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Free For All Friday: Requests

by Travis on September 1, 2006

Long weeks deserve rewards at the end of it. That’s why from here on out, Friday’s will be used for filling requests of our visitors. If I have it or one of the others have it, I’ll upload it for y’all as long as it’s out of print and I remember to bring with me to work. First five albums have it, if there are more than that, I’ll save them for the next week. This week, I struck out on a lot of requests, but hopefully that won’t happen all the time. I do have those Hydra requests and The Scientifik – Most Blunted coming in the future.

Def Dames – 2-4-The Bass (Sedona Recording Company, 1989)
1 set it off
2 guy’s best friend
3 976 boom
4 2-4 the bass
5 make it mellow
6 which posse can dance the best
7 let’s get busy
8 you’re the 1-2-me
9 work it!
10 kut’n'up sucksas!
11 do u wanna battle tomkat?

Here’s an request for “oldschool”. Think of L’Trimm with a little less charasmia. It is what it is, meaning it came out in 89′ with the whole female bass vibe going on. Nothing great, but I was happy to run into last weekend while digging through used CD’s. The voices are hard to handle and the lyrics are booty, but it’s some 89′ vibe bass music, so if you are a fan of that, it’s worth checking out.

Red Hot Lover Tone - Red Hot Lover Tone (Select, 1992)

I’ve had people hollering for this one for awhile now. It was the first post we ever did (polarity and I together) and it’s a classic in our books. Polarity ripped it from wax, so it’s messing a couple tracks. Also I had it on an MP3 disk (too fucking poor for those Ipod things) and it was scratched to hell and it took a while to pull off the disk onto my computer, so it might have some skips and shit. They are pretty cheap on Amazon, so I’m going to pick up a copy one of these days.

1. True Confessions 2. Da Gigolow 3. Winderella 4. Porgee 5. Like A Virgin 6. DIYM 7. In The Business 8. I Like 9. Never Love 10. Pussy’s All That 11. Give It Up 12. It Burns 13. Lil Boy Blu 14. Gigolow’s Got It Going On 15. Gotta Run 16. Sex Anonymous

MISSING: MY LADY & GIGOLOW THING, which were CD only joints.

Funkytown Pros – Reaching a Level of Assassination (4th & B-way,1991)

1. Funktro 2. White Green 3. Satisfaction 4. Genius 5. Assassination 6. Just Another Toss Up 7. Too Dam Funque 8. False Prophet 9. Here Me Now, Believe Me Later 10. Fallin’ 11. Def Do Us Part 12. Brutally Wild

For my man GO14. This is a little political nature and defintely something different from the majority of the things dropping in 91′. It was an album that I never thought got its just due, mainly because the political rap era was on it’s last string in 91′ and the gangsta age was starting to take place.

So only three albums this time, hopefully I’ll have more of your requests next time. I feel like I’m forgetting something……If I did, remind me in the box or whatever. Three day weekend in the US and Canada, but there should be some updates over the weekend. Sunday is reserved for drinking and BBQ, but the WYDU Classics VOL 9 & 9.5 should be up tomorrow and I hope to jump off with the Miami Bass Series next as well. That means you get an extra week to vote. So far only three votes for three different things, so vote away, otherwise I’ll just run rampant and post up any ole’ thing I feel like….and that could be some 2 in the Room type bullshit…..Peace!


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