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WYDU Classics Vol 4….April 06'

by Travis on March 31, 2006

Been slow around here lately. I’ve been dealing with computer issues, money issues, and time issues…meaning not enough money or time and all computers are out to make my life more difficult instead of easier. I have a lot on the plate that I want to cover in the future, so hopefully one of these weeks it will be a daily update thing. Until then I bring another volume of my own personal compilations, the WYDU classics….VOL 4! Hopefully this will appease the ten of you that check this site on the regular (Hi Mom! hahaha)

This month, features some hard to find joints, some probably not so hard to find. It also featues a little more west coast flavor than the last few volumes. Been in that mode a little more lately, or at least when it was time to set down and trim the fifty or so songs down, thats what I wanted to hear at that moment. Hopefully everyone is enjoying them. I’ve gotten positive feedback from those who have offered it. Not that it would matter, because as I said, I basically do these for myself, so if no one else likes them, oh fucking well…….

Let’s jump into this month. A little warning, I’m feeling very uncreative, so not sure how this post will turn out.

1. Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rudd- Girls, I Got Em’ Locked (12″ released in 88′, also included on an LP with the same name in 88′)

Super-slept on album and single. Mixed by the legendary Paul C (who is responisble for Large Pro, Critical Beatdown, and numerous other classics), . I’ve always liked the beats on this album. Not sure why it is more hearlded among the older heads. I know I’m guilty myself not giving the album it’s just due as well.

2. Black, Rock & Ron- You Can’t Do Me None (Price Paul Remix) (single released in 90′, from the 89′ released “Stop The World”)

I remember this video being on “Yo!” (common occurance for a lot of these joints) and for the life of me I could never find an album by them. I guess they didn’t carry the album in small little northwestern town like the one I was from. I did always know which VHS tape of mine had this video though.

3.Nice N Smooth- Funky For You (self titled album released in 89′, the single dropped in 90′)

“Dizzy Gilespie plays the sax, me, myself, I love to max”, that was the shit when it kicked off, although, Gilespie wasn’t known for his sax playing, although Greg Nice claimed, dizzy, did in fact play the sax as well. This is the album version, but I remember the video version being slightly different, the chorus I believe was different.

4. Frankenstien- The Quiet Storm (appears on his 97′ “UV” album)

Yes, I’m a big fan of Frankenstein, as should be evident with him appearing before. Not alot of even so called “die hard hip hop heads” know about this T-Dot producer. His shit is sooo smoooooooth. This was on his “UV” album. It’s an older song, but honestly, I first heard it a few months ago. It was one of those songs that just “struck” me. I listened to it probably no fewer than 5 times in a row. Not much makes me do that these days.

5. Nine- Whatcha Want (single dropped in 94′, his “Nine Livez” debut album dropped a year later in 95′)

How this song wasn’t included in an earlier volume is beyond me. I meant to, but didn’t, I guess. Between the beat and his style, this is some hot shit. I’ll admit, 90% of the artists from his era that had some fucked up vocal tone/style, I find extremely wack now, but he sounds better than when he first dropped in my opinion.

6. Xzibit- Paparazzi (single dropped in 96 along with his “At The Speed of Life” LP)

Sticking with the string orchestration production theme, Paparazzi isn’t all that “obscure”, but I’ve always loved the production on it, which is by the obscure Thayod Ausar. I do have to look down at X to The Z for dropping the crew that brought him up, when he bailed from the Likwit Crew to Dre’s camp. That was some fucked up shit and goes against his message in this song.

7. Threat- PDK (on the album “Sickinnahead” that dropped in 93′)

Threat was probably the most slept on MC from that early pre G-Funk west coast era. He appeared with Cube on “Death Certificate”, was on Pac’s “Stictly….” album, rocked it with Tha Liks on their debut. This album is really good. Lots of DJ Pooh produced gems, but he never got his due really. I had problems picking which joint I wanted to include, although I’m sure they’ll be more from this album in the future.

