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Please Listen To My Demo

by Travis on January 28, 2006

Sorry, been away for awhile. Holidays, traveling, school, internships, and various other stuff kept me from doing to many updates. We proabably lost the 10 readers we had, but we’re back with some more mp3′s for your listening pleasure.

Today’s topic of discussion, Ah yes, one of the great things of hip hop, the almighty demo. Just about every artist has had to do one. Some are hidden gems, some are garbage that no one should be forced to listen to. Let’s face it, all the garbage we are bombarded by on the internet by unsigned internet MC’s are just peoples demos that10 years ago, no one would have ever heard. They are what artists try to push on the labels to get that almighty deal. Usually they are a little rough around the edges, using concepts that could or could not be good.

The one good thing about the internet is that some of these orginal recordings are popping up here and there. If you look hard enough you’ll run across stuff from eons again that the orginal artist never intended to be heard. But what the hell, it’s fun listening to this early stuff.

I’m going to kick off a mulitple series of demo releases from a variety of artists. Seems every week more and more new stuff is popping up on sites like the almighty cocaineblunts forums, which is admittedly where I found alot of the stuff I’m about to post. Since they are of the demo type, the sound quality on alot of this stuff is sub standard at best. But hey, at least you are getting to hear it.

Demo’s come in all shapes and sizes, some are just freestyles over instrumentals. Others are songs that never see the light of day, and probably should never see the light of day. Some you wonder why the hell it never got released.

The first group of mp3′s would never came to my attention if it wasn’t for my man Tommy B over at Miscreant Productions. The Beastie Boys have more under the wrap stuff that I ever knew possible. Not saying I don’t like the Beasties, because I do, but I’m not so into them that I know every obscure track they’ve ever done. The first two I’m not sure if they are technically “demo’s” per say, but judging by the muddled quality, I’m guessing maybe a demo version or a 15th generation tape dub…either way, we’ll pretend they are.

The first track is “Desperado”, which did appear on “Tougher Than Leather”, the movie. Like I said the quality isn’t all that, but beggers can’t be choosers. The movie came out in 88′ but if I remember right the Beasties and Russell Rush were starting to have their little quarrels over money or booze or something, so I’m guessing it was around before that. The infamous “White House” album maybe? None the less, it’s classic Beasties singing about…..well drugs, sex, and booze. The next track is “The Scenario” from “Pump Up The Volume”, the movie starring Christian Slater as a renegade rebel pirate radio…..ummm, yeah, okay. Anyway, I always wanted to know what song it was, you never heard much on the movie, just the one verse. The two songs are very similar. Similar in drums and vocals. It’s fun though to listen to the immature and arrogant Beasties once again and not have to worry about Tibet or something.

Beastie Boys- Desperado

Beastie Boys- The Scenario

Then for the hell of it, a couple tracks from one of the greatest sampled based hip hop albums of all-time “Pauls Boutique”. Nothing really new, but some different samples, rhyme deliveries, lyrics ect. Again, props out to Tommy B for these.

Beastie Boys- Shake Your Rump (different lyrics here and there)

Beastie Boys- Johnny Ryall (different guitar sample, which in my opinion is better than the orginal)

Beastie Boys- Hello Brooklyn (kind of a extended version of the version that apperead on B-Boy Bouillabaisse, which to the life of me I’ve always wondered why no one else did that type of thing.)

While we are on the topic of the Beastie Boys, we’ll jump into C.I.A., Ice Cubes group before NWA. I say Beasties, cause this little bootleg joint (poor quality so again, we’ll assume its a demo type of thing) might as well be the titled “I want to be like the Beastie Boys”. As far as I can tell, CIA is Ice Cube, Sir Jinx, and Kid Dee(?). There is conflicting reports on whether Macola actally released an EP called “The CIA EP” or if it’s a bootleg entitled “My Posse EP”, none the less, it’s worth a listen. As I said it sounds more like a Beastie Boys wanna be’s than anything. Honestly if the Beastie Boys or Run DMC isn’t doing that style, its not very fresh. From my gathering, Dre did the beats…..the west coast black Rick Rubin….haha.

CIA- My Posse

CIA- Ill-legal

Alright, so some of this is not strictly “demo” type stuff, but we’ll jump into some real demo’s in the next couple days…..until then, don’t eat yellow snow and love thy neighbor…especially if they have hot chicks over alot.

By Travis aka glavet

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