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Forgotten Ladies Of Hip Hop Part Four: Hurricane G

by Travis on August 7, 2006

Hurricane G- All Woman
H.O.L.A. Recordings 1997
1. Intro
2. All The Way Live
3. Underground Locdown
4. Roc U
5. Somebody Else
6. El Barrio (Spanish)
7. Mama
8. Wuteva
9. Boriqua Mami
10. Coast To Coast
11. G, Toya & Nini
12. No Love
13. Neva Give Up
14. De Corazon
15. Outro
16. Bonus Track 1
17. Bonus Track 2

Yo yo Redman! Man what the FUCK man?
Get the FUCK off that.. punk smoov shit man!
Get with that ROUGH shit man, you know how we do!

Hurricane G – 1992′s Tonights Da Night

That was the Hip Hop nation’s introduction to the fiesty Puerto Rican mami that would go on to become a sort of “Fifth Beatle” in the Def Squad. She would appear on several Hit Squad/Def Squad afflilated projects, from Redman’s “Tonight’s Da Night” & “We Run N.Y.” to Keith Murray’s “Bom Bom Zee“, which she always seemed to come the rawest and gave her best performances. She’s also appeared on tracks with everyone from Smif N Wesson to Xzibit.

Around the mid 90′s she disappeared from the Squad. Rumors of her being E Double’s baby’s mama might have had something to do with this. She reportedly had an album deal with Capitol in the early/mid 90′s, but was a victim of a in house cleaning session resulting in G’ to be dropped around 94′. In 97′, she popped up back on the scene on the NYC independent H.O.L.A. (Home Of Latin Artists) and dropped All Woman to a rather lukewarm reception.

I was a rather big fan of the whole Hit Squad/Def Squad sound, as I mentioned in the previous “Knucklehedz” post, so when I saw this in a local record shop right when it came out, I immediately bought the album. Now, to say Hurricane G has an unique voice is an understatement. I must admit I was rather disappointed when I got the CD home and read through the linear notes and didn’t see one Erick Sermon beat. New York producer Domingo, if I remember right, produced most of the album (I have since lost the album, only to have found it online not too long ago).

Needless to say, G’ has always had a unique voice. I’ve always personally liked it, but it can be a little grating on a full album. I can’t say this is a great album. Can’t even really say it’s a good album. There are some good songs (Wuteva, Coast To Coast and a even some of the spanish only songs sound pretty good), but some of the songs are too syruppy. I don’t know if this because the head of the label was an early supporter of Madonna back in the day, or if they were trying to make G’ into she was not, but some songs just don’t fit her. The production also lacks in some areas.

I’m not sure what Hurricane G has been up to since this release. Every now and then she pops up on a release, most recently Tony Touch’s The Piece Maker 2 in 2004.


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