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Diggin' For Used CD's

by Travis on August 13, 2006

First on the plate, some unfinished business, some new blogs and myspace stuff for the myspace geeks.

I would like to apologize for not re-upping WYDU Classics VOL 2 & 3 yet, I’ve been having troubles finding time to up stuff this past week, but they should be up in the next couple days. Also the corrupt tracks on the Hurricane G will be up shortly as well. Also, I’ll set up a link for that Odd Squad sometime this week as well. Sorry for the delay and thanks for the patience.

Second off, there have been a heap of new blogs in the last month or so. There are a lot of good ones out there, but I thought I’d give shine to a few personal favorite new ones.

Soundnexx: We here at WYDU try to share a little knowlege along with our links. Some people obviously enjoy our added writing and others probably don’t even read what we write, they just go straight for the downloads, for each their own. For those of you that are into learning something while getting some great music, Soundnexx has great posts, even more detailed than ours at times. Be sure to check him out.

Crooklyn’s Classics: Just found this blog today, but it was enough to get me excited rather quickly. There are some great discographies (Ras Kass, MOP, Beatnuts) and some other nice gems. Defintely worth checking out on a daily basis.

Digital Stealth: Tons of goodies on this site, stuff you don’t see on other sites, so defintely worth checking out daily (check out the new Outkast in the chatbox)

U Gotta Digg Dat: Strictly 12″ singles, but I love stuff like that. For all the 12 inch fiends out there.

Also, I can’t tell, but it looks like a lot of people are sleeping on 12inchers, those who are, need to wake the fuck up, the site is another vinyl addicts, it’s rare 12 inch heaven…CHECK IT OUT!!!

I endorse anything I have in my links. I check them all at least a few times a week. Lots of good stuff, some educate, some just have good links, whatever your flavor is, there is something there for anyone.

Last bit of business, we started a WYDU myspace page. Why, I’m not sure, I’m still not fond of the whole myspace craze, but it’s there. Actually we have it in hopes to strike up some connections with some old school artists for future interviews and the such. But we invite everyone to stop by. It’s pretty plain right now, but we hope to get it spiced up in the near future. We are also thinking of something exclusive to the myspace page in the future, so be on the look out for that.

Also, as any of the loyal readers will know I (travis) am a HUGE Masta Ace fan, in fact, this blog was basically born from the masta ace boards. Polarity and I first started this after talking and exchanging music after meeting on the masta ace boards then DJ Soulclap and Phatsoul both joined us later on, both were also from the boards. For those of you who don’t know, Masta Ace is coming back later this year/early next year with a group effort. eMC is set to give all the real hip hop fans an album. For those of you who don’t know who eMC is, it’s going to be Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, and Stricklin. It’s an album I have been eagerly waiting for since hearing about it over a year ago. Well for you Ace fans, there is a eMC myspace page that you can all get the latest news for this super group, so be sure to add them as your “friend”.

And now, on to the main post…….

One of my favorite past times is going to a circuit of used music stores here in Denver. One’s mans trash is another mans treasure, and that saying goes for used CD’s. The past couple years, I’ve been mainly trying to replace some of my lost/stolen/broken gems from the past more than concentrating on newer music being released, and what better way to do that than scouring used CD/Vinly stores. Now, I never got turntables, so I’m strictly a CD person. I wouldn’t mind doing the vinyl thing, but starting from scratch this late in life just isn’t an option, not while I’m a broke college student still. You can find some forgotten gems digging through the stacks and stacks of Me Phi Me’s, Deion Sanders, MC Hammers & Arrested Development used CD’s.

I just recently went on a trip to a couple stores the other day and though I’d share a couple CD’s I picked up super cheap. For the trip, I picked up 11 total CD’s for a low total price of a little over $16.00, not a bad day. It might have been a little more quanity over quality, butr I still managed to come across a couple joints I’ve been looking long and hard for for quite awhile. I’m only uploading two albums for the time being, but a lot of these will be seen in the future for different series I have planned.

Smooth Ice- Smooth Ice (MCA 1990)
Price: $1.50

I hear virtually no one ever mention this disk, which is suprising since Run DMC produced the album and it was released on major label MCA and it’s Do It Again single recieved a lot of play on Yo! MTV Raps. I had never heard it before myself though, so I guess there is some reason for it. It’s actually not all that bad. Worth the buck fifty I put out for it. It’s reminiscent of the sound for that period, but I enjoyed the initial listen for it.

