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Two For One Friday

by Travis on July 14, 2006

Part One- Female MC’s Of Yesteryear

Monie Love
Down To Earth (1990)

1. Monie in the Middle
2. It’s a Shame (My Sister) – Monie Love, True Image
3. Don’t Funk Wid the Mo
4. Ring My Bell – Monie Love, Ultra Naté, Ultra Naté
5. R U Single
6. Just Don’t Give a Damn
7. Dettrimentally Stable
8. Down 2 Earth
9. I Do as I Please
10. Pups Lickin Bone
11. Read Between the Lines
12. Swiney Swiney
13. Grandpa’s Party

It’s friday, so fuck it, you get two posts for the price of one. Also I’m going to be nowhere near a computer most of the weekend, going up to Steamboat Springs, Colorado and rub elbows with the rich and famous, get my drink on, and see just how many bars I can get kicked out of by the rich snobs.

My plan was to do a female MC series of OOP albums and obscure stuff after the Unreleased Gems series, well I’m starting it a bit early, just because I have an album already uploaded for it. Female MC’s probably don’t get their just due in the game, but they’ve been around since the beginning of it all, holding it down. I know a lot of guys, myself included at times, automatically blew off the female albums and the such. Now in my more open minded days, I’ve been trying to catch up to some of the stuff I missed at first and I’m sharing a few of my favorites.

Monie Love first gained recognition for appearing on Queen Latifiahs “Ladies First” single. She gained some buzz from that apperance then showing up on some Native Tongues projects, she was aimed for a solo project that garned the attention of the male world. I for one, was also caught up in the buzz. From my foggy memory, I believe she might have been the very first female artist I went out and bough (someone gave me an MC Lyte tape, but Monie was the first buy).

The album is decent. It contains some of the corny hip house stuff that was going on at the time, but it also has one of the first Beatnut beats that I can remember on “Pup Lickin Bone”. Unfortunately, there is no Native Tongue apperances, but Monie drops an enjoyable album for the most part.

Unreleased Gems Part Three

Camp Lo
Short Eyes (Japan Only Release)

4.Babys Mother
6.Blind Photography

I know I said I was going to highlite the rare Omniscience album for the next post, but since my home computer sucks balls and I’m uploading most of my stuff at work and I forgot the disk, you get something I found just this morning on my trips on the internet.

I guess technically, this isn’t “unreleased”, since it did get dropped in Japan, but for us Americans, we didn’t see shit for this release. I’ve never seen it in any of the stores here, but you can pick it up on CD Universe for 35 bucks, which, for six tracks, and me eating frozen pizza’s every other night, I think I’ll wait until I make my first million.

Camp Lo is kind of like your favorite pair of shoes that no one else likes. You’re not sure why you like them, but you just do. They have always been very unique in their style, both on and off record. This release is no different. No sure what the story behind it is, it dropped before the slept on “Let’s Do It Again” (And NO Polarity, it’s still not better than “Uptown…”) in 2002. It’s got kind of the same flavor as “Let’s Do It Again”, but I think I actually like this release better. Not sure who did the beats, but I’m guessing since it has that “Let’s..” flavor to it, that the EXTREMELY underrated Ski did them. STOP SLEEPING ON SKI!!!! Anyway, this is a must for any fan of Camp Lo.

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