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WYDU Classics Vol.5, May O6'

by Travis on May 3, 2006

Fucking blogger. I don’t know why it’s squishing everything together. It came out fine before. So sorry for the apperance of the article

That’s right, its that time again. Shit, five months into the year already. Anyway, I went through five different versions for this volume. In all actuality, phatsoul and I are working on something (more him than me, we are just using my brillant mind..haha) for the upcoming volumes and the orginal Vol. 5 will be Vol. 6. But for now I offer you the latest in our WYDU classics, so let’s jump right into it.

1. Kool G Rap- 4,56
2. DJ Honda feat Al’Tariq, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Problemz- Out For The Cash
3. The Dwellas- Leakage
4. The Artifacts- C’mon Wit Da Git Down
5. Tragedy feat Extra P & Havoc- Funk Mode (Extra P Remix)
6. Yaggfu Front Feat Diamond D- Slappin Suckas Silly (Diamond D Remix)
7. The Alkaholiks feat Likwit Crew (Phil Da Agony, Xzibit, Snagglepuss- No Handouts
8. Schoolly D – Livin In The Jungle
9. Live Squad- Heartless
10. Kid Sensation- I S.P.I.T (remix)
11. MC A.D.E- Sex, Crime, Drugs
12. MC Ren feat Kam- Shock Of The Hour
13. Celly Cel – Heat 4 Yo Azz
14. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E- Pysko Funk
15. Low Profile- Funky Song
16. Donald D- F.B.I.
17. Dance Floor- Raheem
18. Without Warning- PHD
19. Rhythm Is The Master- DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip

1. Kool G Rap- 4,5,6 (appeared on his 1995 album by the same name)

This has always been one of my favorite G.Rap joints. It was never released as a single or anything, but it should have. I have fond memories of sitting in my Jimmy blasting this album during breaks at work. Nice production by Doc The Butcher, someone who doesn’t get nearly enough credit for his production work.

2. DJ Honda Feat Al’ Tariq, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe, Problemz- Out For The Cash (appeared on DJ Honda’s first Self Titled album in 96′).

I could have sworn this came out as a single as well, but couldn’t find any info on it. The beat is tight and I’ve always been a sucka for anything to do with The Beatnuts and Al’ Tariq. Just a classic NY banger

3. The Dwellas- Leakage (on their 2000 release “The Last Shall Be First”)

This is a little newer track. Honestly, I was a never big Cella Dwella fan. They appeared on Masta Ace’s “Sittin On Chrome” LP back in the day and it was my least favorite track on the album, so I kind of avoided them. It wasn’t until last year someone sent me their two albums that I realized that they weren’t that bad. This track is some more classic NY boom-bap shit. Not sure what they are doing these days, but both their albums are pretty good.

4. The Artifacts- C’mon Wit Da Git Down (released as a single in 94, and also dropped on the LP “Between A Rock and A Hard Place the same year)

Another group I slept on for some fucking reason. Consisting of Tame One and El Da Sensei, they are just another example of artists performing better as a group than as solo artists. This track is a classic Buckwild beat, one of my favorite producers from that era. I liked the track back then, but for some reason I never bought any of their albums until last year.

5. Tragedy feat Extra P & Havoc – Funk Mode (Extra P Remix) (Dropped in 94′ as a b-side to “Pass The Tec” promo only single)

Hip Hop Discogs said this dropped in 94′ although I’m thinking it was made sooner than that, Havoc still has a high pitch in his verse. The orginal version of this track was my favorite from his “Saga Of A Hoodlum” LP, but this is soooo much better than the orginal. A classic Large Proffesor track, if all the QB stuff sounded like this, I’d be a lot happier person.

6. Yaggfu Front feat Diamond (Diamond D remix) (dropped in 92′)

Yet another group I didn’t peep when they came out. Straight out of North Carolina before the current explosion of music. Classic Diamond D beat and a classic DITC flavor to it. The shout-a-long chorus that was so previlant during the day is also found on this track, but it’s pretty fun. Reminds you of Pharcyde of sorts.

7. Tha Alkaholiks feat Phil Da Agony, Xzibit, & Snagglepuss- No Hand Outs (from the LP “One Million Strong” that dropped in 95′)

I was such a HUGE Alkaholiks fan when this dropped that I bought the LP just for this song. The beat is another example of why E-Swift is so damn slept on. It also has the first apperance I know of of Phil Da Agony and an early apperance of Xzibit as well. I want to say there was a video for this, but I’ve learned not to trust my memory any more. I think I had sex with Salma Hayek as well….hahaha. For whatever its worth, the cover on my CD is different than this one, not sure what the hell this is.

