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I'd like to introduce myself…

by Staff on April 20, 2006

My name is Phatsoul, coming outta Zagreb, Croatia. I’ll write something, whatever interesting comes on my mind, but don’t be afraid it’s not gonna be to often… I’ll be doing some other stuff but you’ll see it when the time comes. That’s it for now, my posts will be short and sweet like this one.
And yeah I almost forgot:

03:20 Revenge Ft. Grap Luva (Main Mix)
03:20 Revenge Ft. Grap Luva (Clean)
03:19 Revenge Ft. Grap Luva (Instr.)
02:38 Revenge Ft. Grap Luva (Acapella)

It’s that Pete Rock single that Travis promised called Revenge. It’s cutted now so enjoy!

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