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The Daughter Is One Year Old…& The Request Friday On Monday

by Travis on October 9, 2006

This may suprise some of y’all but the Daughter turned a year old yesterday. On October 8th of last year, we posted our first post. Damn, time flies when you are having fun. I realize that we didn’t really gather that much recogonition until this summer, so we might seem some what new to the scene. Hell, we’d have weeks where we’d only get 150 hits. We get that in a few hours now. We never really set out to be “notorious”, but I’d like to think we’ve made a little mark of our own.

Polarity and I came up with the idea to do a blog last september and it took us awhile to get it set up. Like I said, we just wanted to add to the stuff already out there. At that time, we were checking out sites that were offering up tracks. Cocaine Blunts has been a huge infleuence for me at least, others were Broke B-Boys, Low End Theory, and Unkut. Our first real post was a review of the Red Hot Lover Tone self titled album, with me being half tipsy (we been meaning to do another one of these days). From there we updated 3-4 times a month. I’d try to do more, but keeping up with one of these things isn’t easy, especially if you like to put more into it like we do. In June we moved it to the Bombfirst site before it got hacked. Coming back to blogger, things looked kind of bleak and our numbers were pretty low and none of us (we had added DJ SoulClap to the mix by this time) really had the time or desire to keep up with it. I just about pulled the plug on it at that time. A couple things happened that shifted us in the right direction. One, adding phatsoul to the mix kind of took a little weight off my shoulders. He added some posts and kind of renewed my vigor to do this, so a special thanks goes out to him. Secondly, I happen to mention in a post about Biff’s Hip Hop Spot. At the time we probably had 200 visitors a week (and half of those were perverts looking for some weird ass porn shit). Well Biff was cool enough to return the favor and the next day we had 150 people in one day! We only had more than 100 vistors in a day one time before, and that was for my Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl tribute post that I posted up every Steelers song I had in my collection. As I said, I never really promoted the blog, and outside of it being mentioned on, we weren’t really linked anywhere. It was never my personal desire to be a “known” blogger by any means. But I have to thank Biff for that shout out, I kind of mark that as our “coming out” as one of the more well known blogs out there in the community.

Blogs have changed a lot over the past year. More albums, more variety, and just more people. There has been some incredible things shared out there. Thats one reason I do what I do. Many people have helped me restore my collection back to what it was in the mid 90′s and I feel the least I can do is help others out there like people have helped me. I’ve met a lot of great people over the past year through this blog and other blogs. I’ve never really wanted to be involved in a blog. A year and a half ago, I didn’t even know what a blog was. I still try to stay out to the squabbles that can happpen, I try to treat the vistors with respect (although sometimes it’s hard), and try to help everyone I can (hence the request fridays, although it’s a serious pain in my ass)

I have many I’d like to thank. Personally I’d like to thank DJ SoulClap, Polarity, PhatSoul, & Brian for going on this adventure with me. It’s been great, hopefully we can squeeze another year out. Thanks to some of the other bloggers that I’ve had personal conversations with and have supported us this past year, The Streets On Beats team, Envee & Bullant & Tommy B at Miscreant Productions. I think for awhile we all just visited each others blogs when no one else would…hahaha. Special thanks go out to Stag, Crook, & Biff and Dread for all their help and support. There have also been some visitors that have been cool as hell as well, GO14, Notes From The Underground, Thump, my man Rob aka Pimpmatic, Andyman 187, Aaron Newell and I’m sure some more I might be missing. Also a extra special thanks goes out to my man Chris aka Dawg who designed this site and offered copious amounts of support in the infant stages of this blog. Thanks goes out to anyone I forgot and to everyone who contributed a comment or a link or whatever….here’s to another year!

Requests Filled:

Sorry for the delay. Work sucked Friday. I start to attempt to do the post and there was just too much shit going on and my broke ass is striving with out hi-speed at home right now, so it’s never an easy thing getting these things done. I never did write down all the requests so if I’m missing anything, let me know and I’ll get you this week.

