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Scientifik – The Most Blunted (1992)

by Travis on September 29, 2006

Scientifik – The Most Blunted LP

A few weeks ago we looked at Scientifik’s recently re-released gem ‘Criminal’. This week we’ve got Sci’s much more elusive ‘Most Blunted’ album. This record is a collection of demo songs Scientifik put together with the help of the Vinyl Reanimators team around 1992-1993. Thankfully, and unlike most other demo tape bootlegs floating around, the sound quality on this is pretty good and does not distract from the material.

According to the Reanimators’ DJ Shame, these songs were originally recorded on VR beats but for some reason were then remixed onto tracks made popular by other rappers of the time. Consequently, check the beat from Chi Ali’s ‘Step into My Room’ interpolated into the slamming safe sex anthem ‘Slicka Picka Upper’, Nas’s ‘Memory Lane’ flipped into the humorous ‘I Ain’t the Damn One’ etc. I’m not the hugest fan of recycling other people’s beats, but Scientifik definitely does all these tracks justice.

As much as I like ‘Criminal’, I think Scientifik comes off a bit nicer on the mic on these joints, his delivery sounds more relaxed and effortless. The subject matter here is more varied too, even if it ain’t groundbreaking. My favorite track ‘I Used to Know Ya’ with longtime associate Ed O.G. (the only guest spot on the record) features the two Bostonians trading stories about the hard it work it takes to get in the game and the inevitable lobsterheads who come calling once you make it.

No doubt these tracks would have languished in someone’s basement were it not for a mysterious entity calling itself ‘Don Corleone Entertainment’ who released the ten track album on wax around 2001. Reliable sources tell me that the people who put this out were the owners of the legendary Mr Bongo record store in London. I don’t know either way, but that’s where I copped my copy back in 2002 when I was living there (it was the last one in the rack). This shit now goes for crazy prices on eBay, and the revived interest in Sci due to the re-release of ‘Criminal’ is just more fuel to the fire. So for this is for all the broke cats like me: kick back and enjoy some classic east coast hip hop.

Polarity – with special thanks to Travis for uploading this for my busted ass.

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