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Travis' Personal Favorites Part Three: No Face – Wake Your Daughter Up (RAL 1990)

by Travis on August 16, 2006

1. We Wants to Fuck
2. Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch – No Face, 2 Live Crew
3. At the Movies
4. Socially Speaking
5. Xactly
6. Spanish Fly
7. Under the Subway
8. Half – BWP, No Face
9. Stole My Shit
10. Your System
11. Assit

You knew this site couldn’t go very long without doing a post on it’s name sake album, did you?!?! Someone once said ignorance is bliss, well this here album is full of bliss then. I’m not even going to lie and say this is one quality album, cause it’s not. But when you are a snot nosed Junior/Senior in high school, this was some quality filfth to blast in your Volkswagen Jetta with two 12″s in the trunk and get all the girls go “ewwwwww” when you drove by. Somethings just stick with you all the way through your journey through life. This was my favorite Ig’nant album in High School, more so than even 2 Live Crew (I’ve always strived to move away from the masses, and I even enjoyed Poison Clan’s 2 Low Life Muthas even more than most of the 2 Live stuff as well). This was one of those albums that got a lot of play during parties and in the car crusin. Pure ignorance in all it’s bliss.

Most albums of this type are not high on quality music. I’m not saying this album is totally deviod of any musical value. It had some killer 808 kicks (Your System) that could rattle a trunk. I kind of thought of it as a cross between the Miami Bass of that era and NY music with some New Jack Swing thrown into the pot for some mainstream value (Half). It used humor (Xactly & Stole My Shit) and straight up sex rhymes (Wake Your Daughter Up). It had something for everybody, even cussing women out (Fake Hair Wearin’ Bitch) a joint I still listen to when a chick pisses me off.

As I said, this will never go down as the most lyrical, the best beats, or any socially redeeming values, but in the realm of Ig’nant albums, this is a straight up classic. This bad boy is going for a pretty high price by the hipsters on amazon, so this might be a better idea to download this and sit back and just not care about shit.

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