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First Priority Part Two: Audio Two – I Don't Care: The Album (Atlantic, 1990)

by Travis on August 24, 2006

First things first, it took me a lot to motivate myself to write up this post. I started back up at school this week, and it’s a bitch. Thursday is basically a Friday to me since I don’t have class on Friday, although I do have to work at my internship at noon on fridays, but I can handle that. So I’m ready to get crazy. After downing 3/4 of the 40oz. I bought after class, I really wanted to do some online poker, but I told myself I have to bust out a post before anything. I have to take advantage of the time I have with school going on. This is also my (hopefully) last year, so it’s going to be a bitch. That being said, I like to think I’m pretty accommodating on people requesting stuff. If I have it, I’ll try my best to up it a fairly reasonable time. Sometimes, it might take me awhile. I don’t have hi-speed at home, so I do most of my uploading/downloading at work. Meaning, sometimes I actually have to work. So I’m try my best to throw it up as quick as possible, but the sites posts come first, then friends, fellow bloggers who I respect, frequent posters to the site and then every one else. That’s just the way it is. I’m a nice guy, but I can be a dick as well……
Next, if I find a blog that I really like, you best believe I’m going to post it up on here. There are a lot of shitty blogs out there, kind of like the music. I also don’t think this is some kind of contest on who can have the best blog. I want to point out the best sources regardless if they are better than mine or not, it’s not a fucking contest. So the good stuff must be pointed out. Well today I was going through my referrals on my site meter and saw a new blog, Bust The Facts. I like to see who is linking me up, curiousity I guess, and saw this new site and clicked on it. Low and behold, I ran into a blog that is somewhat of a wet dream to me. There is shit on this blog that I had looooooooooooooooong forgot about. It’s done by Dread Pirate Roberts, who I’ve seen on the blog rounds. This blog has some pretty obscure shit, so if you are into my blog and like the rare/obscure/out of print stuff, this site is pretty damn good. It’s only been going for a few days, but there is enough there for me to be downloading at work all day tomorrow. CHECK IT OUT!

Audio Two – I Don’t Care: The Album (First Priority/Atlantic 1990)

Part two of our First Priority Music Family series leads us to who I orginally wanted to lead off with, Audio Two. Audio Two were composed of Milk Dee on vocals and Giz as the DJ. As mentioned before, the two were brothers and sons of label head, Nat Robinson. Despite that MC Lyte seemed to be the top seller (I don’t have the actual numbers, just guessing) on the label, Audio Two seemed to be the the crown princes of the label. This is was only natural since Giz and Milk were Nat Robinson’s natural son’s while Lyte was only a half sibling of the two. They dropped a hip hop classic in “Top Billin” (my personal favorite all -time favorite hip hop single) in 87′ and then their debut album “What More Can I Say” in 88′. It garned enough attention to put them up amoung top releases of one of the best hip hop years ever. In 1990 they dropped their somewhat underrated album “I Don’t Care: The Album”.

I’ve read a lot of bad press on this album. I think it was actually TO bragadocious for people. The album got slammed for being “to one dimensional” (go figure, now it’s okay). It also caught flack for some of the lyrics on “Whatcha’ Lookin’ At?” which contained some so called “bigotary” lyrics, with his “gay mutha’s should get punched in the face” line along with a few other questionable lines. As a naive high school senior, I loved it. Not saying it was right, but it added to the albums attractiveness. As far as lyrics, there is nothing ground breaking. It’s either party starters or Milk bragging how bad he is. To me hip hop is built on that though, people forget that. Yeah, it’s fine to grow, but like the roots of a tree, the roots of hip hop also hold the art form into the ground firmly and thats what Audio Two did. It’s in your face bragging rhymes. Tracks like “Milk Does The Body Good (remix)” are straight badass lyrics. While it’s true Milks lyrics are not deep or politicaly correct, but to me, this is the stuff that drew me to hip hop in the first place. They are one of the first artists to dis MC Hammer on “Start It Up Y’all” with his “(Pos K & others)So what’s up with Hammer? Yo Hammer can’t rhyme and 357 is a bunch of Ho’s”. Straight in your face lyrics and hard core beats. Don’t expect to be blown away by lyrics.

Beat wise, it’s all done by Milk. It’s a bit more musical that “What More Can I Say”, but that ain’t sayin’ much. Lot’s of familar breaks (familar because of Milk and the other old school cats) and some hard drums. Milk seemed to still favor the 808 approach to things that had started to pass by NY by this time. There is nothing mind blowing as far as beats go, but for a simpler time, this music was great. I remember playing this a lot on the way to my senior year in high school (yeah I’m dating myself) and knowing just about all the words. This is a classic to me, fuck everyone else….

Here’s a couple albums I uploaded for others, might as well share…..

Jemini The Gifted One- Scars & Pain EP

J-Zone – Music Tu Madre (thanks to, I give credit where credit is due, unlike some of you other leeching bastards)


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illiterategenius April 9, 2010 at 7:41 am

I liked I Don't Care: The Album more than their first album, by a long shot. I have been looking for a few of the songs but can't find them. Love the Otis Redding sample.

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