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WYDU Classics Vol 1 (Jan 06')

by Travis on March 2, 2006

WYDU Presents: WYDU Classics Vol 1 (Jan 06′)

Back again after a small hiatis. Today I’m going to do something I won’t usually do. I’m going to post up an “album” of sorts. I will stay away from posting full albums just for the simple fact there are other places to find whole albums and I still believe in supporting good music when you have the oprutunity. Anyhow, this isn’t a real “album” anyway. It’s a compilation of sorts.

From my early days of getting into music, I’ve always made “mixtapes” of sorts for my own listening pleasure. Not really mixed together in the traditional sorts, but I’d try to combine stuff with the ol’ pause button mix. You older cats know where I’m coming from. I was always the one around the way to make tapes for friends because I was the one usually that had all the rare stuff, the remixes, the b-sides ect and most any major album that came out. And I enjoyed making tapes for friends. I’d always have a mix of known stuff then some stuff that th e peson I was making the tape for wasn’t aware, introduce them to something new. I still have boxes full of tapes I made. Greatest Hits tapes, monthly tapes, best of certain years…all kinds of tapes.

When the computer and CD burner came into the picture, that was even better, in a sense. I couldn’t record over CD’s but it was quicker to make a compilation. I usually make monthly CD’s of newer tracks and stuff for myself to listen to. Well in the past couple months I’ve been inspired by some of the stuff popping up on the Cocaine Blunts boards. People have been putting up their own made compilations. These include obscure tracks, remixes, b-sides, all the good stuff that peaks my interest. Stuff like the Lost and Found compilations, Run Da Jewelz series by my man Jaz and the Jason Gloss Chronicles from Lot’s of good stuff on these.

This all got me thinking. As good as these are, I wanted something for myself. Stuff that that was my shit back in the day. So I threw together a disk of tracks that got me going back in the day. For the past year or so, I’ve been more into the past than the present when it comes to Hip-Hop, so might as well have some stuff for me to listen to on the regular. Well that was in January of this year. Then I made one for Febuary. I just made another for March last night. I have 40 songs together for April already. Needless to say, I got off on this type of thing. I figured I might as well share with the 10 or so readers of this blog.

As I said, these aren’t “mixed” in any sense. I’d like to be able to mix them together right, either using a real DJ or some fancy mixing program for the computer, but I don’t have access to either at this point in time. They’re also were made with me basically in mind. It’s stuff that I liked back in the day. Thanks to the net and most noteably, Cocaine Blunts, I’ve been re-acquiring alot of stuff that I loved back in the day, but lost. So most of these are kind more of the obscure type things (although not neccesarily rare or hard to find in an internet hip hop geek sort of way that I’ve found myself becoming). I have heard “Rebel Without A Pause” so many times in my life, I see no need to include it on these compilations. Instead, I’ve included stuff that isn’t as popular by the masses, but made some sort of impact on me.

So for the next three days I’ll up the first three volumes of WYDU Classics (generic name, but I haven’t thought of anything better yet). Hopefully people will check them out and find some use for them. They might help some of the younger cats out there, which is kind of why I’m posting them. Sorry for the megaupload links, but I wanted something semi-permenant. They are too big for Zshare, sendspace has been a pain in the ass lately, and I refuse to upload anything on rapidshare while they have that stupid ass time limit, so you get megaupload.

WYDU Presents The First Volume (Jan 06′) of WYDU Classics

Track Listing ( I had orginally spent time dropping some knowledge on each track on covers….but since my worthless piece of shit comptuer decided to crash when I hit “Publish Post”, I’m not going to spend another two hours doing that so you get just the plain and simple track list. Have any questions, feel free to ask.

1. 6 Million Ways To Die- Funk Master Flex feat 9 Double M (Nine) and Tragedy: released in 93′ on a 12″

2. Nuttin’ But Flavor- Funkmaster Flex w/ The Ghetto Celebs (Charlie Brown, Old Dirty Bastard & Biz Markie): released in 95′ on a 12″

3. Droppin’ It- Bizzie Boys: released as 12″ in 90 and also apperead on the mystery album that I can’t find much info on

4. Can I Get Open- Orginal Flavor feat Jay-Z: Released in 93′ and also appeared on the “Beyond Flavor” LP

5. L.A. Posse- Breeze: Released in 89′ and was on the “The Young Son Of No One” LP

6. She’s Got A Big Posse- Arabian Prince: Released in 89′ and was on the “Brother Arab” LP

7. Drums Of Steel- 7A3: Released in 88′ and was on the “Coolin’ In Cali” LP

8. Southern Comfort- Down South: dropped in 94′ and was on the “Lost In Brooklyn” LP

9. Feel The Flava- Mad Flava: dropped in 93′ and on the LP “From Tha Ground Unda” (anyone has the Eric Sadler remixes, hit me up!!!!!)

10. The May 4th Movement- Digable Planets: From the LP “Blowout Comb” released in 94′

11. The Rain Is Gone- Frankenstien: Dropped in 96′ on a 12″

12. Up In The Mountains- 2 Black 2 Strong MMG: dropped in 91′ on the album “Doin’ Hard Time On Planet Earth”

13. Raida’s Theme (remix)- The X-ecutioners feat Wayne-O from E-Bros: 12″ single dropped in 98′

14. Unsolved Mysterme- Mysterme & DJ 20/20: dropped in 92′ and was on the “Let Me Explain” LP

15. Toss It Up- Zhigge: Released in 91 or 92 and was on their self titled album

16. Oh What A Night- Diamond Shell feat Biz Markie: From the 91′ album “The Grand Imperial”

17. Glamorous Life- Cool C: dropped in 89′ on the “I Gotta Habit” album


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