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Bootleg of the Bootleggers, Part One: Frankenstein's Return

by Travis on October 24, 2006

One of the elements of hip hop should be the bootleggers as well. Since hip hop first started gaining fame, the bootleggers have been out there, trying to get the quick buck. One of the first tapes I ever bought was a bootlegged “Rhyme Pays” that had the writing on the tape come off within the first four listens.

Well as the industry has evolved, so has the bootlegging game. They always seem to be one step ahead of the game. Just look at the blogs out there, they have pretty much any new and upcoming album weeks or even months before the offical release of an album.

Bootlegs can take form in many different forms and ways. Some bootlegs are just straight up rips of an artists album, some can be actually put out by the artist himself. With the age of the internet, a lot of so called “bootlegs” are just compliations put together by the computer/backpacker nerd sitting on his home computer (calm down theFrare Poindexter, I’m guilty of myself). Some of these “bootlegs” actually make the rounds around the internet as fairly significant collections of some artists who aren’t exactly to trace all their work. That’s the kind of bootleg’s I’ll be concentrating on for the next few days. They aren’t offical (as far as I know) so if you are one of those cats that has to have the record catalog number, label, and year, these won’t have anything like that, but some collections of good tracks.

Frankenstein – The Bootleg Album

1. Intro
2. Frankenstein’s Pain
3. The Pain (Remix)
4. Fakin’ Jax (Frankenstein Remix) – INI
5. The Rain Is Gone
6. Shook Ones Part 2 (Frankenstein Remix) – Mobb Deep
7. Rock The House
8. What Does It All Mean
9. Combine With Frankenstein
10. Amatuers Get Hung – Unsung Hereos Ft. Frankenstein
11. The Projects (A.N.D. Version)
12. Sparkin Intellect
13. U.V.
14. Rocksumshit
15. The Path Is Narrow – Unsung Hereos Ft. Frankenstein
16. Attic – Nas T Howie (Frankenstein Remix)
17. Slow Down Waterfall (Remix)
18. All Hands
19. Strange 2 The Eye
20. Saxy

If you’ve been following my “WYDU Classics” you will know I’m a huge fan of this man’s production. This T.Dot producer/MC is one of the more underrated cats in the game in my humble opinion. Frankie Ano aka Frank Fallico aka Frankenstein first dropped his first single in 94′ and by 95′ he had his “Knowledge Of Self” label that he dropped numerous 12″ singles along with his only “Offical” LP, the UV album, which was more of an EP with some of his tracks and instrumentals. He also had a white label album “Live From New York Remix Album” the same year back in 97′. Some of his remixes for artists (unoffical remixes) are so dope that cats should have been checkin’ for his production skills back then instead of messing with some of the crap that was out there.

I’m not sure what it is about Frank’s sound that is so appealing to me, but he definately has a “sound” to his beats that are very compelling to me. I first heard him on a Salt Lake City hip hop radio show when they played “The Rain Is Gone” back in 98′. Immediately I was fiendin’ for this track. Luckily enough I had the tape deck recording that night and that tape became a prized possesion. The only problem though, was that I didn’t know who he was and at that point in time, if I didnt know who an artist was, it was sure that no one else that I knew would know who he was and this was before the internet really took off (it’s crazy, but true, we didn’t have the internet to look up all this shit back in those days…and I walked up hill in the snow both ways to school). The internet did pay off in the form of these blogs about a year ago, I ran into someone that posted up some tracks and “The Rain Was Gone” was one of them.

Since that day I’ve been on a mission to acquire any track he may have had a hand in. I have no clue what dude is up to these days. According to Werner Von Wallenrod’s Humble Little Hip Hop Site, he appeared on an guest apperance on a DJ JS1 track called “Strange To The Eye” back in 04′ which is news to me. Actually there is quite of bit of stuff I don’t have by him on that site, so if some of you have anything, let me know….Peace….


P.S. Corrupt tracks are fixed (track 3 for Diamond and track 8 for Pudgee are fixed)

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