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WYDU Classics Vol. 3, The Daughter Strikes Back

by Travis on March 9, 2006

Back again up in that muthafunkin’ ass! Today I’m FINALLY dropping Vol. 3 of our new “classics” series for the month of March. As I said before, these will be a monthly thing. Strictly classics in my own mind. Some might be “classics” in the hip-hop mind state, some might suck ass to everyone other than me. But you know what? I don’t give a figgidy fuck. And no, the Hilton sisters have nothing to do with hip-hop, and I don’t even like them, but going with the “bad daughter” theme, they worked the best, and I couldn’t find a decent picture of the Bush daughters.

So let’s jump into it, shall we. Since I have some time and we are caught up, I’m going to do what I orginally planned on doing, which is talk about each track juuuuust a little.

1. Three Times Dope- The Greatest Man Alive (Single Released in 1988; Appeared on the Orginal Stylin’ LP in 88′ as well)

I love this joint, definetly one of the best songs to come from the 80′s, if not ever. The video was played quite often on “Yo! MTV Raps” back in the day, which is where I think I ran into it. I’m not sure if I ever actually owned the tape back then. One of my friends had it and I’m pretty sure all I had was a dub of that. If you can find this LP, grab it by all means.

2. Stezo – It’s My Turn (Released as the b-side on the “To The Max” single in 89′ and then popped up on the “Crazy Noise” LP in 89′)

Stezo has alot of history behind him. Being from Conneticutt for one, being EPMD’s dancer and being one of the first to use the “Skull Snap” sample (also used by Gang Starr on “Take It Personal” along with many others). The way he came up with that sample is some shady business he pulled on his own cousin Chris Lowe and Dooley-O that is covered good on “The Low End Theory” blog

3. Milk- Get Off My Log Feat Big V (From the Def American Release “Never Dated” in 94′)

Milk Dee was part of one of my personal favorite groups, Audio Two. This might be one of those joints that people think I’m crazy for including, but I loved this shit. The noisy bomb-squad like production, Milks nasal/whiney flow and bragadacio lyrics….good shit. Not sure what happened with Milk after this, but now would be a good time to come back

4. Black Sheep- Without A Doubt (12″ released in 94′, on the Non-Fiction album also dropped in 94)
From the highly slept on sophomore release Non- Fiction, this track is a smooth, mello, jazzy song that I’m not sure why it isn’t an universal classic. Also has a Salaam Remi remix that popped up on the 12″, if anyone has that , I’d love to hear that again.

5. A.D.O.R – Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix, droppped as 12″ in 92)

From money earnin Mt. Vernon himself, ADOR is one of the more slept on white cats making music. This track is a classic sounding Pete Rock remix, with the horns and all. I’ve honestly never heard the orginal version. I do have his “Shock Frequency” album that isn’t too bad and he dropped an album last year (?) that I heard a track off of that was really good, but good luck finding it.

6. E-Rule- Listen Up (dropped on a 12″ in 94′)

I know very little about E-Rule honestly. This single had a video on “Yo!” and thats where I first ran into it. I want to say it was in The Source’s “Sure Shot’s” that used to appear toward the end of the magazine, but my memory could be faulty on that. I just found out recently that there is an actual album from E-Rule called “Cold Currentz” that I still haven’t gotten a hold of yet. Great song though that was produced King Born Allah, who I know even less about

7. The Nonce- Mixtapes (dropped as a 12″ in 93′, was included on the LP “World Ultimate” that dropped in 95′)

Another “Yo” introduced single. This west coast crew was highly slept on as well. They produced this track themselves that dropped on an independent label in 93′ orginally. Memeber Yousef Afloat passed away in an auto accident if I remember right (RIP). I bought the album strictly off the strength of the song.

8. Souls Of Mischief- Cabfare (Was included as a b-side on the “That’s When You Lost” white label I believe around 94ish I think)

This song was never “offically” released due to sample clearance issues. It lifts the theme for the T.V. show “Taxi”, which you youngin’s probably wouldn’t remember. Nice little catchy tune that has the crew bitching about cab’s. Very fresh for then and especially now.

9. Cru- Blunts and Bakakeemis feat Antoinette, Tracey Lee, and Jim Hydro (found on the 97′ released “Da Dirty 30″)

Cru was one of those fly ass groups that dropped one album then disappeared. Yogi, the producer went on to join Puffy’s “Hitmen”, but thats about all I’ve heard of them. This track was a great jump off track on the album. And yes, that is THAT Antoinette from MC Lyte fame. And, what the fuck is a Bakakeemis???

