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Barsha's Explicit Lyrics (First Priority Music, Virgin 1990)

by Travis on August 29, 2006

Our next and final First Priority Music member is Barsha’s Explicit Lyrics. Get past the possibly worse album cover ever to grace a hip hop album and you have another FPM gem.

The album, as most of the other FPM albums, was produced by King Of Chill and Audio Two. As far as mucis goes, it is very similar to the King of Swing sound. Hard drums and classic breaks dot the album for begining to end and takes the listener back to a time were simpler was just better.

Barsha himself sounds alot like Kool G Rap as far as his vocal tone and delivery. He may not have the Kool Geniuses lyrical content, but he can handle his own on the mic, something that was kind of suprising to me the first time I listened to him, judging by his album cover.

Sorry about lack of detailed posts lately, school and work are kickin’ my ass already.

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