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Slangin' The Goodies….Request Friday

by Travis on September 15, 2006

UPDATE: True Mathematic link has been fixed

It’s Friday and I’m stuck at work. Might as well make the most out of my time and upload some of your request from the past few days. I’m in no mood for bullshitin’ so let’s get right into it.

Nice & SmoothNice & Smooth (Fresh/Sleeping Bag Records, 1989)

1 Early To Rise
2 Something I Can’t Explain
3 Perfect Harmony
4 We Are No. 1
5 No Delay
6 Funky For You
7 Skill Trade
8 More And More Hits
9 Ooh Child
10 Hit Me
11 Gold
12 Dope Not Hype
13 Nice & Smooth
14 Dope On A Rope
15 Sum Pimped Out Shit

The debut classic from Greg Nice & Smooth B, produced by themselves. They were always pretty nice behind the boards in my opinion. Not my favorite by them, that would go to “Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed”, but still very dope indeed.

Kwest The Madd LaddThis Is My First Album (Def American, 1996)

1. Everyone Always Said I Should Start My Album off With a Bang 2. 101 Things to Do While I’m With Your Girl 3. Disnexone 4. I Met My Baby at V.I.M. 5. Blase Blah (Off Tha Head) 6. Lubrication 7. What’s the Reaction 8. Daddiez Home 9. Kwest’s Theme Song 10. Skin Care 11. Day in the Life of My Asspipe 12. Butta-Few-Co 13. Disk and Dat 14. 125 Pennies for Your Thoughts 15. Herman’s Head 16. Bludawnmeyesneekhuz (Through Tha Eyez of a Hood) 17. Damn 18. Say My Name Again

Funny enough, I never really all cared for this album. Sure it’s funny, but to me he always came off as a poor man’s Fatlip or something. I mean, it’s alright, but it seems to get alot more acclaim that I always thought it should have. Found it for a couple bucks, so I scooped it up regardless.

Just IceKool & Deadly (Fresh/Sleeping Bag Records, 1986)

1 Going Way Back (5:01) Featuring – KRS One 2 The Original Gangster Of Hip Hop (5:28) 3 Freedom Of Speech (4:55) 4 Moshitup (4:58) 5 Kool & Deadly (6:32) 6 On The Strength (4:32) 7 Lyric Licking (3:30) 8 Booga Bandit Bitch (5:53)

One of the orginal Gangsters in Rap. I probably shouldn’t have posted this since it just got re-released along with a good chunk of Sleeping Bag records dicography, but I’ve often wondered how much money the orginal artist see from re-issues. This is missing a track that is one the reissue. Produced mainly by KRS, it’s a staple for any 80′s hip hop fan.

Groove B Chill - Starting From Zero (A&M Records, 1990)

1. Starting from Zero 2. There It Is 3. I’m a Hook-Her 4. Let It Roll 5. Hip Hop Music 6. Where Were You 7. Swingin’ Single 8. And You Don’t Stop 9. Top of the Hill 10. Reminiscin’


Special Ed - Legal (Profile, 1990)

1. Come On, Let’s Move It 2. The Mission 3. Ya Not So Hot 4. I’m The Magnificent (The Magnificent Remix) 5. I’m Special Ed 6. Ya Wish Ya Could 7. Ready 2 Attack 8. 5 Men And A Mic 9. Livin’ Like A Star 10. See It Ya

For my fellow Denverite. I have fond memories blasting this in my little Jetta on the way to high school…dating myself here, I know.

Rottin RaskalzRottin To Da Core (Motown, 1995)

1. Intro 2. Batter Up 3. Oh Yeah 4. Frustration 5. A-Yo 6. Hey Alright 7. Lik’ a Shot 8. One Time for Ya Mind 9. Get up, Stand Up 10. Life of Bastard Featuring Treach 11. Homiez Niggas 12. Come on Y’all

Some of NBN’s buddies. It’s got that New Jerz flavor on it, not bad. In fact, if I remember right it’s produced by NBN, which means, Kay Gee likely did the majority of the beats.

