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Hip Hop, You Don't Stop

by Travis on July 5, 2006

While you are all waiting for me to get off my ass and make a legit update, I want to show some love to some newer blogs I added to the roll call. Some dudes out there doing their thing and really need to be checked out on a regular basis.

Biff’s Hip Hop Spot

One of my new favorite sites, Biff is dropping some tight/classic albums on there. I spent a good couple hours on there this weekend catching up on some albums I have been missing. Something about those Aussie cats, they know their hip hop.

Bootis Connex
More good stuff being offered up. He drops some crazy discography posts, so if you are missing any QB or DITC stuff, this is your site.


Could quite possibly be the new Vinyl Addicts. Some crazy stuff on there and I’m always fond of the obscure as Big Foot in the Bronx type stuff.

Dropping some crazy stuff as well, more full albums that are hard as fuck to find.

and as always, I have to shout out my two personal favorites, although not new

Streets On Beats

They always have creative twists on subjects and have more knowledge on Nastymix, Insane Poetry, and horrorcore hip hop than anyone I’ve seen on the net.

my boy Tommy B on Miscreant Productions

The professor in the Miami Bass genre of hip hop. But yo man, why did you drop me on your list?? Not cool…hahaha, it’s all love.

So do yourselves a favor and check out those sites. They are what I’m striving to be. More updates by this weekend though

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