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Memories – Let's take a look back – Mixtape

by DJSoulClap on April 29, 2006

What’s up guys?
This is the first Mixtape that I put up for download. I always madesome mixtapes for my friends (on tape) and now I tried something else. I just make tapes with special themes, I’m not a big fan of justmixing some new tracks together, or putting some exclusives togetherwith some bomb sounds between them or things like that. I didn’t do many scratches on this one, this time it’s all about the goodmusic. The artists on this tape are some of the best out there, in my opinion. All the tracks have something to do with memories, memoriesabout how Hip Hop used to be, memories about the childhood or some-thing else. You can listen to it on your mp3 player, discman, in the caror at home and reminisce of how it used to be. It’s all about the lyricson this one. I won’t put certain artists on the tape that I don’t like, justcause the people like it. Also I don’t pitch tracks more than +-3%, causeit sounds really bad IMO. So I divided the Tape in 5 Parts and connected them with shouts or exclusives. I’m sure every true Hip Hop head will enjoy this mix. Thanks to CC for doing this incredibly dope artwork. Thanks to Polarityfor reminding me of “Whayback” by the Artifacts. Thanks to Precise and BLOfor doing the dope exclusives, thanks to Tony Tigerstyle (my Partner) for linking up with me. Be on the lookout for The Soul Occupants! Thanks to everyone who supports me and tell me that they like my beats. Peace

Here is the download link:

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