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Unreleased Gems Part 2—Dilated Peoples

by Travis on July 13, 2006

Imagery, Battle Hymns & Political Poetry 1995 Immortal Records

Today, we drop the unreleased Dilated Peoples project from 95′ “Imagery, Battle Hymns and Political Poetry” on Immortal Records, through Sony. The project contains the two core group members, Rakaa and Evidence, but is before the time Babu from the infamous Beat Junkies joined the crew. This album also encompasses the time before Evidence really grew as a producer and from what I can tell through interviews, he didn’t do any of the production on it.
The album does have a Redman guest apperance which is cool, since Red was still pretty raw at this time. X to the Z also makes an apperance, marking one of his early performances on wax. The album isn’t the greatest by any means, but it’s worth a listen and probably a nice grab for those hardcore Dilated fans out there. The sound quality is pretty crappy and some of the songs are cut short, but from what I can gather from others out there, this is the only version floating around, so you have to make due with what it is.

I’m not going to lie and say Dilated is one of my favorite groups, because they really aren’t. They aren’t bad, but by no means my favorite. They are a mainstay in the LA underground scence and tend to have a strong fan base, but besides a few strong singles, I’ve never been that big into them.

The tracks were not numbered and I forgot to name them when I zipped it, but here is the tracks as the appear in the zip (and there might be slight errors on song titles, I scribbled down song titles at 5 in the morning while hurringly getting ready for work).

Cool City Slick
Dilated Peoples
Foward Motion
Goin’ For Broke feat Xzibit
Huh Haa! feat Redman
I ain’t The One
I Want It All
It Comes Down To This
What Are We Supposed To Do?

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