Soleside’s Greatest Thumps, (Both Disks in one .rar file) Quannum Projects 2000

1. Intro – SoleSides Greatest Bumps 2. Rhyme Like A Nut! – The Gift Of Gab 3. Entropy (Part A – The Third Decade, Our Move) – DJ Shadow 4. Lyric Fathom – Blackalicious 5. The Wreckoning – Lateef The Truth Speaker 6. Asia’s Verse – Lyrics Born 7. Deep In The Jungle – Blackalicious 8. Hardcore (Instrumental) Hip-Hop – DJ Shadow 9. Send Them – Lyrics Born 10. Swan Lake – Blackalicious 11. Lady Don’t Tek No – Latyrx

Disc: 2 1. Latyrx (Last Chance To Comprehend) – Latyrx 2. Say That – Latyrx 3. Freestyle Rapping – The SoleSides Crew 4. Rhymes For The Deaf, Dumb, & Blind – Blackalicious 5. Entropy (Part C – Count & Estimate) – DJ Shadow 6. Fully Charged On Planet X – Xcel 7. The Quickening – Lateef The Truth Speaker 8. Hot Breath – Mack B. Dogg 9. Balcony Beach – Lyrics Born 10. Lateef’s Freestyle – Lateef The Truth Speaker 11. Blue Flames – Quannum MCs 12. Bonus Track – SoleSides Greatest Bumps

Again, not a big fan of this stuff, but someone wanted it and I had it….long story…so up it goes. I guess it’s good for you MF Doom, Madlib, weird ass shit fans.

Fesu – War With No Mercy ( Continuum Records , 1994)

1. War With No Mercy
2. Scariest M.F. Gonna Shoot
3. King Daddy
4. Fallin’ Off Da Deep End
5. That Time Of The Month
6. Goosebumps
7. Goin’ In Circles
8. 22 Ag’
9. Life Out Da Matchbox
10. Minister Robert
11. Blind-Cripple And Crazy
12. Ya Don’t Stop
13. Uncut Funk
14. Brother Warren

Only reason I know anything about this cat is because he was an Unsigned Hype artist in The Source when it still meant a shit. I never heard the album until recentely. Some of you “Reality” rap fans should like this. Goosebumps and Blind Cripple and Crazy are the stand out tracks in my mind.
Three Times Dope – Orginal Stylin’ (Arista, 1989)
1. Greatest Man Alive
2. Original Stylin’
3. Funky Dividends
4. Improvin da Groovin
5. Increase the Peace/What’s Going On
6. From da Giddy Up
7. Once More (You Hear the Dope Stuff)
8. Believe Dat
9. Straight Up
10. Who Is This?
11. Crushin n’ Bussin [Remix]
12. Joe Familiar

One of my favorite albums of the golden era, this album was the shit. Also contains one of my favorite songs from the era as well in “Greatest Man Alive”.

Three Times Dope – The Sequal 3 (Cass Records, 1998) * Orginally upped by BigMil, changed to sendspace by request

1. Intro 2. Hell Yeah It’s On 3. Off Da Head 4. Gimme Dat Beat 5. Answering Service 6. I Got Da Cash 7. Free Style Mania 8. Est Anthem 9. Da Sequel 10. Kick Dat Style 11. Sadly Missed (Intro, Tribute) 12. Sadly Missed 13. Tryin See You 14. Reel Skillz

I forgot this even exsisted until recentely. I wish I had kept it in my subliminal. This is horrible……but oh well.

Y’All So Stupid – Van Full Of Pakistans (Rowdy Records, 1993)

1. Introduce Me 2. 85 South 3. Interlude 4. Van Full of Pakistans 5. Interlude 6. Bowl of Soul 7. Interlude 8. Plant 9. Interlude 10. Bootleg Beatdown 11. Interlude 12. Family Tree 13. Dirt Road White Girl 14. Interlude 15. Monkey Off My Back 16. Interlude 17. Super Nigga 18. Y’all 19. On & On 20. Interlude 21. You Wouldn’t Understand 22. 85 South [Remix]

This is a pretty dope album if you give it the chance, which I didn’t when it orginally came out. I was into Pharcyde, but not these guys, go figure. I think Pharcyde is musically superior, but it’s still a good album and I wish I would have given it the time of day when it orginally dropped.