10. Das EFX- Real Hip-Hop (Pete Rock Remix) (Released as remix to the 12″ version in 95′ )

It’s hard to choose between this version and the Primo version. I mean, thats like choosing between two hot chicks, it’s not easily done. This is kind of “spacey” for a Pete Rock beat, but I always liked it

11. Poor Righteous Teachers- Rock Dis Funky Joint (Dropped in 90′ as their debut single and also appeared on their “Holy Intellect” LP)

A funky Tony D produced track, this was a “Yo!” favorite from back in the day as well. I remember this was a pretty cool video as well. They don’t make video’s like they used to.

12. Intelligent Hoodlum (Tragedy Khadafi) – Arrest The President (dropped in 90′ on his self-titled debut album)

Marley Marl at his best. This song is still relevent today, thats for sure. It gets you fired up with it’s political agenda and siren like production. Same president, different Bushes….fucker.

13. Just-Ice- Going Way Back (dropped as a single in 87′ and also showed up on the “Kool & Deadly” album from that same year.)

A history lesson of sorts, Ice drops all sorts of names. Amazing this song is almost 20 years, I feel old as fuck. First saw this on “Yo!”, it was one of the few artists from those early days that I didn’t pick up for some reason, although I always liked the song. Produced by the Blastmaster

14. Akinyele & R.A. The Rugged Man- What The Fuck (appeared as a 12″ b/w “Stanley Kubrick”, not really sure when this dropped…guessing late 90′s)

First time I heard this was 2002-2003, somewhere in there (I think) but I think it’s been around for awhile, at least since the late 90′s. I think this version came off a mixtape, cause it’s cut up, but it’s the only thing I’ve been able to find. It’s a crazy song, but what do expect from these two’s. I mean having kids singing the chorus “whaaaaat the fuuuuuck is going oooon”.

15. Smoothe Da Hustler feat Trigga Tha Gambler- Broken Language (dropped as a 12″ in 95′ and appeared on Smoothe’s “Once Upon A Time In America” that dropped in 96′)

Some NY grimey shit. This was on some next shit when it dropped. I remember my boy and I sat in my GMC Jimmy that had a nice system in it when I got this and just listened to the CD over and over again. Classic NY grime shit.

16. Money Boss Players- What U Sayin (appeared on the infamous “Ghetto Chronicle Daily” EP in 94)

The one-time holy grail on everyone’s list, this EP was a bitch to find for the longest time. I personally heard of them after hearing group memeber Minnesota’s production on Grand Puba’s “2000″. At that time I’d never heard of him or MBP’s. Then I think I remember them appearing in “The Source” in one of their little blips they did on groups back then, but I can’t be positive on that. Then they appeared on Sadat X’s “Wild Cowboy’s” album. Finding anything else from them was nearly impossible until the explosion of music trading on the internet. I have most of that EP, sans the instrumental tracks included on it. This is my favorite of the bunch, the production is freaking incredible and they have that rough grimey NY sound down from that time. There will be more from the MBP’s in future WYDU volumes.

17. Mobstyle- Mobstyle (appeared on “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly LP” from 90′)

This group is almost as hard if not more so to find info about than MBP’s. This just might be some of the realest shit ever wrote. For the DL about this group, check out Streets On Beats drop about them (which is the most I’ve ever read about this group). This is some HARD shit. The beats aren’t the prettiest, but coming from 90′, what do you expect.

18. The Flavor Unit MC’s (Extended Version)- Roll Wit Da Flava (From The Flavor Unit’s “Roll Wit Tha Flava” LP that was released in 93′)

One of my all-time favorite posse-cuts. Every verse, including Latifah’s and Chip Fu, is dope as fuck. It includes Treach, Chip-Fu, Freddie F-o-x-x-x, Queen Latifah, Heavy D, D-Nice (who supringly produces the track, the drums are NUTS!), and Dres from Black Sheep. I’d have to give the best verse to Bumpy Knucks, who drops an angry verse that rivals his “Militia” verse w/ Gang Starr

19. King Tee feat Ice Cube & M.C. Breeze- Played Like A Piano (From the “At Your Own Risk” LP.

King Tee is possibly my favorite left coast MC. He just doesn’t get his due. This DJ Pooh produced track (another slept on producer) is some classic West Coast shit. And the fact you got the pissed off Jherri Curled Ice Cube instead of the Disney movie starring Cube is a good thing. Why this track is brought up more often is beyond me. This won’t be the last King Tee joint you see on these.

So there you have it, another volume in the books. Hope everyone enjoys!


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