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by Travis on September 13, 2006

Friday is just around the corner. If anyone is looking for anything, better get a request put in soon. If I don’t have it, well you tried. If I do, then you get something you have been looking for. Out of Print or hard to find only please.

Here’s a few goodies dropped some vistors (aka, I’m too fucking busy to make a real post) for those of you too freakin’ lazy to check the comments. I didn’t steal links that were orginally posted on other blogs, but there are some albums found on other blogs that have popped up here as well.

BDP – Pre Criminal Minded EP (Not sure exactly what it is, it’s stuck on my home computer for the time being)

Poison Clan- Poisonous Mentality:

Sev One Schoolly – How A Black Man Feels.

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