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WYDU Classics: Vol 10, Oct 06'

by Travis on October 12, 2006

It’s that time once again. Time for another volume of the world famous “WYDU Classics” comin’ straight ‘atcha! Okay, not really world famous, but I did see them popping up on Albumbase. I found that rather humourous, but kind of flattering actually. It’s all good, someone might as well get credit for the links on there and it’ll keep them alive longer.

What these are for any newbies out there (and seems like we took another jump up on hits, so I guess there are a few more newbies out there) is just collections of songs that I happen to like from back in the day or on some cases old stuff that I just discovered and certain songs from those. It’s all my tastes and I do them strictly for myself, but I share them with all of you if you want them. Some of you might hate them, some of you might love them. Some months they are fairly common songs, other times it’s some obscure ass shit that only a few people have heard.

This month, it’s a lot of stuff from things that have been posted around the blog community the past few weeks or so, so it might not be anything crazy new, but as I said, I’ve came across a bunch of stuff I haven’t heard forever, so I’m trying to get all my lost fav’s together, which is what alot of this Volume is. Enough of that, here it is (thanks to Dread for alot of these)

WYDU Classic Vol 10, Oct 06′

1. No B.S. AllowedStetsasonic (Blood, Sweat, & No Tears, 1991)

2. Music MaestroB Fats (Music Maestro, 1989)

3. SmoothPowerule (Powerule Vol 1, 1991)

4. Keep Your Hands HighTracey Lee feat Notorious B.I.G. (Many Facez, 1997)

5. Well Known AssholeObie Trice (12″ b/w Gimme My Dat Back, 1999)

6. Bass (remix)King Tee (Act A Fool, 1988)

7. Dress CodeWC & The Madd Circle feat Coolio (Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed, 1991)

8. Fucked In The GameSpice 1 (Spice 1, 1992)

9. I Got 5 On It (remix)Luniz feat Dru Down, E-40, Richie Rich, Shock G, Humpty Hump, Spice 1 (12″ b/w Orginal Version, 1995)

10. Call It What U WantAbove The Law feat 2pac & Money B (Black Mafia Life, 1992)

11. Buck Tha DevilDa Lench Mob (Guerillas In The Mist, 1992)

12. Pawns In The GameProfessor Griff & The Last Asiatic Disciples (Pawns In The Game, 1991)

13. Freedom Got A Shotgun - Movement Ex (Movement Ex, 1990)

14. That’s How It IsCrusaders For Real Hip Hop (De JaVu It’s 82, 1992)

15. SpamMilk D feat Ad Rock (Never Dated, 1995)

16. Warriors DrumKing Just (Mystics Of The Gods, 1995)

17. Into The FutureMC Rell & The Houserockers (Into The Future, 1989)

18. Fuck All Y’allTroubleneck Brothers (Unreleased Album ?, ?)

Check Out The Hydra post for updated link for A Kid Called Roots and Track 9 on GFD Vol 7

Peace, Travis

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