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Friday Request Day

by Travis on October 13, 2006

The all glorious Friday, the day we have waited for since Monday morning. Some of you over seas folks are already into your weekends. Us west coasters, alright, midwest for me I guess, are just now getting off of work or school and heading toward your favorite Happy Hour bar and starting the weekend off with a bang. Unless you’re me and stuck at work for another four hours then have a weekend full of studying for mid-terms, then this is just the gate way day to a miserable weekend. Oh fucking well…..

On to bigger and better things, your requests. I think I have everything, except the Cella Dwella’s album, which I forgot in another booklet of CD’s at home, so if someone wants to be nice enough I toss that bad boy up, that would be great. Also, it seems like I’m getting alot of corrupt tracks lately and they occur only when I use one certain computer. Unfortuantely, I’m stuck on that computer today without a choice so download the album twice if you get a bad track, and if it’s still fucked up, let me know and I’ll re-up that track. It’s a pain in the ass for all involved, but beggars can’t be choosers…and that goes for both of us since I’m doing this while I work.

Let’s get to business. Oh the Eye Candy at the top is my dream girl, Salma Hayek, and that’s my request, 5 minutes with that, 10 tops.

First off some singles people were looking for….thank Brian for these, he had them and was nice enough to up them.

Double XX Posse – “Stop that playin’(radio remix)”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Double XX Posse – “The Ill Real”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Get The Fist Movement - “Get The Fist”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Some albums Brian was nice to upload, or track down on album base. Thanks, I apperciate it man, takes off some work for me, plus I would have never looked on albumbase for those.

RBX – The RBX Files (Warner Bros., 1995) (the link is from albumbase, yes, I’m trying to cut corners)

1. Introduction
2. Brother Minister A. Samad Muhammad
3. A.W.O.L.
4. Slip into Long Beach
5. Edge
6. Rough Is the Texture
7. Burn
8. Our Time Is Now
9. Feathers in the Wind
10. Rec Dialec Introduction (Interlude)
11. Tundra
12. Drama (Interlude)
13. Mom’s Are Cryin’
14. BMS on the Attack
15. Sounds of Reality
16. Armageddon (Interlude)
17. Akebulan
18. Fightin’ the Devil
19. No Time
20. Our Time Is Now (Outro)
21. A.W.O.L. [Gregski Remix]

Honestly I’ve never heard this album. I always kind of liked him on “The Chronic”, but I wasn’t sure I’d like him on a whole album by himself. From what I remember, he was feuding with Dre when this came out as well. I guess we’ll find out if this is worth a download or not.

Menace Clan – Da Hood (Virgin, 1995) (another albumbase link)

1. Aggravated Mayheim
2. Mad Nigga
3. Record Deal
4. Life
5. Runaway Slave
6. Da Hood
7. What You Say
8. Da Bullet
9. Cold World
10. Me By Myself
11. Have You Ever Heard
12. Last Driveby
13. Kill Whitey

It should be clear by now I’m more of an east coast cat. I don’t have an over abundent knowledge when it comes to the more rare west coast, south, midwest or where ever these dudes where from. Needless to say, while I’ve heard of this album, I’ve never heard it. I know jack shit about them. But Brian came through, so I’ll give it a listen as well. It’s going for 60+ bucks on Amazon, so it’s rare.

Godfather Don – Diabolique (Hydra Entertainment, 1999)

1. Insane
2. MC Assault
3. Big Katz
4. Who Is He???
5. Burn rmx
6. Diabolique
7. Kaos
8. Live & Let Die
9. Life Ain’t the Same (Bonus CD track)
10. Dip Dip Die!!!
11. Make Em Suffer
12. Connections
13. Pick Up the Mic
14. Voices
15. Y
16. Do You Know?
17. No Competition
18. Properties of Steel

More Hydra goodies. If you dont have this album, best be grabbing it.

Akinyele – Aktapuss (Volcano Records, 1999)

1. Get Up
2. P***y Makes The World Go ‘Round
3. Butt Naked
4. Take A Lick
5. Coochie
6. Three
7. Sister, Sister
8. How Do You Feel
9. Sky’s The Limit
10. Juan Valdez, Love
11. Sex In The City
12. Ak Da Hoe
13. Really Love Me
14. Down South
15. Messin’ With My Cru
16. Sha La La
17. Rather F*** You
18. N****s & B****es
19. Put It In Your Mouth

Ak is some what of an acquired taste. If this came out when I was 18-20, it would have been a classic to me (I can’t tell you how many 18 y/o girls I’ve heard sing “Put It Inn Your Mouth”). The subject matter does get a little old to me now a days, but it’s still good for those “special moments” as well.