Ali Dee- Bring It On (EMI Records 1993)
Price: $1.00

I remember the single Who’s Da Flavor, but never bothered picking up this release back in the day either and never really planned on it. Then I downloaded the Next School effort that Ali Dee was a part of and enjoyed that, so I thought I’d give it a listen. Well, it was only a buck, so I can’t be too mad, but I didn’t care for it a lot. To chiche for the age, with the posse chorus’s, the beats. Kind of sounds like Young Black Teenagers without the Bomb Squad production, which as most of you might know, would suck.

Kings Of SwingStrategy (Bumrush/ Virgin Records 1990)
Price: $1.50

I completely forgot about this album back in the day. I avoided it like the plauge because of the cover, for obvious reasons. It wasn’t until Robbie at br
ought it up again about six months ago on his “Decent albums with bad R & B covers” post that I remembered this. They were apart of the First Priority Music family, with Audio Two, MC Lyte, Alliance, Michie Mee, and Barsha. I’ve been on a HUGE FPM kick lately, so finding this album was one of the highlites to the trip. I’ll be uploading it in the future, I have it planned for a upcoming series. It’s pretty good, with beats by Audio Two and King Of Chill.

Barsha- Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics (Bum Rush/Virgin Records 1990)
Price: $1.50

Speaking of Barsha and bad covers, I was as equally excited finding this gem. I just recently found it online to download, but finding an actual copy was even better. Ignore the cover, because it has to be if not the worse, one of the worse covers ever. More First Priority Music family sounds by Audio Two & King Of Chill, it’s actually a very good album, worth the buck fiddy for sure. His vocal tone and delievery sounds reminiscent of Kool G Rap.

Sha’ DasiousPhunk Wucha Heard (RCA 1994)
Price: $1.50

Honestly, I never heard of this cat, until vinyladdicts did a post on him on their site a while ago. Someone then posted it up on Cocaine Blunts and I liked it. I had my eye on a copy at another store for awhile, but found it at another place for a buck fifty and didn’t hesitate to grab it. This is a decent album for being fairly unheard of, even for being on RCA.

Trespass OST (Sire/Warner Bros 1992)
Price: $1.50

This came out back in the day when Soundtracks were still half way decent, and I think this is one of the better ones. I had it back in the day, but it was one of the albums that I had lost through multiple moves and the such. Artists such as Cube/Ice T, P.E., AMG, Black Sheep, Lord Finesse, & others grace this soundtrack. I saw it’s going for a shiny new penny (or old) on amazon, definetly worth the one cent, but its always more fun finding it yourself.

Who’s The Man OST (Uptown/MCA 1993)
Price: $1.50

This soundtrack wasn’t as good as I remembered. Another replacement for my collection, but worth the price just for the Biggie track.

Insomnia: The Erick Sermon Compilation Album (Interscope 1996)
Price: $1.00

This album should be rather familar to most of the readers here. I lost it ages ago and was living off the burned copy I had. It’s not a great album, but not bad either. Going for a shiny penny on Amazon. (I need to start buying more stuff off of amazon).

Lifers GroupLifers Group (Hollywood Basic 1991) No Cover Found
Price: $1.50

This was more of a reminiscent purchase than anything. I have this on tape and figured I’d grab it. By the time I found this, I was in a shopping frenzy and didn’t realize what I was doing. For those of you unfamilar with Lifers Group, it was inmates at Rahway Prison, doing an album.. This was the first EP they did, there was a full album released in 93′, which I’ve never heard. It’s not great, but “The Real Deal” and “Belly Of The Beast” weren’t all that bad.

Tracey LeeManey Facez (Universal Records 1997)
Price: $3.00

This was the high priced item of my shopping spree. In my opinion, this was one of the better albums from a lackluster 97′. With a majority of the production done by members of Puffy’s Hitmen team, this was a fairly listenable album with some shining moments as well. Not sure why it never gets is just due, but worth the pick up.

Anotha Level - On Anotha Level (Priority 1994)
Price: $1.00

Last but not least, I piced up this little joint just today while trying to waste some time this afternoon. I just put this up a couple weeks ago on this site, but never had a proper copy of it. For a buck, I thought I’d add it to my collection.


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