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WYDU Classics Vol 9 & 9.5: Sept 06'

by Travis on September 3, 2006

It’s September 2nd, which means it’s the beginning of the month, which means its time again for one of our WYDU Classics. Straight from my own mind, it’s my favorites from the past. Shit that got play in my little VW Jetta back in the day (RIP) or got play on my friends tables, you get the idea. It’s memorial day weekend here in the US, which means I’m a lazy ass and on top of that, I just got Madden 07′ which means I’ve been in the middle of a Madden marathon all day, which is nice since Denver decided it wants to be Seattle this weekend as far as weather goes. So needless to say, no big long ass posts about each track, I got some Madden ballin’ to do yet.

WYDU Classics Vol 9, Sept 06
1. So Good, It’s Bad – True Culture
2. Valley Of The Skinz – Trendz Of Culture
3. She’s A …… – Euro-K
4. Do It Again – Smooth Ice
5. I Made Love For The First Time – Little Shawn
6. Ain’t Sayin’ Nothin’ – Divine Styler
7. Back To Boom – Kid Sensation
8. Cake Boy – Sir Mix-a-Lot
9. Nothin’ But A Gangster – Uzi Brothers
10. U Betta Recognize – Sam Sneed
11. Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed – WC & The Madd Circle
12. Gangster Boogie (Dance) – Toddy Tee & Mixmaster Spade
13. PSK (What Does It Mean?) – Schoolly D
14. It’s My Turn – Hot Day Feat Akrim
15. Check Out The Radio – Spectrum City
16. Big Trax – JVC Force
17. The Power – Chill Rob G
18. I’m Not Havin’ It – MC Lyte & Positive K

And not only do you get one, but two this time. I wanted to hear some songs, and I don’t have a I-pod, so it’s make a CD. This is just some classic east coast tracks I wanted to listen to, so you all reap the benefits.

WYDU Classics Vol 9.5 Sept 06′ (The East Is In The House)
1. Fakin’ The Funk – Main Source Feat Neek The Exotic
2. Microphone Masters (41st Remix) – Das EFX feat Mobb Deep
3. Ova Confident – Nine
4. I Declare War – Pacewon
5. Real Live Shit – Real Live
6. The Actual – All City
7. Pon de Attack – Bush Babees
8. B-Boy Document 99′ – Mos Def, Mad Skillz and High & Mighty
9. Body Rock – Mos Def, Q-Tip, & Tash
10. Walk Like A Duck – Kurious
11. Yabadabbadoo – Red Hot Lover Tone, Chubb Rock, Rob Swinga
12. Oh Yeah – Rottin Raskalz
13. Dirty Cop Named Harry – School Of The Hardrocks
14. Don’t You Love It – I.N.I (I think I named the mp3 wrong)
15. Six Minutes Of Pleasure (remix) – LL Cool J
16. A Million and One Questions (Extended Remix) – Jay Z
17. Devil’s Son – Big L
18. 1, 2 Pass It (Primo Remix) – D&D All-Stars
19. Where’s Da Steel – Shadz Of Lingo
20. Hip Hop Vs. Rap – Krs One

Then Brian posted up Red Hot Lover Tone’s second album, “#1 Player”
1. Red Hot Intro
2. #1 Player
3. Like That
4. In The Game
5. BMW
6. 4 My Peeps (Buckwild Version)
7. Damain’s Hook
8. 98
9. Yes Yes Yall
10. Wanna Make Moves
11. Bust Tha Maneuva
12. 4 My Peeps (Remix)
13. Take Your Time

Thanks to Andy187 for offering to post this up as well…..

Back to my Madden marathon and being a bum. No updates tomorrow, I have heavy drinking starting at 1:00pm, enjoy your weekends!

Peace, Travis

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