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Friday Night Specials: Request Friday

by Travis on September 23, 2006

****True Culture link Updated*****

It’s Friday night, ain’t a damn thing funny……bitch betta have my money. Damn straight. I got stuck working today, mother nature said fuck the fall, You get summer then winter….BITCHES! Rain today and …..fucking snow tonight??!?! What the fuck is this shit?! Anyway, who gives a fuck, it’s the weekend and what better way to kick off the weekend than to throw y’all some bones and up some of your requests that you’ve been so patientely waiting for.

Starting next week, I’m going to try to do a few more structured posts, get things back to moving normal once again. Next series is going to be………I’m not sure yet, but something good. I like doing the requests, but I don’t want this to become a strictly request blog, but with my limited time as of late, it’s about all I have time for. Polarity, Brian and Phatsoul have some stuff they are getting ready to bless y’all with soon as well.

YZ – EP (Tuff City, 1991)

A1 When The Road Is Covered With Snow (4:09) A2 Taggin’ It Up (3:16) A3 Thinking Of A Master Plan (Instrumental) (3:35) B1 Mixel Plic (Remix) (4:29) B2 Go YZ (0:41) B4 Crocodile Dundee (5:49)

I know next to nothing about this EP. Can’t even really remember where I picked it up at, I think the cocaine blunts board. Anyway, some nice tracks on here, especially Crocodile Dundee.

YZ G.Rock – In Control Of Things EP (Tuff City, 1989)

A1 In Control Of Things (Vocal) (4:20) A2 Thinking Of A Master Plan (5:14) A3 I’m In The Party (Vocal) (4:37) B1 On A Friday (Hip Hop) (4:51) B2 On A Friday (House) (4:50) B3 On A Friday (House Instrumental) (4:51) B4 In Control Of Things (Instrumental) (3:54) B5 I’m In The Party (Instrumental) (4:40)

Another somewhat of a mystery album, I’m sure there are folks out there that can shed more light on this release more than I can. I do know you have some Tony D production going on on this release. YZ G. Rock was YZ and his dancer before he dropped the “G.Rock” from the name. If I remember right, it was more of a warm up to YZ’s debut release “Sons Of the Father”…..speaking of that release (Both EP’s are in the rar. file)

Recent interview w/ YZ

YZ’s myspace page

YZ – Son’s Of The Father

A1 Intro And Sons Of The Father (5:20) A2 In Control Of Things (5:15) A3 Back Again (3:15) A4 I’m Workin’ (5:14) A5 Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes) (2:54) B1 Tower With The Power (3:38) B2 Spank-ed (4:20) B3 Who’s That Girl (4:54) B4 Diss Fe Liar (2:39) B5 Thinking Of A Master Plan (5:54) B6 Outro (0:13)

A New Jersey classic. Not sure why, but I didn’t care for this much when it orginally came out, but I soon saw the error of my ways

The Science Of Sound Demo EP

1.“Track 1” MISSING- 2.“Who got the funk”- 3.“Stupid” CUT SHORT-4. “Get you lifted” -5. “No diggedy” -6. “Track 6” -7. “It ain’t safe”-8. “Track 8” -9. “M.C.’s I be burnin”

Everything I know about this group can be found on this vinyl addicts post. This is some dope ass shit. I was going to save this for a demo series, but since a loyal visitor requested it, I decided to share it now….Check out the the first track “Who Got The Funk” w/ Phife Dawg. Comparing this to what Vinyl Addicts, I’m missing a track and “Stupid” is only 10 seconds long. Andyman187 said he had a copy of this as well, if you have the missing tracks, can you up them for us? Thanks!

Sweet TeeIt’s Tee Time (Profile Records, 1988)

1 On The Smooth Tip (4:06) 2 Let’s Dance (3:48) 3 I Got Da Feelin’ (4:12) 4 Show And Prove (3:03) 5 Work Out (4:07) 6 It’s My Beat (5:02) 7 As The Beat Goes On (3:33) 8 It’s Like That Y’all (4:59) 9 Why Did It Have To Be Me (5:09)

As I’ve mentioned before, I was never big on female MC’s from the first Golden Age, but “On The Smooth Tip” was always pretty tight

Seems everyone has a myspace page these days

Hot Day – It’s My Turn (Tuff City, 1989) Various Artists

A1 It’s My Turn Vocals – Arkim A2 Rhyme Complication Vocals – Prince Sugar Daddy A3 Hot Day’s Groove A4 Hot Day’s Burning Vocals – Arkim A5 Going Straight Up Vocals – Arkim , MC Cor , Mystique (3) , Shahid B1 Get Nifty Vocals – Mystique (3) B2 Sound Of The Drum Vocals – Arkim B3 Now Break B4 Put The Party In Full Effect B5 Hot Day’s Turn

I fucking love this album. This is the essance of what late 80′s hip hop was about. Hot Day is a forgotten Queens legend of sorts that did some early production for Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy and also formed the group P.H.D. with MC Poet who woul
d later be in Screwball. Grab this album!

