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Hip Hop Live! Part Four: Masta Ace, Strick & Wordsworth live @ Hip Hop Kemp

by Staff on October 7, 2006

Hip Hop Kemp is a festival situated in Czech republic. It takes place every year in late august in an area near Prague . People from all over Europe come here to camp and have fun… In 2005, Ace, Strick and Words, had to rock the main stage. One great show! If you haven’t seen them live, you’ll see what was Travis talking about. This is only 30 minute video cut, if you want the whole show you have to buy the official dvd.

01. Masta Ace – Me and the biz
02. Masta Ace – The Symphony
03. Masta Ace – Take a walk
04. Masta Ace – Crooklyn dodgers
05. Masta Ace – Da grind
06. Wordsworth – On your feet
07. Wordsworth – Gotta pay
08. Masta Ace and Wordsworth – block episode / words freestyle
09. Masta Ace – Saturday night live
10. Masta Ace – Born 2 roll
11. Masta Ace – Don’t understand
12. Masta Ace and Strick – F.A.Y.
13. Masta Ace – Acknowledge

I’ve been searching through youtube, and found some nice cuts from some other ace shows:
These three are from Lion’s Den, NYC, 9.11.2004., recorded from front row:
Juice crew trivia:
Take a walk, but this time with Apocalypse:
and Don’t understand/Acknowledge:

and another two from Opera House, Toronto, 1.28.2005., recorded from back row:
Do it man:
and again Block episode:


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