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Hip Hop Live! Part One: Krs-One Live @ The Zulu Nation's 30th Anniversary

by Travis on October 3, 2006

You roll into the club with your boys. Mad people are all around, you give pounds to the cats you haven’t seen in awhile. The smoke in the club is thick. You smell wiffs of the indo floating around. You make your way to the bar to grab a brew and head back toward your crew. The anticipation is starting to mount as an a half hour past the start time quickly turns into an hour. The DJ set is starting to grow old and people are starting to get shifty. Then finally, the already dark club grows darker as any light starts to dim. People start to shout. The speakers start out with a low hum, then the first kick drum hits and the DJ drops the needle and the crowd goes fuckin’ crazy. The beat is now blaring through out your whole body as you feel nothin’ but the beat and the MC on stage. People are jumping up and down yellin’ “BOW BOW BOW”. This continues for the next hour to hour and a half. There is mad engery and everything is so loud that you can’t even hear yourself yell out the lyrics to the MC’s classic songs. When it’s all said and done, you are sore and can’t hear shit, but you feel more alive than you have in a long while. The hip hop show. One of the best elements in the culture.

If you’ve been to a show, you know exactly what I’m talking about. There is nothing quite like a good live show and being there and feeling everything going on around. A good show can be better than some bad sex. It’s just a crazy feeling but a great feeling. Some MC’s put on better shows than others. The best show I’ve ever witnessed (and I’m biased here) was Masta Ace. He had a great stage presence and knew how to work the crowd. Of course his catlouge of music didn’t hurt either. De La put on a great show when I saw them back in 96′. I saw The Roots open for Cypress Hill and Parliment Funkadelic in Salt Lake City on the Smokin’ Grooves Tour when nobody else really knew who they were except for me. I was jumping like mad through their whole set. I was sprayed by beer during the Alkaholiks show. Others were supposed to be better but disappointed. Digital Underground was a disappointment, although I don’t know if it was from the weekend I spent drunk the two nights before the show, or the lack of sleep. Ice T could have been better. The Bootcamp Click was kind of a let down, but maybe because there were only 40 people at the show, not sure. The smaller clubs are always much better than the large arenas, although A Tribe Called Quest put on a great show in a packed Arena when they opened for the Beastie Boys in 98′.

KRS-One & Guests Live @ S.O.B’s during the Zulu Nation’s 30th Anniversary 2003.

The Daughter goes live for the next few posts as we highlite some live shows & sets through out time. First up to bat is an MC that I can’t say I’ve lived until I see him live, the Blastmaster, KRS-Onnnnnnnnne!

This show was recorded (and in pretty good sound quality) live at the legendary S.O.B.’s in New York City during the Zulu Nation’s 30th Anniversary. I couldn’t find much info on the show, but it’s different than the set King Sun, KRS and MC Shan did together for the Celebration.

Memembers of DITC, Jeru and others highlite this show.

Random Albumbase Album of the Day

Found this little nugget while surfing around. It’s Bobbito’s farewell gift to the fans when he closed his label, Fondle Em’, that is little backpacking hip hop nerds (like me) favorite label of all-time. I wasn’t aware of it before, but I guess it’s been out since 2001 (okay, I guess I’m not as big as a backpacking nerd as I thought I was). This is kind of the geeky version of Fondle Em’, never been a big fan of some of the groups on here (Yak Ballz & Doom, yeah, I said it), but none the less some decent stuff.

Farewell Fondle Em’ (2001)

1. “Kool Keith Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]“
Performed by Kool Keith

2. “Kick A Dope Verse”
Performed by Cenobites

3. “I’m Gonna Kill You”
Performed by Juggaknotz

4. “Cage Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]“
Performed by Cage

5. “El-P & J-Treds Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]“
Performed by El-P, J-Treds

6. “The Arsonists Freestyle (Interlude) [Live]“
Performed by The Arsonists

7. “The Session”
Performed by The Arsonists
Contains a sample of “Impeach The President” performed by Honey Drippers

8. “Flossin’”
Performed by Y@k Ballz

9. “Dead Bent [Original 12" Version]“
Performed by MF DoomContains a sample of “Walk On By” performed by Isaac Hayes

10. “Turn Up The Fucking Bass [Live]“
Performed by Lord Sear
Featuring Bobbito

11. “Alcoholic Vibes”
Performed by Lord Sear
Contains a sample of “Vibes From The Tribe” performed by Phil Ranelin

12. “Scars And Memories”
Performed by MF Grimm

13. “World Premiere”
Performed by MHz
Contains a sample of “Monkey Man” performed by the Rolling Stones

14. “Powers Of Nine Ether (Distorted Views Of Life)”
Performed by Scienz of Life

15. “Widespread”
Performed by Jakki Da Motamouth
Featuring Copywrite of MHz, RJD2

16. “Blaze The Breaks”
Performed by Cashless Society
Featuring Black Intellect, Snazz D, X-Amount

17. “Beat You In The Head”
Performed by Binkis
Featuring Jax, Flux

18. “Fondle ‘Em Fossils”
Performed by Breezly Brewin, DJ Eli, Godfather Don, J-Treds, MF Doom, Q-Unique

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