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Trick-O-Treat….Hades Weekend Requests.

by Travis on October 27, 2006

I ain’t going to lie, I know very little about other countries cultures. I guess I’m one of those “arrogant” Americans that thinks the world revolves around us. But this weekend is a reason for us older “kids” to act stupid, dress up in costums and get drunk here in the states. Halloween weekend. As far as drinking and partying goes, I’d rank it up in the top 5 drinking holidays along with St. Patricks Day, Cinco De Mayo, New Years Eve, and Fat Tuesday during Mardi Gras. Like I said, it’s just something for us Americans to get dressed up and act stupid and this coming weekend should be a doozy. My best friend is coming into to town and thats usually good enough for a potential night in the clink. Throw the usual trouble him and I get into together on top of the Halloween weekend, when I always have a gang of weird shit happen to me, and the potential for the need of me setting up a donation link on here for bail is pretty high. For whatever reason, weird shit always happens to me on this weekend. Some past highlites include:

—running from cops during a party in high school dressed up as Run from Run DMC, complete with fake gold ropes and everything. I got away, only to spend the next hour hiding in a garage in the back of a beat up car with another dude….not fun

—Having sex with “Pocahontas”. I mean, how often do you get to have sex with a Disney character? Never did find out her real name.

—Dressing up as the “UnaBomber” complete with a box and everything and some cat catching feelings over it in a club. Bouncers were needed and cops were called. Yours truly slipped out of his costum during the melay and walked away with out problems.

—Trying to get a buddy of mine laid by a 45 y/0 lady only to have him wuss out, leave me in the cab with said lady so she can attempt to rape me….(she wasn’t all that and I wasn’t drunk enough)

—I remember always buying hip hop tapes during the day before heading out that night so I would have something to listen to. I remember picking up Ice Cube – Death Certificate and playing that shit over and over again. Picked up DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince -And In This Corner… (Don’t act like y’all didn’t like the Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff back in the day) one year. Another year was Candyman’s “Ain’t No Shame In My Game”, the same year I dressed up as Run. Got WC & The Madd Circle – Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed another year. This about the time my friends were starting to get out of hip hop, but I thought this was the shit. I was a huge fan of Low Profile so I was happy to see this.

—Last year at my hispanic friend’s Dia De Los Muertos party, sitting down w/ his mexican neighbors, who didn’t know much English, with four others and drinking a bottle of Patron’ and a half of jug of Tequilla (not a 5th, but one of those bigger bottles) and speaking Spanish with them for more than an hour. Funny thing is, my only experiance with Spanish (besides working in numerous restruants through out my years) was about a month of it in the 9th grade before getting kicked out of the class. That was 18 years ago (Yeah, dating myself here). I was convinced I knew how to speak great spanish by the end of the night.

That’s where I’m starting off things tomorrow day at about 1p.m., at my friends Dia De Los Muertos party, then wherever the night may take us. Good times, and I need a weekend like this with all the other crap going on right now.

Well I was going to cover some other rants I had going on in my mind, but you ain’t here for that, so I’ll save those for another time. It’s time to fill some requests. Thanks goes out to everyone that posted up links and the such. Thanks to my girl friend who give me a call to tell me what you guys had requested so I could pull it out of my stash out home since I don’t have any internet at the moment. It was funny listening to her trying to pronouce some of the album names since she isn’t really into the whole hip hop thing. As Slick Rick would say “Heeeeeere We Go…”

First off links from other people that have been posted up during the week and the such….

Sha-Key – A Headnadda’s Journey To Adidi Skizm (Imago Records, 1994)

*Couldn’t find a track list

While looking for this, I found she is a lesiban Spoken Word artist now. All good in my book

Citizen Kane – The Epic EP (Treehouse Records, 1997)
A1 Raisin’ Kane
A2 Elements Of Mind (Black Rain Remix)
A3 The Gambler
B1 Lost Angels
B2 Reality N’ Facts
B3 Lost Angels (Instrumental)

Tung Twista – Runnin’ Off at Da Mouth (Volcano, 1991)
1. Ratatattat
2. Razzamatazz/Jazzamatazz
3. No Peace Sign
4. Nun ah Y’all Can Hang
5. Mista Tung Twista
6. Back 2 School
7. One Down 2 2 Go
8. Frum da Tip of My Tongue
9. Snap Happy
10. Runnin’ Off at da Mouth
11. Say What
Big Daddy Kane – Taste Of Chocolate (Warner Bros., 1990)
1. Taste of Chocolate (Intro)
2. Cause I Can Do It Right
3. It’s Hard Being the Kane
4. Who Am I? – Big Daddy Kane, Gamilah Shabazz
5. Dance With the Devil
6. No Damn Good
7. All of Me – Big Daddy Kane, Barry White
8. Keep ‘Em on the Floor
9. Mr. Pitiful
10. Put Your Weight on It
11. Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite – Big Daddy Kane, Rudy Ray Moore
12. Down the Line
13. Taste of Chocolat
e (Exit)

Another Halloween purchase from days past. I played it once then it sat in my glove box in my car for over a year, that’s how pissed I was about the quality of it.

