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Croatian flava Pt. 2

by Staff on July 22, 2006

Today we bring you the second part of Croatian flava. This time you’ll have a chance to hear collabos between foreign MC’s and croatian producers. Some of you already heard tracks like beautiful or something’s wrong by Masta Ace and Koolade. If in any case you slept on go to the store right away and cop Disposable Arts and A long hot summer. The reason I didn’t upload these two great tracks is because we present you only the obscure tracks and it seems like you didn’t do your homework and you can’t follow the classes… (lol just kidding, you came her to learn right?) by copping these two LP’s we’re doing you a huge favour.
Blackout ent. is a group of producers ( Koolade, Dash, Baby Dooks) lead by Phat Phillie. So far they produced or remixed for major names in the game, the list goes from Das Efx to Angie Martinez, Chamilionaire, Sean Paul and Fat Joe. I don’t really like some that tracks so I’ll just give you the dope ones. I’ll start with El da Sensei collaborations. First is Questions and Answers from Relax, Relate, Release album. Koolade produced it and here you can hear traditional Croatian insrument “Tamburica”. You’ll recognize it, they sound like the strings.

Secon track is Follow, B-side to Ace’s Beautiful. Again El and Koolade did a great job.

These tracks are all great because almost every MC’s who shined over Koolade beat was a skillful MC. The next one is sempled from Barry White “Walkin’ In the Rain With the One I Love” . I’ve heard it sampled in a few other tracks ( i think one was from family tree, but not shure) but this one has some great lyrics. It’s Survival from Masta Ace:

Since I’m talkin about Ace I might as well mention another great MC: Strick. Meber of upcoming eMC supergroup. Again Koolade on instruments. I won’t talk about Strick how great he is, I’ll leave it to him, he says it the best:
Strick – Born Wit It

Strick – Hate me too

Next one is Unspoken Heard: Truly Unique (Koolade Remix)

Now I have to get back to Europe… There were some good collaborations too.
KC da Rookkee – Hot Souls

Cronite – Remeber

I didn’t mention some other Croatian producers like Baby Dook and Dash because their production is set to rock the club. If you really want check newChamilionaire: Ridin’ rmx with Bolesna Braca. There was another interesting track by two young producers called UrbanSpirit.
Here’s a track with Showstoppa – Playin the game

If you want more info about them go to :
And check another two: Nace and Shalla: Myspace
I have some more tracks and if you liked it this far feel free to download:
Das Efx:

Czarnok – Pimp tight produced by Koolade


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