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DJ Premier/J Rock

by Travis on May 10, 2006

Well, today is another one of those days that I have some time to post something up, but none of the music that I have had in mind to spotlight. So I’m going with what I have with me, which are four rather rare DJ Premier tracks from J Rocks 1991 LP “Streetwize”. When I was doing a litte research for this, I found that Noz from Cocaine Blunts and Smoov at the now defunct Vinyl Addicts have also spotlighted J Rock, but since I just recently ran into this album back in December for the first time (thanks to madtapes from the CB Crew), I figure there might still be some cat’s out there that haven’t heard this.

I can’t find a whole hell of a lot about J Rock. He was spotlighted in “The Source” Unsigned Hype column in it’s earlier issues, which I DID have at one time, but no longer have. How he hooked up with Primo is a bit unclear. J Rock was a NY cat, but the album dropped on a little known label called “Ghetto Groovz” which he appears to be part owner of, but I could be wrong on that. How this label secured the services of Premier is kind of odd, but then again, Primo has been known to work with some un heard of artists in his day (Mr Wong, anybody?). There is also an Easy Mo Bee track as well.

In all reality, two of the four Primo tracks are more of interludes than anything else, each around a minute a piece. They all have the sound of Gang Starr’s first two albums, which to me is before Primo really caught fire, although you can see shades of Primo’s soon to be brillance in “In The Ghetto”.

Yes, I’m only posting up the Primo tracks, but this is a decent album, if it can be found. I can’t recall ever seeing it, but the cats on Ebay have been slangin’ since Noz and Smoov shown light on it and all the hip hop nerds have been turning over rocks for it (not dissing anyone, I’d consider myself a hip hop nerd as well). The rest of the albums production is handled by J Rock himself. Some decent stuff on it for sure. J Rock reminds me of Awesome Dre of the Hardcore Comittee fame, another obscure early 90′s MC, if you’ve been following the WYDU Classics series, you’d know who I’m talking about.


The Pimp

Ghetto Law

The Real One

Alright and to top things off just a few tracks off my personal monthly CD’s from March and April.

MC Lyte- Wonder Years produced by DJ Premier

Tanya Morgan- Don’t Tempt Me (and no, it’s not some R&B singer)

eMC- Four Brothers (the excitment builds. I might have to take this down, I didn’t get the okay, but it is on Wordsworth mypace page as a download)

Little Brother – Cross That Line (from the DJ Drama Gangsta Grillz series)

Lord Jamar- On The Corner (from his upcoming solo album? This kind of grew on me, although I’m a little tired of the sped up chimpmunk soul samples, excuse the ghetto ass advance version)

Asamov- Super Dynamite Soul (yeah, it came out last year, but I slet on it)

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