Redhead Kingpen & The F.B.I. – A Shade of Red (Atlantic, 1989)
1. Do the Right Thing (USA)
2. Pump It Hottie
3. We Rock the Mic Right
4. Superbad, Superslick
5. Redhead One
6. Scram!
7. Kilimanjaro Style
8. Do That Dance
9. Speaking on Everything
10. Shade of Red

A personal favorite of mine. You’ll be seeing a post about him in the upcoming week more than likely.

Ill Al Skratch - Creep Wit’ Me (Polygram Records, 1994)
1. They Got Love For Us
2. Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)
3. This Is For My Homiez
4. I’ll Take Her
5. Chill With That
6. Where My Homiez? (Come Around My Way)(Dub Version)
7. Creep Wit’ Me
8. Get Dough
9. The Brooklyn Uptown Connection
10. Classic Shit (Ill’s Solo)
11. Summertime (It’s All Good)
12. I’ll Take Her (Brian’s Flow)

Hardly anyone remembers that Big Ill had the balls to dis Kane at Kane’s OWN birthday party back in the day. I had the sonofabitch on tape. I would kill to get a copy of that tape again. If anyone is familar with the freestyle Masta Ace did at the end of a song on “Slaughtahouse”, that was during Kane’s birthday and the same night Ill dissed Kane. There was a mixtape floating around with all the freestyles and shit that happened that night, including Ill’s freestyle. If anyone has that HIT ME UP!!!!!

Beat Factory Rap Essentials Vol.1
1. Rascalz – Fitnredi
2. Concrete Mob – Boiling Point
3. Down To ERF – Learn To Earn
4. Kardinal Official – Naughty Dread
5. Black-I – No Lawz
6. Wio-K – Sunlight
7. Redlife – Who’s Talking Weight(Remix)
8. Dan-E-O – Dear Hip-Hop
9. Scales Empire – Bright Lights,Big City
10. Choclair – Twenty One Years
11. Citizen Cane – Structure,Foundation (What’s The Plan)
12. Ghetto Concept – U.L.

Ras Kass – Soul On Ice Demo (not sure if this is the same I posted up earlier, or a different version)

Nonchalant – Until The Day can be found on Thanks to righthook for pointing this out

Travis —-My Contributions——–

Dana Dane – Dana Dane With Fame ( Arista, 1987)

1. Dedication
2. Cinderfella Dana Dane
3. This Be the Def Beat
4. Dana Dane With Fame
5. Delancey Street
6. We Wanna Party
7. Nightmares
8. Keep the Groove
9. Love at First Sight

Street Fighter OST (1994)
1. Street Fighter – Ice Cube
2. Come Widdit – Ahmad/Ras Kass/Saafir
3. One On One – NAS
4. Pandemonium – The Pharcyde
5. Street Soldier – Paris
6. Something Kinda Funky – Rally Ral
7. It’s A Street Fight – The B.U.M.S.
8. Life As…. – LL Cool J
9. Do You Have What It Takes? – Craig Mack
10. Straight To My Feet – Hammer/Deion Sanders
11. Rumbo N Da Jungo – Public Enemy (Chuck D)/The Wreck League
12. Rap Commando – Anotha Level
13. Worth Fighting For – Angelique Kidjo
14. Something There – Chage & Aska

I’ll go ahead and throw the whole OST up. It’s not bad, but yes, that is Hammer & Deion Sanders…together…..on one track…yes, it’s as bad as you might think.

MC Lyte – Lyte As A Rock (First Priority, 1988)
1. Lite Vs. Vanna Whyte
2. Lyte As A Rock
3. I Am Woman
4. MC Lyte Likes Swingin’
5. 10% Dis
6. Paper Thin
7. Lyte Thee MC
8. I Cram To Understand U
9. Kickin’ 4 Brooklyn
10. Don’t Cry Big Girls

Boogie Down Productions – A Man & His Music (B-Boy Records?, 1988)
1 Advance (5:57)
2 Poetry #1 (6:06)
3 BDP Medley #5 (4:20)
4 Word #8 (3:40)
5 Red Alert (Criminal Minded) (6:27)
6 Super Hoe #4 (5:24)
7 BDP Medley #7 (5:11)
8 BDP Medley #11 (3:05)
9 Doc Mix (Criminal Minded) (6:55)
10 Poetry #3 (5:11)
11 Criminal Minded #9 (3:33)
12 D Nice Rocks The House (3:15)
13 Poetry #2 (4:54)
14 Criminal Minded #6 (6:00)
15 ? #10 (5:54)

picked this up on tape back in the day. I was pretty disappointed with it. But some of you might like it.

