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Al' Tariq "God's Connections"

by Travis on March 3, 2006

Taking a break from the WYDU classics. Mainly because I forgot my Vol 3 CD. So we are going cover something that I had with me, one of the more slept on albums out there. Al’ Tariq’s “God Connections”.

For those of you unfamilar with Al’ Tariq, he was once 1/3 of another slept on crew, The Beatnuts. He was Fashion on the first Beatnuts EP. He caught a drug charge and was upstate for the group’s first full length release the self-titled album (I’ve also seen it called Street Level). After three years on the DL, he popped up in 96′ as a Muslim and dropped the Correct Records “God Connections”. It’s definetely got that Beatnuts flavor production wise, since they produced eight of the tracks, leaving V.I.C. (a Beatnuts afflilate) doing four tracks, No I.D. of Common fame doing two and a couple other producers dropping single tracks. Lyrical wise, I always kind of thought Tariq was the better one on the mic out of the three. While the muslim backgroud tones the subject matter a little from the Beatnut days, they are still some of the favorite topics that the ‘Nuts are known for, sex, guns and chicks.

Finding this CD is a great task now a days. I haven’t seen the ebay prices for it, but Amazon has it for $98.98 for a new one and $54.00 for a used copy. I kick myself in the ass for not buying this when I had the chance. I saw it in a Sam Goody or some shit back in 96′ in Salt Lake City of all places. I kept telling myself I was going to buy it, but since I never heard much about it in “The Source” or from anyone else, I kept putting it off until it finally disappeared. Such a dumb ass. I got a vinly copy version from man Polarity and it’s a great album. Marks about the time Hip-Hop started to take a downward spiral, but this is the real shit.

He is also in the group Missin’ Linx, who dropped a six track EP in 2000, titled “Exhibit A”. The group consisted of Problemz, and Black Attack as well. I have my eye on a used CD here in Denver, so I better grab it before it’s gone.


All Over The Track feat Pyscho Les

Do Yo Thang

Peace Akki feat The Beatnuts

Nikki (Vinyl Only release)


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