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Bootleg of the Bootleggers Part Three: Digital Underground – The Lost Files

by Travis on November 1, 2006

The bootlegging continues. Honestly, today I didn’t have any of the things I really wanted to post up, so we had to settle with what I have with me. Actually it’s something I had spent awhile looking for since I had heard about it’s exsitance for awhile. The orginal hip hop “crew”, the mighty Digital Underground massive. DU is one of the most orginal and creative groups in the history of hip hop. Many times I’ve heard them called the Parliment of hip hop, but it’s a comparison that fits very well.

The history of the group should be fairly familar for the average visitor to this site, so I won’t get to deep into it. Hailing mainly from the Bay Area in Cali, this crew has seen many members. I wouldn’t even venture to guess at how many people have been involved in Digital Underground, but the numbers are sure to be in the twenties I’m guessing. The key members has always been Shock G aka Humpty Hump, aka MC Blowfish, aka The Piano Man, you get the point. Shock is the first artist that I know of that uses alias, like Kool Keith and some other floating around out there. Money B and DJ Fuze also make an apperance on every album, if my memory serves me right. After that, you have an hodge podge of group members that include people like Tupac Shakur, Saafir appeared on one album, MC Cleff, Schmoovy Schmoov, and a host of others from album to album.

This project might even be legit, although I’ve never seen in it in a store. It is listed on Amazon, but none are for sale. It was put out by the “Select-O-Hits” label in 1999, but that could be just some Mom & Pop label putting out a bootleg for all I know.

Most of the material on this album sounds like it came from the “Future Rhythm” time frame, which might detour some cats. It’s all fairly smooth and mellow. It has all that funk flavor which isn’t found as much in today’s hip hop, so in that way it’s kind of refreshing. The album can drag though. The tracks all kind of blend together since there is not a lot of variety in the terms of tempo or mood. Humpty does make a couple apperances, although not the comedic version that was used on DU albums to bring that comic relief, ala Flavor did with P.E. back in the days.

If you are a big Digital Underground fan as I am, you’ll probably enjoy this collection of lost cuts. If you are one of those cats that wasn’t down with “Future Rhythm”, or aren’t into this flavor of music, you might want to leave this one be.
1. On One
2. X for the Ear
3. People Over The Stairs
4. Mind Bubble
5. Voodoo Woman
6. How Long
7. Nothing Has Changed
8. Phone Call Away
9. Strawberry Letter 23
10. I’ve Been Watching You
11. Know Me Feel Me

Random thoughts…….
The Fesu and Kaos corrupt tracks are fixed with links to the corrupt tracks in there rightful posts. Sorry about that. I’m trying to fix the issue with the corrupt tracks, but for the time being it’s going to be an issue.

Still internetless and might be longer than I thought. Money has been tight and a large cell phone bill is going to suck up more money than I had planned on. Not sure when it will be up

Get your requests in for the Friday requests. Try to get them in before tomorrow afternoon my time in the right post. I can’t promise I’ll see anything after tomorrow after 5:00 pm my time. I’m seeing alot of the same people requesting every week, which is cool and fine with me, but this site is increasing hits every week, so I know there are alot of new people checking us out. Don’t be afraid to request something. I haven’t laughed at any requests yet…I take that back, I did laugh at Markey Mark being requested. Other than that, it’s worth a shot. If I don’t have it, you are out nothing. If I do have it…well you have something you want.

That’s all…out….Travis

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