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Unreleased Gems- Part One

by Travis on July 10, 2006

Evolution. A simple word that can mean so much. For us right now, that means change. When I first started this blog back in Oct/Nov of last year, I said I would not be putting up full albums. Well since that time the world of the hip hop blogs have evolved and changed. In order to keep up with that swirling evolution, I felt the need to evolve as well. That means WYDU will be posting up albums in the future when it sees fit. It also means I’ll be following some loosely based rules for myself. Nintey nine percent of the albums I post will be out of print stuff. My orginal and still primary goal is to school people on the obscure and rare stuff in the past history of the culture and art form. Also it will usually only be one album per post. Alright enough of the editorial stuff, let’s get back to our regulary scheduled blog…

Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In

To kick off the week and new format, I’m going to be starting a new series (the “So corny, it’s good” series is still going, and will be updated one of these days). The “Unreleased Gems” series, which I hope to run through this week. Simply put, I’m be highliting albums that never saw the light of day. There are many reasons projects don’t hit the shelves. Some were simply not good enough. Other’s were just a bit before their time. Today, I’m dropping one of my favorite producers unreleased project, Prince Paul.

After Paul’s success with De La and Stetsasonic, our good friend Russell Rush, aka Russell Simmons gave Paul his own label under the Def Jam umberella and to be distrubted by Def Jam. Well the first, and only, result for that label was Resident Alien- It Takes A Nation Of Suckas To Let Us In. Needless to say, apperently Russell wasn’t overly excited about this creation, as it never saw the light of day. As far as I know, the only things to be released from this project was “Mr. Boops” b/w “Ooooh The Dew Doo Man” & “Shakey Ground”. It was this project and his failed endevour that resulted Paul to go into a deep depression then later drop the “Pyschoanalysis” and probably had a lot to do with the Gravedigga’s them as well.

I was suprised to run into this, as I had heard of it’s exsistance, but never thought it to be true. I found it on the cocaine blunts forums (the best OOP forums on the net) so big up to whoever orginally posted it. With Paul, you never know what to expect. This is someone who has been involved with Stet, De La, Gravediggas, and made the brillant “Prince Among Thieves”, not exactly any tying link that can be observed. The album is a loosely based concept album that Paul is known for. As far as sounds go, it’s along the De La sound, something that I would think Russell and Def Jam would be excited about, although the stories and songs are a little off the wall, but what do you expect from Paul?? As far who is actually “Resident Alien”, I’m not entirely sure. You can pick out Dres and Maceo from De La on “Mr. Boops” but there are always more than one voice on the majority of the songs, so not completely sure who is who.

Unfortuantley, I never have seen a proper track listing, although you can kind of catch some of the earlier leaked stuff here and there. Also no proper art work either. Enjoy!

Next: Dilated Peoples – Imagery, Battle Hymns, Political Poetry

Also, since I didn’t finish it up this weekend as promised, WYDU Classics Vol 7 is here for your consumption. A little bit of everything, I actually pieced it together early last week during the four day weekend, so I was a little buzzed when I was making my selections, so it is what it is.

WYDU Classics Vol. 7 July 06′

1. Public Enemy – Get The F— Outta Dodge (Escapism 1991)
B-side to “Can’t Do Nuthin’ For You Man”- 1991
2. 3rd Bass- 3 Strikes 5000
appeared on “Cactus Album Revisted”- 1990
3. UMC’s- Blue Cheese
12″ dropped in 1991 also on “Fruits Of Nature” LP – 1991
4. Nine- Lyin King
12″ dropped in 1996 and was on the “Cloud Nine LP- 1996
5. Large Professor- The Mad Scientist:12″ dropped in 1996. Was supposed to be on “The LP” that Geffen never released- 1996
6. Krumbsnatcha- Closer To God – 1997
7. 3rd Eye/ The Group Home- Ease Up :On “Who’s The Man” OST – 1993
8. Digital Underground- Return Of The Crazy One :12″ dropped in 93; From the LP “The Body Hat Syndrome- 1993
9. Rodney O & Joe Cooley- Get Ready To Roll :12″ dropped in 1991; On The “Get Ready To Roll” LP- 1991
10. No Face- Half :12″ dropped in 1990; On the “Wake Your Daughter Up” LP- 1990
11. Poison Clan- 2 Low Life Mutha’s :On “2 Low Life Mutha’s” LP- 1990
12. Chino XL- No Complex :12″ dropped in 96; on the “Here To Save You All” LP- 1996
13. Rasco- The Unassistated :12″ dropped in 97; appeared on “Time Waits For No Man” LP- 1998
14. Casual- That’s How It Is:12″ dropped in 93′; LP “Fear Itself”- 1994
15. Pharcyde- Pandemonium : Apperead on the “Street Fighter” OST- 1995?
16. De La Soul- Ego Trip 3 : B-side to Ego Trippin 2 -1993
17. Wrecks N Effect- New Jack Swing : 12″ dropped in 89; S/T album- 1989
18. Young Black Teenagers- Tap The Bottle : LP “Dead End Kidz Doin’ Life Time Bids”-1993
19. Fat Boys- Crushin’: On the “Crushin’” LP – 1987

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