rock and so much dope we came re-modelled the spot
thats why ya’ll cats be spittin’ that shit from em
see u grinnin’ when I stop and spinnin (spin)
fuck wit zee I’ll bash yo face
I fucks wit’ (ah hah ah ha)
Masta Ace, bitch

Okay, maybe they don’t look all that impressive, but it’s more the way he spits them. I’ve rewound that verse many a times.

Young Zee then supposbly signed with Em’s Shady label. The only thing I saw from him was that track on the 8 Mile soundtrack, which wasn’t bad, I just hope he still isn’t on that label, cause em pays less attention to him than Obie Trice. It’s a shame too, cause lyrically, Young Zee would kill any of those G-Unit clowns on the mic. Zee did pop this year on Casual’s lack luster album “Smash Rockwell”, teaming up with Casual on the “Bay vs. Bricks” track, or something remotely like that.

The two tracks I’m throwing up are my two favorites. The first being “Milk” which has KRS and Busta on it. It was on one of the two singles that did get released from that album. The second is with Ms. Hill herself, in the form of “Stay Gold”. There is some confusion whether or not this was on the album or not. I’ve seen some tracklistings that has it on there, then I’ve read where it was just a white label joint. The copy I got did not have this track on it. It’s a great song as is “Milk”.

I’m also throwing up “Reality (Killin’ Every N—a)” by Black Moon, which was a B-side on “I Gotcha Opin” single and to my knowledge wasn’t released any of the compulations they have put out with their old stuff. Also posting “Murder MC’s”, which was on the Diggin’ In Tha Vaults LP, but I already uploaded it so have at it.

Young Zee- Milk

Young Zee- Stay Gold

Black Moon- Reality (Killin’ Every N—a)

Black Moon- Murder MC’s

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