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Hump Day Post: The Lost Roadium Mix and Requests

by Travis on November 8, 2006

Middle of the week and I’m just trying to get through it. Fun shit. Anyway, a quick post that’s sort of a follow up of something we posted back in July or August, the final installment of Dr. Dre’s “Roadium Mixes”. The first post is here, that explains the whole Roadium series and then Brian blessed us with the rest of the series except the Tony A & Dre made “Jam”. About a month ago, none other than our man Dread from Bust the Facts hooked me up with the missing chapter. I figured I’d share it the rest of you.

Tony A & Dr. Dre

> JAM (JACK MOVE) mix begins (2 parts, 61m. Dr. Dre + Tony A):
> starts with “drop that bass”, then spoken: “hi, this is ‘Tony A’ and Dr. Dre kickin’ it live…”)
> beats and cuts (Rick James, NWA, Rodney O, KRS-1, MC Lyte, Sweet T, Tone Loc, Ice T, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, etc.)
> more beats and cuts (The Real Roxanne, with Barbara Lewis organ-hook (!) + a spoken intro by Ice Cube!)
> NWA: Parental Discretion Iz Advised (LP cut, early ’89)
> Eazy-E: We Want Eazy (Ruthless)
> De La Soul: Say No Go (Tommy Boy, 5?/89)
> De La Soul: Me Myself & I (Tommy Boy, 4/89)
> Slick Rick: Treat Her Like A Prostitute (Def Jam, /88)
> His Majesti: Slow and Ill
> Too Short: Life Is Too Short (Jive, /89) and fades…
>> Black by Demand: All rappers give up
> Rob Base & DJ EZ-Rock: Get On The Dance Floor (entire jam) (Profile, /88)
> Sugar Bear: Don’t Scandalize Mine (entire jam) (Next Plateau, /88)
> DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince: Brand New Funk (entire jam) (Jive, /88)
> Cash Money: Find An Ugly Woman (entire jam) (Fresh/Sleeping Bag, /88)
> J.J. Fad: Another Ho’ (Ruthless, /88)
> ??? (The Mistress?): (“i’m the lady devestator”): female rap, might be called “(Just) Let It Go”, can’t remember.
> K-9 Posse: Ain’t Nothin’ To It

If any of the other links need updated, ask nicely and I might re-up them for you.

Wednesday means it’s time to start thinking about getting those requests in. It was a little slow last week, but some of you newbies that check the site out, feel free to ask, I don’t ridicule anyone for their requests….although I did have to bite my tongue on the Marky Mark….It’s worth a shot and a reminder, go through the WYDU classics track listings, most of those things I have on album. Speaking of which, Volume 11 should be coming this weekend sometime.

The Request post will be moved back to Saturday this week, which will give you guys until about 10am Saturday Morning (MY TIME, Mountain Standard US Time). Someone was nutty enough to ask me to house sit for them this weekend so I have internet access all weekend…..I’ll be living ghetto fabulous this weekend. (any fly honeys that want to chill in a hot tub all weekend with me, hit me up!).

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