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Two For One Friday: Thank God It's…..

by Travis on July 28, 2006

It’s friday, and you know what that means. Not just happy hour after work and getting your drink on, it’s time for WYDU’s Two for One Friday. I’m not really happy with what I have to offer, so it might just turn into three for one, just to make up for the potential lameness this post has the potential to turn into. Got to give the fans their money’s worth. Let’s jump into it, shall we?

Jean Grae & 9th Wonder- Jeanius (2004)

1. Intro

2. B.N.K

3. Don’t Rush Me

4. Please Forgive Me

5. The Place Is Here

6. He’s My Man

7. Think About Me

8. Non Sense

9. The Game

10. Until

11. So High

12. 2nd Chance

The first offering for today is something not terribly rare or terribly obscure, or even that old for that matter, but it fits nicely into a transitition from our “Unreleased Gems” series to our “Forgotten Ladies Of Hip Hop” series, although Jean Grae is definately not forgotten, but maybe her orginal name of “What What” when she was with Natural Resource during the end of the 90′s is forgotten. Yeah, sure I’m reaching here, but it works.

If you are into Jean’s music or 9th’s beats, you probably have this by now, or you should have it. If you were late on catching onto this, this is your chance. As far as the current crop of female MC’s, Jean Grae stands out easily above the rest in my opinion.

This album was reportedly recorded in a week while she was in N.C. hooking up with Ninth. It leaked fairly quickly and has never been properly released, although rumor has they have or are going to re-do some stuff and release it properly as “The Phoenix”. As far as quality of music, this is probably Jean’s best effort in my opinion as well as one of 9th’s best production attempts. Ninth has gotten some flack of late for being kind of stale and one dimensional, but this album, remembering it was recorded in 04′, showcases why 9th can be one of the better beatsmiths out there. The first handful tracks seem to stand out the most, especially “The Place Is Here” w/ Phonte of Little Brother and “Don’t Rush Me”. The album is worth checking out if you are a fan of either artist.

The First Priority Music Family : Basement Flavor (First Priority Music 1990)

1 Alliance -Get On Down (3:48) Producer – The King Of Chill

2 Audio Two- Many Styles (4:55) Producer – Audio Two

3 MC Lyte & Positive K- I’m Not Havin’ It (3:29) Producer – Audio Two

4 Michee Mee & LA Luv- Victory Is Calling (5:29) Featuring -MC Lyte Producer – Beat Factory

5 MC Lyte- Survival Of The Fittest (3:58) Producer -The King Of Chill

6 Positive K- Tramp (3:22) Featuring – Milk Dee Producer – Audio Two

7 Audio Two- Peer Pressure (4:06) Producer – Audio Two

8 Michie Mee & LA Luv- On This Mic (5:42) Producer – Beat Factory

9 Alliance- Kibbles And Bits (4:24) Producer – Alliance

10 Positive K- Impulse On Three (4:35) Featuring – Barsha Producer – Audio Two

11 Soulshock- Break The Limits (4:54) Featuring – See-Que Producer – Solid Productions

Next on the plate is something I would normally be pretty proud of sharing. One of my goals of doing this blog is to bring fairly fresh things that I haven’t seen much on the net. Now of course I can’t check everything that is on the net, but I just don’t like posting up something that someone has posted in the not long ago past. I’m stuck on computer w/ a non functioning cd-burner, so I’m left to upload something that I have on my computer, and it happens to be this fine little ditty. Someone (sorry, the person escapes me at this moment) uploaded this on the cocaine blunts boards a few weeks ago, but it’s defintely worthy of sharing with everyone else out there. (I give credit when credit is due, unlike some others out there)

For those not familar with The First Priority family, they were a loosely affliated collective of artists centered basically around the brother & sister duo of MC Lyte and Milk Dee of Audio Two, and their father, Nat Robinson, was in charge of the label at that time. The “Family” consisted of: MC Lyte, Audio Two (Gizmo and Milk Dee), Positive K, Michie Mee, Alliance, and probably a few others that I’m forgetting.

If you are familar with Audio Two’s earlier work, then the sound of this won’t be much of a suprise. It’s usually some bare bones production with a lot of bragidacio rhymes, which for this time period was some great stuff. It might sound a bit dated in these day and times, but if you were into that sound back then, this will transport you straight back days of a drum track and straight atcha lyrics.

Pete Rock & CL Smooth- Rare Tracks (Japanese Import, WEA International, 1990)

Since I feel like I kind of cheated you guys today, you get a freebie. This is something you can also probably find readily on albumbase (I had orginally found it on Soulseek a few years back), but I had on my computer, so it gets thrown into the mix today as well. It’s freaking Pete Rock and CL Smooth, how can they disappoint? What’s so special about this

There are actually some very good remixes on here. One of my deep dark secerts is I orginally was never that crazy about “Mecca & The Soul Brother”, but some of these remixes are better than the orginals, in my opinion. Enjoy!

1. Searching [Remix]

2. Take You There [Remix]

3. Lots of Lovin [Remix]

4. I Got a Love [Remix]

5. It’s Not a Game [Unavailable on LP-Vocal]

6. Mecca and the Soul Brother [Wig Out Mix]

7. Creator [EP Mix - Vocal]

8. Straighten It Out [Vocal Remix]

9. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) [Vibes Mix]

10. Get on the Mic


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