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Listen To The Bass Go Boom: The History Of Miami Bass, Part Two "The Age Of The 2 Live Crew & Luke Skyywalker"

by Travis on September 13, 2006

By the mid 80′s, the South Florida area was starting to make the transistion from the electro sound that it had consumed the region in the early part of the decade. While the area can thank the likes of Amos Larkin, Billy Hines and Adrian Hines aka MC A.D.E. and the Double Dose group, the area had plenty of outside influences as well. As mentioned alot can be traced back to Kraftwerk, who can be credited as a large influence to Afika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force. Bambaataa is often credited with starting the 808 sound with the single “Planet Rock” in 1982. In 1983, T La Rock’s “It’s Yours”, which was produced by Rick Rubin, dropped. This song and other Rick Rubin produced goodies such as LL Cool J, Beastie Boys and Run DMC also would influence a New York producer named Mantronix, who would also contribute to the mid 80′s 808 sound. Rubin and Mantronix along with Amos Larkin would weigh heavily in Miami’s head first jump into the 808 sound. But one group from California of all places, and one man would set the whole Miami Bass scene jumping off. That group? The 2 Live Crew. The man? Luther Campbell.

Luther Campbell, also known as Luke Skyywalker during this time period, was a prominent DJ in the Ghetto Style DJ’s, a crew of club DJ’s during the mid 80′s in Miami. Campbell was also a popular local promoter. He would break records during his sets and if they caught on in the clubs in Miami, he would get the artists to do shows, usually in the Miami club “Pac Jam”. One of his first acts was T La Rock and Jazzy Jay.

In 1985, a California group had a record that Luke was setting off in the clubs. The 2 Live Crew orginally met on an Air Force base in Riverside, California. Fresh Kid Ice, Mr. Mixx and Amazing V were the orginal memebers and released two singles in 84′ & 85′ on their own Fresh Beat records and distrubted by Macola. Luke would soon start pushing the “Revelation” b/w “2 Live” single in the Miami clubs and was bass influneced (I’ve never heard it, just going on what I’ve read). The group would go out to Miami in 85′ to perform a show promoted by Luke, and would soon become a favorite in the south Florida area. Later, Amazing V would take a career in the military over a hip hop career and would be replaced with Brother Marquis, who was recommended by legendary So Cal artists, Rodney O.

By 1986, the group would take permenant residence in Miami, but before they moved they would make “Throw That D”, which would become a major hit in the Miami Bass circles. Luke would try to get the single pressed up by some Miami labels, but after no luck, Luke Skyywalker Records was born and the era of the 2 Live Crew as probably the most important group during the Miami Bass era. With the nortoriety the group gained with “Throw The D” with it’s sexual content and adult humor and it’s bass heavy music, dubbed “Ghetto Style”. Their sound would help shift gears in the Miami Bass scene from the more electro bass sound to the straight “BOOM BOOM” uptempo type sound as others started trying to dupilicate thier sound.

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2 Live Crew2 Live Is What We Are, 1996

1. 2 Live Is What We Are
2. We Want Some P_____y!
3. Check It Out Y’all
4. Get It Girl
5. Throw The ‘D’
6. Cut It Up
7. Beat Box…(Remix)
8. Mr. Mixx On The Mix

MaggotronThe Invasion Will Not Be Televised

Casiohardcore did a good write up of this album

1. Return To The Planet Bass
2. Bass, What’s Happenin’ Black
3. Fresh Beets
4. Bass Invaders
5. Pyschocotic Bass Babble
6. Jungle Bass From The Planet Detroit
7. That’s My Man Throwin’ Down
8. Caroline, No
9. Welcome To The Planet Bass
10. It Sells

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