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by Staff on June 25, 2006

I’ll start with a cat from Britain. The name is Aim and he’s a trip hop/rap producer who started as a rap dj back in the 1989. He beagn recording after meeting label head Mark Rae (Grand Central Label) at a record store. In 1999, he released his album debut, Cold Water Music. It’s difficult to explain his style, I would say dope in any case, but it’s best for you to judege it for yourselves. His tracks range from straight up hiphop (The Force with Q’N'C … the first single from the LP) to downtempo nodders – with good variation via uptempo rockers and atmospherics.
Normally, I hooked some tracks up. Enjoy.

From Here To Fame ft. YZ:

The Force ft. Q’N'C:

Ain’t Got Time To Waste ft. YZ:

Sail ft. Kate Rogers:
This one is just Kate singing, so those who don’t like soulful tracks skip this.

And for the end, Hinterland, instrumental track for a good chillin:


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