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DITC…You Can't Feel It…..

by Travis on November 9, 2006

******CORRUPT TRACKS FIXED***** Solo links next to songs

I guess this is the random week for posts as I’m not following any real pattern. Everyone pretty much loves the Diggin’ In The Crates Crew, and I posted these up on a couple forums this morning, so I figured I’d throw up on here. Call it a cheap post if you want, it is what it is.

DITC Collection Part 1
01) D-Flow & A-Bless: ‘Ridin and Rollin’
02) Brand Nubian & Diamond: ‘I Flip Styles’
03) Fat Joe & Big Pun: ‘Best Behaviour’
04) Lord Finesse: ‘Down For the Underground (RMX)’
05) AG & Diamond: ‘Put it in Your System’
06) DITC: ‘Stick Up’
07) OC: ‘Half Good, Half Sinner’
08) The Omen (Sadat X, Diamond & Kamari): ‘It’s Our World’
09) DITC: ‘Dignified Soldiers RMX’
10) Diamond: ‘With The Dope Sound’
11) OC: ‘U-N-I’ 12) Milano: ‘Deal With A Feeling’
13) Big L: ‘How Will I Make It’
14) A-Bless: ‘My Life’s On the Edge’
15) The Omen: ‘Do It Now’
16) Diamond: ‘The Hiatus RMX’
17) OC & Showbiz: ‘Showtime’
18) Sadat, Diamond & Finesse: ‘You Can’t Front’

DITC Collection Part 2
19) A-Bless: ‘That’s Bless’
20) Fat Joe & Big Pun: ‘Best Behaviour RMX’
21) DITC: ‘Themes, Dreams & Schemes’
22) Lord Finesse: ‘In The Ghetto’
23) A-Bless, Party Arty & D-Flow: ‘Rap Game’
24) The Omen: ‘Get On Up’
25) A-Bless, OC & Party Arty: ‘Bad Reputation’
26) John Dough, Big Red, K. Terrobul & Ras Kass: ‘You’re in the Wrong Place’
27) DITC: ‘We Known For That’
28) Milano: ‘Rep For The Slums’
29) Big L: ‘Put It On RMX’
30) Party Arty, A-Bless & AG: ‘Hold It Down’
31) Diamond & John Dough: ‘MC2’
32) DITC: ‘Wildlife Theme’
33) OC & Jay Z: ‘Bonafide’
34) Lord Finesse & Diamond: ‘Do Your Thing RMX’
35) The Omen: ‘Half Steppin’
36) Lord Finesse: ‘Down For The Underground’

This is a complilation that Polarity blessed me with a couple years ago almost. It’s a mix and match of DITC and DITC affilated releases. This has always gone over well in the past when I’ve shared it before, so hopefullly y’all enjoy it.


Straight up instrumentals, from a frequent contributer on this site and DJ Espinoage, you runs the 12inchers site. For all you instrumental fanatics, this is a must.

Get your requests in, so far it’s just a bunch of re-ups and shit. Not hardly worth my time.

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