Thanks to 9Home for these gems

MC Duke & DJ Leader 1 – Organised Rhyme (Music Of Life, 1989)

A1 Organised Rhyme (4:45)
A2 Miracles (4:45)
A3 We Go To Work (5:32)
A4 For The Girls (4:32)
A5 Free (4:40)
B1 Gotta Get Your Own (4:45)
B2 Throw Your Hands In The Air (5:22)
B3 Running Man (3:25)
B4 I’m Riffin (5:18)
B5 The Alternative Argument (3:07)

The Goats – No Goats, No Glory (Sony, 1994)

1. Wake ‘N’ Bake
2. Philly Blunts
3. Boom
4. Lincoln Drive
5. Butcher Countdown
6. Mutiny
7. Rumblefish
8. Blind With Anger
9. Revolution 94
10. Times Runnin Up
11. Idiot Business

I’ve had this on my want list for awhile now. Never heard it. I wasn’t much into the Goats when the orginally dropped. It wasn’t until I copped “Tricks Of The Shade” that I got into them. Speaking of which….

The Goats – Tricks Of The Shade (Sony, 1992)

1. We Got Freaks
2. Typical American
3. Hangerhead Is Born
4. Whatcha Got Is Whatcha Gettin’
5. Columbus’ Boat Ride
6. Ru Down Wit Da Goats
7. Cumin’ Is Ya Ear
8. Noriega’s Coke Stand
9. Got Kinda Hi
10. Unodostresquattro
11. George Bush Kids
12. Wrong Pot 2 Piss In
13. Hip-Hopola
14. Leonard Peltier In A Cage
15. ?Do The Digs Dug?
16. Carnival Cops
17. TV Cops
18. Tattooed Lady
19. Tricks Of The Shade
20. Not Not Bad
21. Rovie Wade, The Sword Swallower
22. Aaah D Yaaa
23. Drive-By Bumper Cars
24. Burn The Flag
25. Uncle Scam’s Shotting Gallery

just for good measure….Thanks goes out to

And now my contributions…….

Double XX Posse – Put Your Boots On (Big Beat, 1992) (albumbase link)

1. Put Ya Boots On
2. Headcracker
3. Pure Thing
4. Somethin’ Funky Ta Step To
5. Get Ya Props Up
6. Executive Class [*]
7. Girls Be Frontin’
8. Not Gonna Be Able to Do It
9. Addicted to the Game
10. Ruffneck
11. Executive Class II
12. We Got It Goin’ On
13. School of Hard Knocks
14. Get Mines or Get Naked
15. We Got It Goin’ On [Remix][*]

I grabbed this CD out of tower this morning, got it to work and realized that for some reason instead of “Put Your Boots On”, I had Ruff, Rugged & Raw in it instead. Hopefully “Boots…” is in that case. A quick check of albumbase and no harm done. This is a classic in my book. Just pure hardrock beats and rhymes. I’d name songs, but nearly the whole damn album is good, so get this if you don’t have it.

Kreators – The Lost Pages EP (1998)


This is some classic Boston hip hop. Made up of Jaysaun, XL, Big Juan, & DJ/Producer G-Squared, these cats have been around for awhile. Jaysaun was down with the orginal Gangstarr Foundation back as early as 88′. This is definately worth downloading. Jaysaun also teams up with Edo G to form the Special Teamz that should be dropping an album some time in the near future and if their mixtape is any indication, it should be pretty nice.

P.K.O - Armed & Dangerous (Youngsta Reords, 1990)

1. Armed & Dangerous
2. Goin’ To Jail Is A Mutha F**ka
3. Life In The Ghetto
4. Money Mackin’ Bitch
5. World Peace / World War
6. I’m Justa Youngsta
7. Pimps, Players, Hustlers & Hoes
8. U Gitz Nothin’
9. Radio Rhythm
10. Comin’ Up W/ Dope (1990)
11. Dirty Dance
12. Fuck That Sh*t

I ain’t going to lie, I don’t know nothing about this release either, out of my area of expertise. I’ve heard of it of course, but thats about it. Honestly, I was looking through albumbase’s new uploads yesterday and happen to run across it (it’s my link though). I’ll give it a listen as well.

