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Mr Mef And The Funk DOC

by DJSoulClap on January 9, 2006

December 30th,

8pm: I get in my car with my brother and a friend. I have the new Slum Village CD on heavey rotation.

8.15pm: Arrival at the jolly joker. It’s the biggest disco in my hometown Braunschweig. There were a lot of great artists in my town in the last two years. In 2004 we had the Souls of Mischief, Masta Ace & Edo.G, Afu-Ra & The Perverted Monks, in 2005 Masta Ace again with Words and Strick and in the Summer even DMX.There’s a big crowd in front of the doors. Some guys start a fight, very spectacular. Even a girl joins them and hits a guy in the face. That’s what you can expect when you want to watch Rappers who are well known. There are always some of these clichee gangsters. It’s goddamn cold but it doesn’t matter. We’re staying there for 45 minutes.

9pm: Finally in. I go upsairs cause it’s so packed on the main floor. Finally find a place directly over the left part of the stage. The DJ is playing a whole lotta classics.

10.30pm: A german rap group enters the stage. They are so shitty that someone throws a plastic bottle with beer on the stage. Everybody was waiting for Red And Meth, there there was no time for bullsh**. So they did just one more track and were out. After that, the DJ started spinning some more records. He really had some skills and the Hype man did a good job too.

11.15pm: The German Beatbox Master entered the stage. Holy shit, I’ve never seen something like that before. He did the beat of Erick Sermons and Redmans “React” including this oriental voice sample. He did male and female voices in perfection. He did If your mother only knew. Fuck Rahzels version. He did it twice as fast as him. Then he did some beats from the charts. Yo that shit was crazy. But he was just 10 minutes on stage. You can check him out on The DJ begins spinning some records again. Now it’s going on my nerves, cause I have nearly all the tracks he was spinning at home, and I can’t wait to see the main act

12pm: They enter the stage. Redman in a very big body suite and a (I’ll call it) robbery mask, Method man with a black jacket, black jeans and a red cap. I can’t remember all the songs or the order bot they did all the classics. From METHOD Man, over I’ll be dat (Everybody was screaming “Fuck you Redman”), Da Goodness, Bring the pain, Da Rockwilder, to How High and How High Part 2. The show was so ill. It was packed as hell , over 2500 people were going crazy. Can you imageine 2500 people singing the hook of How High Part 2? I was wondering why they didn’t play songs of their last albums, Part 2 was the newest track they played if I remember it right. But that was good cause Tical 0 was disappointing. Meth and Red jumped into the crowd like 10 times. When the security got them back out of the crowd they directly jumped back. Mr. Mef showed his naked ass, cause someone in the crowd must have pulled down his pants a little bit. They threw T-shirts and towels into the crowd. They were wildin out. Such a great show. One of the highlights was Redman walking backwards and falling over a box, making a backwards roll on the floor, and directly stoop up. In the end Meth performed Shimmy Shimmy Ya and Brooklyn Zoo and started to cry after that. Streetlife and a guy ,that you could see on MTV cribs with redman, the guy who was lying on the floor, were on stage too and backed them up. One of the illest jams I’ve ever been to, maybe the best.2 true legends and great entertainers!!!

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Posted By DJ Soulclap

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