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The Begging Daughter

by Travis on September 25, 2006

The daughter went a begging this weekend and a bunch of you came through. There was so much stuff shared this weekend in the c-box that I decided for myself and anyone you, God forbid, didn’t check out the site this weekend could have a chance to catch on some of our requests that have been filled. I want to thank everyone that uploaded something, it’s greatly apperciated!

Before we do that though there are a few new blogs I added to the links page that need pointed out, since I happen to think they are pretty good.

Bump This
One of our frequent visitors to the site, Stagalicious, has thrown his hat into the ring and started up his own blog. Judging by some of the stuff he has shared on this site, I think he will add a great deal to the large amount of obscure/rare albums that are already out there. It’s a site definately worth checking on a regular basis and bookmarking. Daughter approved!

Drop Da Bass
If you haven’t notice yet, I’m big on orginality. I think it goes a long way. It’s one reason I try to up albums that I don’t see all that much. Well there is a blog that is a first of its kind that I know of. Fans of the Miami Bass/Booty music will be happy to know there is a blog dedicated to this genere, which is pretty cool IMO. It’s a great idea and I hope it goes off well, because it’s defintately something different.

Timbz N Hood Chek
I probably don’t even need to mention this site, because any self righteous blog nerd should already know this site. Crooklyn, of the almighty Crooklyn’s Classics has started a site dedicated to the new releases dropping, and there are going to be alot in the next few months leading up to the holiday season, there always is. So get your groove on and check his site for all the leaks, promos, and new retails.

and…I’ve mentioned this site before, but I’ll mention it again…..

Bust The Facts
You’re favorite blogs favorite blog. For those of us hip hop heads that are 30+ in age or even the young cats trying to get caught up on this history, this site dropping more obscure shit than an extinct dodo bird.

Visitors Shared Links
Lordz Of Brooklyn – All In The Family

Dream Warriors – Subliminal Stimulation

King Just – Mystics Of The God

Sylk Smoove – Sylk Smoove

DFC – Things In The Hood

Hi C – Swing’

FULL Da Youngsta’s – No Mercy

bushwackass – how real israel

mc rell & the houserockers – into the future

Hi-C – Swingin’

Mystidious Misfits – Who Dat

A.D.O.R. – The Concrete

Hi-C – Swingin’ from:

Bushwackass – How Real Is Isreal from

45 King – Master Of The Game from ****(Hate To Ask, but when I tried to download this link, my browser would freeze up, can someone up it in something else? thanks)

Digital Underground – Sons Of The P

Tone Loc – Loc-ed After Dark from

MC Rell & The Houserockers – Into The Future

King Just – Mystics Of The God from

Da Lenchmob – Planet Of The Apes from

Queen Latifah – Nature Of A Sista

Digital Underground – Future Rhythms
Tone Loc – Loced After Dark

Kid N Play – 2 Hype

The Click – Down & Dirty

I’d like to thank eveyone who contributed, I was amazed at the response we got. This blog has really taken off in the past few months, all the way from a mere 50 visitors a day from Oct to July to pushing 500 a day now, so it’s been kind of cool. We’re not in it for “blog fame”, just to help others out and well, to help ourselves, but I never expected that many links. Again a thanks goes out to each and every one of you….

Peace, Travis

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