Mathematik – Ecology (Beat Factory, 1999)
2.Everyday Movement
8.My Enemy
9.On My Mind
10.Ta Each Iz Own
12.Rhyme Trainin’ Remix
13.Step Lightly
14.Strive On
15.It Was I
16.Learn To Earn
17.Better By the Letter18.Interlude
19.Following Goals f/ Bahamadia
20.Space and Time

Kaos – Court’s In Session (Bad Boy Records, 1987)
A1 Court’s In Session
A2 You Got The Time
A3 Kaos Era
A4 Let’s Do It Again
B1 Crank Up The Bass
B2 Let The People Dance
B3 What Have You Done Lately
B4 Play It In The Day

Kool Kim – The Haz Been (Final Verdict Music, 2001) *Mine has 13 tracks, so they are not named, didn’t have the time to figure it out

1. Intro
2. The Hazbeen w/ Killa Todd
3. Show Me How U Get Down w/ Victor Moreno
4. Fly Fly Guy!
5. Looking Past the Projects w/ Shadii & Kenny Moore
6. C Us w/ Kenny Moore
7. I Didn’t Know U Were Inna Dat 2 (I Want U Baby)
8. Final Verdict (The Last Word) w/ Shadii
9. Fagit Choo!! (Don’t Front On My Crew)
10. Cyber Sex w/ Tina Sharpton
11. Ghetto Ready w/ Shadii, Omika Nichole & Duke
12. Salutations!

High School High OST (Atlantic, 1996)

1. So Many Ways – The Braxtons
2. I Got Somebody Else – Changing Faces
3. Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance – RZA
4. Get Down For Mine – Real Live
5. I Just Can’t – Faith Evans
6. Your Precious Love – D’Angelo And Erykah Badu
7. The Rap World – Large Professor And Pete Rock
8. Queen B@$#H – Lil’ Kim
9. Why You Wanna Funk? – Spice 1/E-40 And The Click
10. I Can’t Call It – De La Soul
11. Bohemian Rhapsody – The Braids
12. high school rock – KRS-One
13. Peace, Prosperity And Paper – A Tribe Called Quest
14. Wild Side – Jodeci
15. The Ultimate (You Know The Time) – Artifacts
16. The Next Spot – Sadat X And Grand Puba
17. Skrilla – Scarface
18. Semi-Automatic: Full Rap Metal Jacket – Inspectah Deck And U-God
19. The Good, The Bad And The Desolate – The Roots
20. C’mon N’ Ride It (The Train-Part II) Bass Remix – Quad City DJ’s

Ahhh… this soundtrack brings back the memories of the summer of 96′, one of the best summers of my life. This is one of the last soundtracks I ever bought, because 99% of them are trash. I played the shit out of this one for some reason. It does bring back some sweet memories.

Steady B – V (Jive, 1991)
1. Girl’s Gonna Getcha
2. Warpath
3. How I’m Living
4. Journey Through Funky Sound
5. Pay Me Baby
6. Keeper of the Funk
7. Steady and Cool
8. U-Za-Flea
9. And U Don’t Stop
10. Licence to Kill
11. Hustler Mac
12. Get on Down
13. I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere
14. Funky One

I have to admit, I’m a closet Steady B fan. I have all his albums and like every one of them, but this was the second best behind “Let The Hustlers Play”. But damn, why’d you have to go and rob bank, Stead?

Another week in the books. Sorry if I didn’t have your request. I’m always on the look out for stuff that you guys request, whether it’s in the used stores around here or on the internet. As usual, if you have something that was in the request thread that was put up, please hook the rest of us up. You also get in my good graces and I help you out more than the over Joe Schmoe. As I said, I will be internetless of for the next week, so I’ll be a little slow checking things. Probably won’t be any updates this weekend, unless Polarity or one of the other crew get a wild hair (I do know Polarity has another little good loaded up to share with you all). I will probably check this site once this weekend, (tomorrow), so if there are any corrupt files or the such let me know and I’ll have them ready to fix for Monday morning (provided Im not in jail for the lack of bail).

Alright, time for me to ask for some requests. One thing I really want are some old Yo!MTV Raps episodes on DVD. I will be willing to pay or trade (CDR’s) music for some old episodes. I have some on video tape, but that’s my new passion is to get as many episodes as possible. It’ll have to be snail mail style, because I don’t have the hard drive space to save much, especially videos. If anyone has some that they would be interested in selling or trading, let me know. You can contact me on the contact link on the site.

Requests for me——-

Afro-Rican- Give It Your All 95
Let’s See What Happens
Sex & Fun

ant banks – sittin’ on somethin’ phat (1993)
ant banks – the big badass (1994)

45 king – the red, the black, the green (1988)

freestyle professors – freestyle professors ep (1994)

homeliss derilex – homeliss derilex tape (1993)

jayo felony – take ride (1995)

juice crew – live (1988)

k-9 posse – on a differend tip (1991)

key kool and rhettmatic – kozmonautz (1995)

kid frost – east side story (1992)

kings of pressure – slang teacher (1989)

mc breeze – the parties at my house ep (1987)

mc madness – come get this money honey (1993)

miami boyz – rollin n’ steppin (1990)
miami boyz – the outlawed bass (1993)

mr. lee – get busy (1990)

the whooliganz – put your handz up promo (1993)

Jigmastas – Lyrical Fluctuation

Shazzy (Can’t remember the album name)


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