MC Shy D - Don’t Sweat Me (Benz/ On Top Records, 1990)

1. I Am Back
2. Don’t Sweat Me
3. Got It Good
4. You Are Everything
5. Groove
6. Whats All This About
7. I Can Make You Dance
8. Work It
9. G.T.F.O.M.F.B.

Some good old school bass music, I was always more partial to “Comin’ Correct In 88′”, but this is probably his second best effort.

Young & Restless - Something To Get You Hyped (Pandisc Records, 1990)

1. Something To Get You Hyped
2. It Just Wasn’t Our Day
3. B Girls
4. Cold Get Ill
5. Gimme Them Guts
6. Funky Az Bass
7. Louie, Louie
8. Poison Ivy (Remix)

Bass music hit kind of a corny period around this time, with little corny songs. Don’t get me wrong, I liked them, but stuff like L’Trimms “Boom I Got Your Boyfriend” and Gucci Creew II’s “Sally, That Girl”, and this groups “B Girls”, their was more corn than an Iowa field.

Money Boss Players - Ghetto Chronicle Daily (Section 8 Records, 1994)

1) Use To Fear Death
2) Ghetto Chronicle Daily
3) Sat. Nite – Sun. Morn.
4) What-U-SayingSide *******track link ***********
5) Nighty Night
6) Stick-N-Step
7) Death Of A Salesman
8) Ghetto Chronicle Daily (inst) ***MISSING***
9) What-U-Saying (inst) ***MISSING***

This was everyone’s holy grial for the longest time. It was a rare classic up until about a year ago, when this whole blog/internet thing took off. I happen to find mine on Soulseek about a year ago. Not enough could be said about this lost gem, other than it’s fucking dope. I’ve heard rumors that it could be re-released next year, so keep an eye out for that. If anyone has the two missing instrumental tracks (Notes?) tag them up.

Money Boss Players - Cop N Go EP (Bootleg? )

1. Players Pinnacle
2. Crap Game
3. Walk With the Limp
4. Area Code 212
5. Mind, Body and Soul
6. Bronx Niggas

Not sure that this is a legit release or a bootleg, none the less, while not as good as “Ghetto..”, it’s still pretty tight. I’ve seen it floating all over soulseek for the longest time, but no info on it really.

Raheem – The Vigilante (A&M Records, 1988)

A1 Dance Floor (3:25)
A2 Freak To Me (3:12)
A3 I’m Mackin’ (4:28)
A4 Punks Give Me Respect (4:43)
A5 You’re The Greatest (4:09)
B1 Shotgun (4:49)
B2 The Vigilante (4:19)
B3 You’re On Notice (3:25)
B4 Peace (4:10)
B5 Say No (4:07)

I know I said I didn’t know much about old school southern hip hop, but Raheem happens to be one of the few that I followed back then. He happens to be one of the orginal Ghetto Boy members (the orginal spelling) and tight with Rap-A-Lot (his second album “The Invincible” would drop on the label). I hated this dude, but liked his music. He disses Cool J, who at this moment in time (88′) was one of my favorite MC’s and you know how 9th, 10th graders in high school are at that time, it’s like dissing your favorite team. But I sitll listened to his music. This album has more of a NY sound to it than the southern flavor, it’s when everyone thought they had to imiatate NY to make it.

Thatt’s all for this week. Sorry for missing the Cella Dwellas, that was the first one for the week, and it’ll be the first one for next week. Save all bitching for tomorrow because I’m going to go drink mass quanities of beer now and probably won’t see it, or won’t be in the mood to read it if I do see any complaints tonight. Thanks for everyone who contributed (Nine and Brian).

Couple single song requests I have…..

Cactus Jack – Act Like What U Say for my man Big Mob

Doug E Fresh – Iight (VIDEO VERSION)

DC Scorpio – Hustler (VIDEO VERSION

Urban Dance Squad – Deeper Shade of Soul (12″/Video Version )

Oaktown 357 – Juicy (VIDEO VERSION) …hell why not that whole album as well

Peace, love and whatever else you want…..Travis

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