Terminator X & The GOdfathers Of ThreattSuper Bad (Def Jam, 1994)

1. Terminator’s Back 2. Kidds From the Terror 3. Godfather Promo 4. Sticka 5. Money Promo 6. It All Comes Down to the Money 7. Thumpin’s Goin On 8. Krunch Time 9. G’damn Datt DJ Made My Day 10. Stylewild ’94 11. Funky Piano 12. Side Final Promo 13. Make Room for Thunder 14. Scary-Us 15. Learn That Poem 16. Under the Sun 17. 1994 Street Muthafukkas Gong Show 18. Don’t Even Go There 19. Herc Yardman Word 20. Mashitup

Complete artists details here:

This wasn’t as good as his first one, but there is some good shit on here. Joe Sinister, who appeared on Erick Sermon’s first solo LP is one of my favorite artists that I know nothing about. Check out his joint “Under The Sun” on here. Also the Punk Barbarians are on 3-4 tracks as well, which are all pretty good. If you ever get a chance to check out their LP, I highly recommend it

The Best Of Notorious BIG Presented by Mister Cee

Andyman, I’m not sure if this is the one you want, the year I saw for it was 2000, but it’s hard to tell with mixtapes. It’s all his earlier works, I think the latest song on it is “Get Money” Remix with Junior Mafia….nothing else, here it is…

X-Clan- To The East Backwards (Fourth & B Way, 1990)

1. Funkin’ Lesson 2. Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It? 3. Tribal Jam 4. A Day Of Outrage, Operation Snatchback 5. Verbal Milk 6. Earth Bound 7. Shaft’s Big Score 8. Raise The Flag 9. Heed The Word Of The Brother 10. Verbs Of Power 11. In The Ways Of The Scales


True MathematicsGreatest Hits (Champion Records, 1988)

Reportedly, this is a colaboration between Carl Ryder, Hank Shocklee, and Eric Sadler with Sadler on the vocals. Sounds kind of Bomb Squadish as well.

A1 For The Money A2 K.A.O.S. (Greeks In Effect Part 2) A3 After Dark A4 For The Lover In You A5 Get Funky Everybody B1 I Don’t Love You Anymore B2 Be My Girl B3 Portrait Of A Rap Star B4 Greeks In The House B5 True Mathematics

Heavy D – Blue Funk Rapid Link

My Own Personal Wants, Desires and Needs along with some stuff I couldn’t help with…

Kings Of Pressure, “Gimme The Mic;
Dream Warrior’s 2nd LP Subliminal Stimulation;
Side FX – This Is a Journey;
MC Downbeat – It’s A Shame;
Bobby Jimmy – He’s A Felon ( Single );
M-4-Sers – I’m A Star;
Tony M.F. Rock – Let Me Take You to the Rockhouse;
Tony Tee – Time to Get Phy
Ice Cream Tee – Can’t Hold Back
-The Hard Boyz -”Mind Terrorist”
arabian prince – situation hot (1990)
awesome dre & the hardcore committee – a.d.’s revenge (1993) can be found Bust The Facts
b-fats – music maestro (1989)
Whodini – Escape : Thanks to GO in commments
The Classical Two
dr. dre and tony a – jack move (rodium swap meet megamix) (1989)
ap song called Adventure by a group called Adventure (1981 Sugar Hill Gang Records).
gigolo tony & the ghetto soldiers – living in a concrete jungle (1993)
jesse jaymes – thirty footer in your face (1991) On Bust The Facts
L’Trimm – Grab ItDrop That Bottom
mc a.d.e. – an all out bash (1991)mc a.d.e. – in the arms of bass (1994)mc a.d.e. and posse – just somethin’ to do (1987)
Schoolly D – Welcome To America
nemesis – munchies for your bass (1991)
powerule – volume one (1991) On Bust The Facts
rodney o & joe cooley – get ready to roll (1991) On Bust The Facts
ron ”c” – ”c” ya (1989) Thanks To Brian (in Comments) and Bust The Facts
stetsasonic – blood, sweat & no tears (1991)
Stretch & Bobbito Shows COMING SOON thanks to Andyman187
vicious bass featuring dj magic mike – back to haunt you! (1988) Thanks to Bust The Facts

Haiku D’Etat – Haiku D’Etat

Javier and the Straight Jackers – The Hard Way


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