The New Style – Independent Leaders (MCA Records, 1989)

A1 – Scuffin’ Those Knees A2 – Start Smokin’ A3 – Picture Perfect A4 – Can’t Win For Losing A5 – Droppin’ The Bomb B1 – To The Extreme B2 – Independent Leader B3 – New Vs. Style B4 – Smooth Mood B5 – Bring The Rock

When searching for a cover, I saw that Dread already posted this, and I knew someone had, but couldn’t remember. Anyway, here is another link for it a month later. I never could get any of the album covers to load right, even after saving them to my computer. Oh well. For those of you with the late pass, this is Naughty By Nature before they became Naughty By Nature. The album cover is pretty hilarious, Kay Gee has the Kid high top fade, Vinnie is rockin a Mr. Rogers sweater vest. Treach still looks mean as fuck. Someone on Discogs described this album as “Brillant”, not so sure I’d go that far, but it’s alright. I’ve never came across a real copy of it, so not sure who did the production, but I’m guessing Kay Gee. Ivan “Doc” Rodriguez did the mixing, which to me is kind of cool in some weird little hip hop geekway.

Maestro Fresh Wes – Nah This Kid Can’t Be From Canada (LMR Records, 1994)

01 I’m Drinkin’ Milk Now (3:46) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 02 Check My Vernacular (3:14) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 03 Pray To Da East (4:37) Featuring – Percee P 04 Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn (4:07) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 05 Mic Mechanism (4:13) Co-producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes Producer – Showbiz 06 Makin’ Records (4:49) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 07 Fine Tune Da Mic (3:45) Featuring – Showbiz Producer – Showbiz 08 Brown Sugar (4:32) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 09 How Many Styles (4:36) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 10 “Dat’s My Nigga!!” (4:03) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 11 Higher Level (3:16) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes 12 Bring It On (Remix) (4:15) Remix – Showbiz 13 Make It For The Ruff (4:26) Producer – Showbiz 14 “Dat’s My Nigga!!” (Instrumental) (3:40) Producer – Maestro Fresh-Wes

Never listened to this cat much after the MTV days. Somehow I think I’ve ended up with his whole collection.

Asheru & Blue Black Of Unspoken Heard – Soon Come…(7 Heads, 2001)

1. Welcome 2. Meals To Dinner Time Prelude 3. Truly Unique 4. Live At Home 5. B-Boy 6. Theme Music 7. Soul 8. This Is Me 9. Jamboree 10. Dear You 11. Smiley 12. Soon Come 13. Think About 14. Elevator Music

Not sure why, but the copy I have has an extra track and I really didn’t want to listen to it to figure out if the track list was right. Every time I listen to it or jus thing about this album I zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. have narcolyptic seizures.

Heather B – Takin’ Mine (Capitol, 1996)

1. Heartbreaka 2. All Glocks Down 3. If Headz Only Knew… 4. My Kinda N*gga [Featuring M.O.P.] – Heather B., M.O.P. 5. Takin’ Mine 6. Mad Bent 7. Sendin ‘Em Back 8. No Doubt 9. Real Niggaz Up 10. What Goes On

This is a good album, but I still can’t get past the fact she was on “The Real World”.

Funkdoobiest – Brother Doobiest (Sony, 1995)

1. This Is It (Interlude) 2. Rock On 3. What The Deal 4. Lost In Thought 5. Dedicated 6. KA Sera Sera 7. Pussy Ain’t Shit 8. XXX Funk 9. It Ain’t Going Down 10. You’re Dummin’ 11. Tomahawk Bang 12. Superhoes 13.
Who Ra Ra

Which Doobie U B? (Sony, 1993)

1. The Funkiest 2. Bow Wow Wow 3. Freak Mode 4. I’m Shittin’ On ‘Em 5. Who’s The Doobiest 6. Doobie To The Head 7. Where’s It At 8. Wopbabalubop 9. The Porno King 10. ‘Uh C’mon Yeah! 11. Here I Am 12. Funk’s On Me

RE-UP Kings Of Swing – Strategy

If I missed anything, sorry, I’ll get it Friday. I do have that Cella Dwella’s some requested after the deadline on friday but still didn’t see until today, so that will be up next friday.

Also Doug E Fresh’s “Play” was upped by UrbanDons.Com in the comments, (I’d post it myself, but I’m running late to a class) along with PMD – Shade Business in the cbox by Ricko…thanks to him, so check those out

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