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Fam Bam Clicc – Da Bombay(Ace Music Distrubution, 1995)

by Travis on August 26, 2006

I’m going to be honest, I know absolutely nothing about this album. My man Phatsoul sent it to me to put up while he is on vacation, but while I heard of them, I haven’t listened to their material and haven’t had a chance to listen to this album myself yet. As most of you can tell I’m more of an east coast head. I do enjoy some of the early westcoast joints, so I might like this. Anyway, it’s here for all of you, sorry for the lack of info

Next up some business. Fridays from now on will be request day. I might be asking for trouble doing this, but I want people to find some of the stuff they are looking for. Rules for this though are simple… I WILL NOT put up anything that is still in print. It MUST be out of print (for me, if itself doesn’t sell it, it’s out of print) I might email some of the harder stuff that is still in print or some of the recently re-issued stuff, but I won’t put them for the public to download. Request either in this thread or in the box during the week. I’ll cut it off at Wednesday for that friday and it’ll be no more than five albums. First five albums will be posted up that friday. If there is more than five albums, the left over ones will be left for the next friday. If I don’t have it, I’ll do my best to keep an eye on it. If people start acting like asses, then fuck it, I’ll stop doing it. Also, look on to see if they have it before requesting it.

If you read my posts, you know I like to do things in a series of posts. It just kind of ties everything together and I think it’s easy for me to pick out what I want to upload. It’s also easier to write about as well. I try to get them done in a week or so and upload four to five albums per series. Well I’m just about to wrap up the FPM family series with the Barsha album going to be dropped Monday, then I’m going to start a series on Miami Bass music. I have about 10 ideas written down for series topics, I’m going to list four of them, and the readers can vote on which series they would like to see next. I’m not smart enough to create a poll for blogger, so just vote in the chat box or in this thread. Choices are:

Philly Hip Hop scene – Discuss the importance of Philly in the late 80′s
Demo’s- I did something like this with tracks, but I have a handful of demos I can post up
So Good It’s Corny- I started this series with Kwame back before anyone read this blog, but it would deal with some of the guilty pleasures of the hip hop world.
Movie Soundtracks – Streets On Beats already beat me to the punch on this idea, but we’ll add more to it.

You will see all these topics sometime in the future, but vote for which one you would like to see next after the Miami Bass series. Or if you have an idea for a topic you would like to see in the future, feel free to bring it up. I’m always trying to think of new stuff.

I’d like to thank all of our visitors and readers for checking us out….peace


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