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Hip Hop Live! Part Two: D.I.T.C. Big L Tribute Show, Live @ Tramps 1999

by Travis on October 4, 2006

1. O.C.: Intro
2. O.C.: O. Zone
3. O.C.: My World
4. O.C.: War Games
5. O.C.: Dangerous
6. O.C.: Jewels
7. O.C.: Times Up
8. Big. L. Tribute: Moment of Silence – D.I.T.C.,
9. Big. L. Tribute: Musical Tribute – D.I.T.C.,
10. D.I.T.C.: Dignified Soldiers – D.I.T.C.
11. D.I.T.C.: All Love – D.I.T.C.
12. D.I.T.C.: Internationally Known – D.I.T.C.
13. D.I.T.C.: Day One – D.I.T.C.

The Daughter goes live with D.I.T.C’s Japan only release Live at Trammps New York, Vol. 1: In the Memory of Big L . This show took place soon soon after Big L’s untimely death in 99′, at the legendary New York club.The whole crew is there as they play some of the classic D.I.T.C. cuts along with Big L songs as they perform as if the legend is right there on stage.

As far as live albums go, it’s aight, I honestly was expecting more, but hey, it is what is and it’s still good to hear the crew on stage for a good cause, the rememberance of Big L.Special thanks to our silent sixth member and Site Designer for sending this to me. I haven’t forgotten you either homey!

We will be going back to Request Fridays this week, so get in all your requests before Friday morning American MST. Fire away with them, if I don’t have it, I’ll say so and if I do and you are one of the first 10 or so, I’ll put it up. Try to keep it out of print or difficult to find, there are enough blogs out there to find new stuff. So far, here is what I have lined:

Re-ups for Kings of Swing & Monie Love
Sole Sides Greatest Bumps
Mixmaster Mike – Anti Theft DeviceMaestro
Fresh Wes – Naaah This Kid Can’t Be from Canada

New Blogs:
Seems like I’m doing this every week or so, but I added some more links to other sites. These are sites I think deserve mentioning, because let’s face it, the more quality sites out there, the more quality music being introduced to the masses and the more (hopefully) educated people become and that helps the culture and the art form and take it to a better place than it is now.

I don’t even remember exactly how I found this site, but I’m glad I did. As you all know, I’m a sucka for long, detailed posts, it’s kind of what I like to do on here if time permits and this site is one of the better ones for well written, detailed posts. This blog has a very promising future, so check it out.

MassCorporation:As anyone with a cbox or uses them, knows that there are usually lots of links to new blogs. Between that and emails I recieve, it’s usually in the area of 5-10 new links a week. I honestly try to check them all out and no disrespect to any of them, but a lot of the times I check it out once then kind of space it off. Not knocking anyone’s hustle, but there are just so many out there any more, it usually has to be something that grabs me. So when Fred emailed me a link to his blog, I checked out and low and behold, it grabbed me. Some nice instrumentals, old shit, and a wide variety will have me a frequent visitor.

In 12′s We Trust:
Another 12″ blog, thats being ran by a frequent visitor to 12inchersAnyone who is a regular to that site has seen some of the stuff Nedd has shared there. He has his own site now with this blog. Admittedly, I’m a sucka for the 12″ sites because since I was never a vinyl junkie, its the one aspect of hip hop that I feel I don’t have as much knowledge as I’d like and blogs like this are a great way to learn more.

Last but not least, a site that I honestly don’t know why I didn’t have linked already since I’ve been a regular visitor there now for awhile and is probably one of the more popular blogs in “blog land”.

Hip Hop Bootleggers:
These cats have been around for awhile, and most of you that make the blog rounds already know about them, but just wanted to correct my mistake of not linking them up earlier. They do an excellent job of getting all the good shit.

That’s it for today….Tomorrow, Part Three of Hip Hop Live!Travis

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