8. Hi- C – Punk Shit (from his “Skanless” album that dropped in 91)

This album has numerous hits. It dropped in 91, my senior in High School (yeah, I’m dating myself), so it has lots of memories. I chose this song because it had a lot of lines that I loved, so it got the nod, but more to come from it as well.

9. 2nd II None- Be True To Yourself (self titled album dropped in 91, single was dropped sometime around then as well)

Some more 304 shit (Hi C, 2nd II None, AMG, DJ Quik, for yo bustas out there). I believe this was their first single as well, but can’t find any easy info on that and I don’t feel like digging for it. This is when I liked the west as much as the east for the most part. When everyo
ne started trying to imitate Dre is when the west fell off in my opinion. The whole album is pretty good. I remember my AMG/Hi C/2nd II None homemade tape I made got A LOT OF PLAY back in those days.

10. Digital Underground- Sounds Of The Underground (appeared on the TAPE only version of “Sex Packets” from 89′)

You won’t find this on the CD or the wax versions of “Sex Packets”. It was a cassette only release. Yes, I bought the tape back in the day, so when I bought the CD a few years later, I was pissed not to find 4 songs not included on the CD that were on the cassette. This song is more of a Raw Fusion song than a DU song. It’s all Money B and he mentions DJ Fuze often as well. It’s a bass heavy track with a wicked electric guitar, which I’m a sucker for if done right.

11. Derek B- Bad Young Brother (12″ released in 88′, was also on

I’ll be the first to admit, us Americans are snobby as hell when it comes to foreign hip hop, I’m guilty of it myself at times. Derek B was the first foreign hip hop I heard way back in 88′. I didn’t know, or didn’t care, but I liked this joint and the album a lot. It was among the first episodes of “Yo!” that they played this and I remember running out and finding it out a department store of all places.

12. Awesome Dre & The Hardcore Comittee- Frankly Speaking (12″ dropped in 89′ and was also on the “You Can’t Hold Me Back” LP from 89′)

Quick quiz: Who was the first hip hop artist out of Detriot to make noise in the game? No, not eminem or Jay Dee (rip), It was Awesome Dre and the Hardcore Comittee. The joint popped up on Yo! a few times back in the days and I was all over it.

13. MC Breed- Ain’t To Be Fucked With (From his “20 Below” album in 92)

This was about the time I was into a lot of bass music because I had the “boomin’ system” & the funk in the trunk with my little Jetta. This is my favorite MC Breed album, although I’m not much of a MC Breed authority by any means. Just a cool “crusin’” song.

14. Erick Sermon feat Joe Sinister- Payback II

My favorite sole E Double album, this song is sick. Funk for days. The guest, Joe Sinister, was the shit. His last verse on this song got “Quotable Of The Month” in The Source back in the day. I always hoped he would drop something, because the man was good. The only other thing I know he appeared on was on Terminator X’s second album, with the track “Under The Sun”, which is coming soon!

15 Terminator X feat Celo of The Casino Brothers- Wanna Be Dancin (Dropped as promo only 12″ in 90′ was on the full length album in 91)

Speaking of Terminator X, I always liked this album and this was one of my favorite songs from it. I was always hoping the “Casino Brothers” would drop something, but I don’t know much about them. Some more of that funk and bass from the bottom. You had to have your speakers set up just right for this stuff to sound good.

16. Gangsta Bitch- Apache (single dropped in 92, was also on his full length album)

This was a hit back in the day, then not much was heard from him. It’s some of your classic east coast sounds from back in the day, produced by none other than A Tribe Called Quest.

(Sorry, got bust through this and I have to post this now, any questions on the last three tracks, hit me up)

17. Red Hot Lover Tone- 4 My Peeps & Others

18. Show N Prove- Big Daddy Kane and Others

19 Fuck Everyone- Everlast

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