45 King/Flavor Unit – 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit

01 The Flavor Unit – Flavor Unit Assassination Squad Featuring – Apache, Lakim Shabaz, Lord Alibaski, Double J, Queen Latifah 02 Lord Alibaski- Lyrics In Motion 03 Apache- I Feel Like Flowing 04 Lord Alibaski – Top Gun 05 Lakim Shabazz & Apache – Passin’ The Mike 06 Lord Alibaski – What It Takes To Be A Rapper 07 Lakim Shabazz – Hands Of Fate 08 Lord Alibaski – Crunch Time 09 Apache – Smooth Yet Hard

This is the ORGINAL Flavor Unit. Some nice tracks on here, a must have for any 45 King fans out there.

True Culture – Rude Boys Come To Play (Cardiac Records, 1992)

1. Intro 2. Fakin’ It 3. Annihilators 4. I Cry 5. The Massive 6. Keep It Goin’ 7. It’s So Good, It’s Bad 8. Respect To 9. The Cult…The Culture 10. The Vibe 11. Rude Boys Come To Play 12. FCP Radio 13. Culture Come Again 14. The G 15. Trapped In A Bassline 16. Baby’s Feelin’ Hot

I’m just glad I’m the only one that remembers these cats. This was one of my personal favorites when I was younger. Listening to it now, and there are a handful of crappy tracks, but it’s still has a few jewels on it, mainly “Fakin’ It”, “Annihilators”, “It’s So Good It’s Bad” (I think there was a video on YO! for that), & “Rude Boys Come To Play”.

I finally just picked it up again off of Amazon for cheap. Worth the $3-4 bucks I shelled out for it. Don’t know much else about them and there is next to nothing about them on the internet.

Peanut Butter Wolf – My Vinyl Weights A Ton (Stones Throw, 1999)

1. Sit Down Shut Up 2. In Your Area 3. Styles Crew Flows Beats 4. Casio 5. Barter 6. Hold Up 7. Everliving 8. Rock Unorthodox 9. Top Illin 10. Necromancin 11. Keep on Rockin It 12. T Shirts – Peanut Butter Wolf, , 13. Breaks Em Down 14. Tale of Five Cities 15. Mr. Dibbs 16. Definition of Ill 17. Theme from a Peanut Butter Wolf 18. Run the Line 19. Phonies 20. Ten Minutes Left 21. Mobbin’ 22. Competition Gets None 23. Interruptions 24. Hawaii 5000

Didn’t realize this little ditty was out of print and going for $30 + bucks on amazon, didn’t bother checking Ebay….anyway, this was pretty much my first introduction to PBW and Stones Throw and this is one of my favorite albums of the pathetic late 90′s. I still keep waiting for Planet Asia to drop an album that lives up to the hypness of his track on here.

Latryx – The Album (Soleside, 1997)

1 Latyrx (5:45) 2 Say That (3:41) 3 The Quickening (The Wreckoning Part II) (5:02) 4 Balcony Beach (5:29) 5 Live At 90.3 ’94 (1:25) 6 The Muzappers Mix: Aim For The Flickering Flame/Rankin’ #1 (4:11) 7 Funky Granules (1:49) 8 Bad News (2:45) 9 Off [With] Their Heads (Be Prompt) (3:01) 10 Interlude (0:22) 11 Burnt Pride (6:51) 12 Scratchapella (0:24) 13 The Wreckoning (Live 45 Mix) (2:45) 14 Burning Hot In Cali On A Saturday Night (3:30)

Despite having a friend that loves this whole Solesides flavor, I’ve never understood the fascination with this stuff. But anyway, thanks to Mr. Newell, here it is.

UMC’s – The Fruits Of Nature (Wild Pitch, 1991)

1. One To Grow On 2. Kraftworks 3. Morals 4. Blue Cheese 5. Swing It To the Area 6. Never Never Land 7. Jive Talk 8. Feelings 9. Any Way the Wind Blows 10. Pass It On w/ Kwazi & Prophet 11. Hey Here We Go 12. It’s Gonna Last

I ain’t gonna lie. I absolutely HATED this group when they dropped back in 91′. You got to remember I was a LL, Beastie Boys, Kane, Rakim kind of guy. I wanted hard beats, hard rhymes and none of this fairly tale fluffy bouncy bull shit. It wasn’t until a year or so ago, my man Polarity sent me stuff and one of the albums was this one. Well I’m older and a little more open minded than I was at 18. I’ll be damned if I didn’t like this alubm this time around. It’s a shame I kind of slept on it for so long. Anyway, Kool Kim has popped up writing occasionaly for Robbie and his Unkut site, and has managed to shed some light on some enteresting topics, including the Blastmaster KRS One and the whole PM Dawn tabacle and also on his own group and how they switched up from happy rap to some hard shit on the second album. He has also managed to generate a little conterversy over there as well, but some people are too up tight when their hero’s get dissed. Good insight.

