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Please Listen To My Demo…Part Dos

by Travis on February 9, 2006

This is going to be one of those “Make myself look like I know what I’m talking about” posts when I’m not really doing anything special. This is going to be quick and to the point, not much “educational” value will be found in this update since I’m in “hurry the hell up” mode. Just wanted to throw a little something out there before the natives grew restless. Again, all the folks from the CB crew aren’t going to find anything new on this either as I’m hijacking a couple songs from a compulation posted there along with a song I already posted myself…sorry, next post, I promise.

First song of today is Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap on a demo version of “Raw” one of my top 5 hip hop songs of all time.

Next we have the demo version from “Jimbrowski” from the Jungle Brothers. I know nothing about it, and I was never a big Jungle Brothers fan…I know, I know, thats sacreligous….but none the less here it is.

D-Nice was once part of BDP, hell everyone thats down with this era of hip hop knows this. His first album was a nice one indeed, but these demos sound even better. They are taken off of a Red Alert show, but they’re the demo versions of these songs

TR-808 Is Coming

Call Me D-Nice

So that’s all for this time around…sorry for the lack of anything important to say.

We’ll be back with some Pre-Alkaholiks (ESP) stuff, that has been posted on other blogs, but I haven’t seen it in a year or so and since The Liks are calling it quits, might as well give it a looksie….

Thought for the day: “Never by burritos from a stand next to the animal shelter”

Travis aka Glavet

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