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Bootleg of the Bootleggers Part 2: Grap Luva "The Younger Soul Brother"

by Travis on October 26, 2006

Grap Luva got his start in hip hop dancing for his older cousin, other wise known as the Over Weight Lover, Heavy D. This was about the same time his brother, Pete Rock, started doing his thing as well. Coming from a heritage of Hip Hop artists, you know dude was going to emerge in the game soon or later. Too bad it was more later than sooner.

By now, you should all know of the infamous InI album “Center of Attention”, made with Rob O, Marco Polo and produced by Pete himself. Well, unfortunately, it got held up in the whole Elektra ordeal and never got a proper release. Slowly, tracks started leaking to the mixtape DJ’s (remember this is all before the internet) and soon enough, the album started to be bootlegged by various outlets. I picked up my copy in 2001 (before the BBE release) at none other than the Hip Hop Site Vegas store.

This is possibly one of my favorite albums of all-time. I even go as far to say that I enjoy this album more than both of the Pete Rock & CL Smooth LP’s (I know BLASHPHEMY). Grap played a vital role in the album, handling a lot of the vocals. The album did finally get released in 04′ as the Lost & Found Pete Rock albums with Deda The Baby Pa.

Grap can handle his own for sure, but always sounds better on his brothers beats, evidence in the recentley released “Record Collector” 12inch in 04′ and this years Japan only release “Revenge”. Grap does hit the boards himself though, and honestly isn’t all that shabby either. Not much news on his future endevours, but he makes sightings from time to time appearing on others projects, such as Kev Brown and the such.

This little bootleg collection of Grap songs is something I found on Soulseek the beginning of 04′ so nothing newer than that really, but some good tracks if you are into the whole InI/Pete Rock flavor.

1. Words Of Life
2. Break The Mold (Remix)
3. Untitled
4. Power Bars w/ Kev Brown, Produced by Kev Brown
5. Real Definition
6. Trackrunners
7. Thinking Man’s Session
8. Concrete Steps
9. Vibe w/ Phonte
10. Who Am I
11. Power Bars (Remix)
12. Make Moves
13. What Ruling Means
14. Won’t Stop (Remix)
15. Take A Look
16. Beats & Rhymes
17. Keep On
18. Can’t Stay Away w/ Phonte (Same song as Vibe, not sure why)
19. Touch The Sky
20. Time For A New Horizon
21. Check The Clock


This blog is mainly for my love of the rare & out of print Hip Hop, but since it’s my blog, I can use it for whatever the hell I want to use it for. Well, we are going to use this for some self promotion for the other Co-Founder of this blog, my man Polarity. Hopefully this okay with him, but I want to point out that my Veggie eatin’, backwards toliet flushin’ partner is one hell of a producer. He is also one half of the Australian group Low Budget that just dropped an album that I think is pretty damn good. Good enough to mention on this blog and try to get my man some more Australian Peso’s or whatever the fuck they use for money down there.

Now I know it’s going to sound like I’m just dick ridin’ here, but in all honesty even if I didn’t know this cat and run a blog with him I’d be highly impressed with this effort. It has nothing to do with my getting a shout out in the liner notes (I’m so damn proud of that, I’m swear going to parlay that into some sort of groupie effort some day.)

Polarity has the kind of beats that are soulful, but not necessarily the overkill of soul beats found lately on a lot of releases. He has an ear for music and in turn runs beautiful loops and soulful basslines together to form an unique sound. He is also becoming very talented at cutting shit up and using nice sampled hooks, ala Primo. And get this, he actually CUTS on songs….it’s amazing. I didn’t know a DJ did those kind of things. How often does the DJ get his own track nowadays? Well my Po’ does, and he’s killin’ it.

The MC (who I don’t know personally) is pretty nice on the mic as well to make a nice tag team. I know as an American, we can be kind of harsh on foreign MC’s, because of the speech, accent, ect, but once you get used to the accent, you can tell his rather nice with the vocab. Actually, after you get used to the accent, it kind of adds to the whole package.

You can check out cuts on their myspace page posted up top there, give it a listen (personally I think “Handle Ours” is some dope as shit) and if you like it, you can pick it up here. The rest of the world needs to jump on this, because these guys are like the freaking Beatles in Australia. Pretty soon, they won’t be opening up for the U.S. Tours over there, the U.S. groups will be opening up for them….so tell your moms you heard them here first, on WYDU…you won’t be sorry.

All profits go to a good cause, to help the Kangaroo chasin’ homie out. He’s been eating non organic vegetables lately and he needs his Organic carrots to make it through the Outback summers. Remember, he blessed you cat’s with the Hydra joints! DOUBLE THE BUCKS…

Other Business…….

The request thread is down below, so hit it up (PUT ALL THE REQUESTS IN THAT THREAD, NOT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!). If it gets much over about 15 albums, I’m going to cut it off. That shit takes mad time and I’m already at about 7 albums or so, sorry. Hopefully I’m going to find someone to hit me up with a phone call tomorrow, because I won’t be able to check the internet again until I get to work….damn the man, and get the final list to post up.

That’s all, my fellow wyduoobies….until tomorrow…..


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