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WYDU Classics Vol 2 (Feb 06)

by Travis on March 3, 2006

Here’s the second installment of my own personal favorites. Enjoy! (Sorry, for the short post, but have to dertmine the factors in forecasting icing on aircraft….joy) Any questions, answers, or general comments, feel free to leave them

Vol 2 (Feb 06)
1. Son Of Bazerk- Change The Style
2. Das EFX- Hard Like A Criminal
3. Shadz Of Lingo feat Erick Sermon- Mad Flavaz
4. MC Pooh- Funky As I Wanna Be
5. Penthouse Players Clique feat Eazy E & DJ Quik- P.S. Phuck U 2
6. DJ Quik feat KK- Can’t F— Wit A N—a
7. The Afro’s- Feelin It
8. YZ- Thinking Of A Master Plan
9. Nat The Cat- While You’ve Been Waiting
10. Royal Flush- Worldwide
11. C.P.O. feat MC Ren- Ballad Of A Menace
12. Sir Mix-A-Lot feat E Dawg- Can’t Slip
13. Special Ed- Neva Go Back
14. Trendz Of Culture- F&#% What Ya Heard
15. Top Quality- Tales From Uptown
16. Groove B Chill- Hip Hop Music
17. Greyson & Jasun feat Slick Rick- Get Bizzy
18. Freshco & DJ Miz- We Don’t Play
19. Dismasters- Small Time Husters
20. L.A. Dream Team- Dream Team’s In The House


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