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Free For All Friday: First Priority Music Family Vol Three & Four and other Assorted Goodies

by Travis on August 25, 2006

Alliance - We Could Get Used To This (First Priority Music, 1988)

1 Bustin’ Loose (3:58) 2 We Could Get Used To This (4:48) 3 I, Alliance (3:49) 4 Fish Heads (2:55) 5 Your Idol (3:07) 6 Down To Earth (3:15) 7 Just Another Message (3:04) 8 Ready Set (4:08) 9 I’ve Found (2:13) 10 Pure Skill (3:37) 11 Extensions (0:41) 12 Leeches (3:01) 13 Still You Sleep (3:04)

Part three of our FPM family takes to the 1988 album from the Alliance. The Alliance were made up of King Of Chill, K-Swift and DJ Skill. They were also among the first to drop albums on the label, right after Audio Two and MC Lyte. King of Chill would become one of the main producers at the label.

I honestly don’t know shit about the group for the most part and was only introduced recently to the album by Moves from the Cocaine Blunts board. I’ve only gone through the ablum 2-3 times real well, but it’s in typical FPM fashion, a definete must for any fan of the label.

Michie Mee & LA LuvJamacian Funk, Canadian Style (First Priority Music, 1991)

1. Prelude No. 1 2. Jamaican Funk Canadian Style 3. Kotch 4. Insecure Luva 5. Prelude No. 2 6. If Only They Knew 7. Prelude No. 3 8. All Night Stand 9. We’ve Arrived In America 10. L.A. Luv De Bout 11. You’re Feisty 12. A Portion From Up North 13. Canada Large 14. Get It Together (Bonus Track) 15. Jamacian Funk (Bonus Track)

Part four of the series is another album I know very little about. While looking for an album cover and some info on Michie, I found out she was the first female Canadian hip hop artist signed to an american label. The album itself is a weird mix of raggae and hip hop, which was abundant in the early 90′s with the dancehall craze taking off. She has a done some acting in recent years. You can learn more about her here

Cenobites- The Cenobites LP (Fondle Em’, 1995, Re-released in 97′) Wax Version

A1 Lex Lugor (3:50) A2 I Was Forgotten (3:48) A3 Kick a Dope Verse (Remix) (4:09) Featuring – Bobbito A4 Mommy (3:19) A5 You’re Late (3:44) Featuring – Percee P B1 Rhymes I Sniff Aka Carlos Died (4:13) B2 Keep On (4:34) Featuring – Bobbito B3 How The Fuck You Get A Deal (5:38) B4 Kick A Dope Verse (Remix) (4:13) Featuring – Bobbito

The Cenobites were a group made up of Godfather Don and Kool Keith. They made some tracks after the Ultra’s Four Horsemen LP then Bobbito put them on an EP in 94′. Later in 95′ they released the EP with added tracks. In 2000 a cd version was dropped with another extra track.

I had a post I did earlier on the group that got moved to, but it got earesed and I’m running out of time…..soooooo….on to the next album

Euro-K – Euro-K (Profile, 1990)

Another album and group I know very little about. I remember Yo! MTV Raps showed a video for “She’s A ….” once, and I loved the song. Getting the album was a bitch though, but I finally ran into it in Salem, Oregon of all places in a little used music store, on tape of course. I finally bought it off of this past week and recieved it this week.

The album is actually better than I remember it being. Some pretty familar samples used for the time, but a solid album.

As far as I know the group was out of New Jersey. Tony D mixes the album, but other than that, it is just some unknown producers. I saw some record nerd trying to sell this on ebay for $14.00, when I bought it for $2.00 on amazon. Gotta love those ebay sellers.


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