8. Schoolly D- Livin’ In The Jungle (Dropped on the “Am I Black Enough” LP in 89′)

Damn straight I’m a Schoolly D fan! Schoolly, to me, has always repersented raw late 80′s hip hop. A drum machine and hard lyrics. And for those who don’t know, I’d consider him the god father of gangster hip hop. Now, I’m SURE this came out as a single, although I couldn’t find any info on a single. It also had a video on “Yo! MTV Raps” back in the day. I also want to sa
y it apperead on a movie soundtrack, but again, it just maybe I killed too many brain cells over the weekend. Sweet and simple, but still damn funky.

9. Live Squad- Heartless (dropped as a single in 92′)

If there are any 2pac fans out there, they SHOULD recoginize this group. Big Stretch, who was an MC in the group, and Pac were boys, but like just about anyone associated with Pac, he ended up dead. I don’t know the whole story, but something went sour between Stretch and Pac. There is actually an album that leaked as well. It’s well worth finding, some raw NY shit, but they were signed to Tommy Boy, so thats all you need to know with that. This track was a mainstay on “Yo!” back in the days.

10. Kid Sensation- I S.P.I.T. (remix) (on the 90′ LP “Rollin’ With Number One”)

Nastymix was a highly underrated label back in the late 80′s. If you liked the Sir Mix-A-Lot stuff from that era, you did/would like this. It has some heavy bass to it, but Kid also came of fairly lyrical, especially for this time era.

11. MC ADE- Sex, Crime, Drugs (on the 89′ LP “How Much Can You Take”)

I had to do it. I had to put some Miami Bass on one of these. I’ve been holding off because I have something special planned for that genre of hip hop. This is probably the best Bass LP ever, but this track is more along of the lines of traditional hip hop, with a wicked bass line.

12. MC Ren feat Kam- Shock Of The Hour (from his LP “Shock Of The Hour” that dropped in 93′)

MC Ren was my favorite NWA member, so I’ve alway followed his solo career fairly close. This was my favorite track from this LP. It has alot of Five percenter messages, which he jumped in to right around this time. Nice scratches from the late DJ Train.

13. Celly Cel – Heat 4 Yo Azz (From the “Heat 4 Yo Azz” LP that dropped in 95′)

Now, I’m definetely out of my area of expertise with this old bay area stuff, so I don’t know much about this shit at all. I just remembered I had a boy back in the day that was down with this album and I loved this track, so here it is again. I found the album again a few months ago and it’s some cool shit.

14. Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E – Pysko Funk ( dropped as a single in 90′ and was on the “New Funky Nation” LP that was also released in 90)

Another “Yo!” banger from back in the day. I loved this track, some funky west-coast shit from the soman crew. These were some scary dudes, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard another one of their albums, but “New Funky Nation” was a very good album. This just happens to be the best song on it.

15. Low Profile- Funky Song (12″ dropped in 90 and was also on the 89′ “We’re In This Together” LP)
Probably one of the most slept on west coast groups ever. WC (yeah, THAT WC) and DJ Alladin dropped a great album in “We’re In This Together”. This joint was one of the better tracks and also had a video back in the day for it as well. WC has always been one of my favorite West “Syde” MC’s, but is highly underrated.

16. Donald D- F.B.I. (was 12″ single in 89′ and was on the 89′ Notorious album)

More slept on west coast shit (although he was from the Bronx). Donald D was part of the infamous Rhyme Syndicate as Ice T’s right hand man. This is great single from a great album. Find it if you can.

17. Raheem- Dance Floor (12″ single dropped in 88′ and was on the “Viglante” LP from 88′)

Straight from Houston, Texas, Raheem was an orginal “Ghetto Boy” member (and yes it was spelt that way orginally). This track though, has a NY flavor to it, but he lets loose on everyone from LL to Eazy E. I hated this dude back then, because I was a big LL fan, but I still liked this song.

18. PHD- Without Warning ( from the Without Warning LP from 88 ?)

This cat was in more beef back in the day than 50 is now. For those of you who don’t know who PHD was, it was Blaq Poet’s orginal crew, before the Screwball days. This was some hard street Queens shit back in the day. You don’t hear much about Poet’s roll back in the day, but there is alot surrounding this cat, inculding a nice little interview with Just Ice that he tells about going to Queens with a shotgun looking for Poet.

19. DJ Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip- Rhythm Is The Master (from the “Masters Of The Rhythm” LP that dropped in 89′

Some one really needs to drop some knowledge on Chuck

Chillout one of these days. He was a prominent NY DJ back in the late 80′s, but doesn’t get nearly as much press as some of the others like Mister Magic or Red Alert. Anyway, this was a “Yo!” favorite back in the day that used a catchy “Talking Heads”80′s music sample, something Puffy would become famous and rich doing some ten years later.

By Travis

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