Extra Prolific - Like It Should Be (Jive, 1994)

1 Intro (0:41) Producer – Mike G (3) 2 Brown Sugar (3:22) Producer – Domino (3) 3 In Front Of The Kids (2:41) 4 Is It Right? (3:21) Producer – Domino (3) 5 Sweet Potato Pie (3:54) 6 Cash Money (1:28) Featuring – Casual 7 One Motion (2:59) 8 Never Changing (3:06) 9 First Sermon (3:27) 10 Now What (3:31) Featuring – Opio 11 It’s Allright (2:44) 12 In 20 Minutes (3:11) 13 Go Back To School (3:12) Featuring – Pep Love 14 The Fat Outro (2:59) Producer – Casual

Why I never actually bought this album is beyond me. I really don’t know. This was back when I would be anything that was even touched by Heiro. For some reason I never bought this though. Hell I never even heard it until I recieved it in the batch of al
bums I got in the foresaid post above. Now it’s going for $63.00 on Amazon….wow….none the less great album, when Heiro still put out quality music.

Da Youngsta’s - No Mercy (Atlantic, 1994) PASSWORD: spooz

1. Hip Hop Ride 2. Mad Props 3. No Mercy 4. Backstabbers 5. No More Hard Times 6. Put Me On 7. Stayed Away 8. Illy Filly Funk 9. Grim Reaper 10. Reality 11. In The City 12. People Round Town 13. What U Feel

I don’t normally do this, but I’m growing impatient with doing this post, so I’m handing out the link that can be found on albumbase.

I want to thank those of you who upped stuff for other people, saves me time and helps the others out and thats the only reason I’m doing this blog is to help others since I’ve been helpled by a lot of people tracking stuff down. So here is what was shared this week that didn’t appear on other blogs…..

Freddie Foxxx – Freddie Foxxx Is Here (1989) ***Thanks to Stag

Main Source – F* What You Think(1994) ****Thanks To Stag

Kardinal Offishal – Firestarter Vol 1 ***Thanks to bigmil

Nice & Smooth – Nice & Smooth (Rapidshare link) *** Thanks to Dayal

Milkbone – Da Milkcrates ***Thanks To Andyman and Isako

Re Up of Just Ice – Kool & Deadly ****Thanks To MY DAMN SELF!

Stetsasonic – Blood, Sweat, & No Tears *** Thanks To

Last but not least, I want to give a special shout out to Dread and the Bust The Facts crew. This week was basically dedicated to my want list and I really apperciate him. It’s people like him that’ll keep me doing this, helping others out there.

Wants, Needs & Desires and Requests from others that I couldn’t help with. If anyone has anything on the list feel free to share….

Kings Of Pressure, “Gimme The Mic;

Tony Tee – Time to Get Phy

The Hard Boyz -”Mind Terrorist”

a song called Adventure by a group called Adventure (1981 Sugar Hill Gang Records)

Haiku D’Etat – Haiku D’Etat
Javier and the Straight Jackers – The Hard Way

L’Trimm – Groovy

Doug. e Fresh’s Play (**CO-SIGN MYSELF, especially the video version for I-ight)

Babygirl – Holla At Me .. . I’ll Put It On Ya

Ice-T’s “Ya Played Yourself krs one-outta here(the ep)

Chilla Frauste – Don’t Fight the Feeli Nikki Rap N Scratch (Skinny boys album can be found on Bust The Facts)

Kid Flash – He’s In Effect

E.Z.B. & D.J Los – Untouchable (1988)

K.G.B. – Respect Rap (1988) “12″

MY Personal Wants—–(I’m always wanting something)

2 black 2 strong – burn baby burn (1990)
2 hyped brothers & a dog – ya rollin’ doo doo (1991)

415 – groupie ass bitch ep (1990)

45 king – rhythmical madness (1990)
45 king – the 45 kingdom (1990)
45 king – the lost breakbeats-yellow album (1991)
45 king – the red, the black, the green (1988)

beastie boys – def before dishonor (1989) beatmaster clay d. & the get funky crew – you be u & i be me (1988)

blackmale – let it swing (1989)

candyman – i thought u knew (1993)
candyman – phukk watcha goin thru (1995)
candyman – playtime is over (1991)

chubb rock featuring hitman howie tee (1988)

clay-d – out the can (1994)
clay-d & prince rahiem – pull it all the way down (1990)

disco rick – the negro’s back (1990)
disco rick & the dogs – beware of the dogs (1991)

dj magic mike & mc madness – twenty degrees below zero (1992)

DJ Red ALert Radio Shows
dooley o – watch my moves (1990)

freestyle professors – freestyle professors ep (1994)

hen-gee & evil-e – brothers (1991)

homeliss derilex – homeliss derilex tape (1993)

humanreck – dangerous and deadly (1996)

kid sensation – seatown funk (1995)

kyper – tic tac toe (1990)

louie louie – deadlier than ever (1989)

mc breeze – the parties at my house ep (1987)

mc nas-d & dj freaky fred – it’s my cadillac (1992)

shinehead – unity (1988)

sir jinx – chastisement (1995)

tone def crew – grand def audio (1988)
tone loc – cool hand loc (1991)

Tracey Lee – Unreleased Album
the click – game related (1995)
the click – let’s side ep (1991)

the whooliganz – put your handz up promo (1993)

unique and dashan – black to the future (1989)
urban dance squad – mental floss for the globe (1989)


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