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Weekend Requests

by Travis on November 11, 2006

It’s the weekend version of the Friday Request Post. A little of this, a little of that, and you know how it goes. Yeah, I changed the header photograph. Not because anyone complained or i didn’t want to offend anyone, okay maybe that, but I guess I’m trying to keep a certain level of professionalism while I’m committing copyright infringement. Besides Aria Giovanni is much more pleasing to the eyes. I guess the “Fuck” sign seemed like a lot better idea 4 beers into it.

If you didn’t know, Jay-Z’s new album has leaked. It’s on a couple blogs and forums. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I finally heard “Lost Ones” that was on DJ Premier’s new mixtape and that is a lot better than “Show Me What You Got”.

Speaking of Primo’s tape, “Ding” by Royce is the dopest song I’ve heard all year. Thursday night, I must have played that 30 times. It’s been awhile since a song has hit me like that right off the bat.

Enough yappin’, time to get down to business

Contributions from others

Single tracks
Doug E Fresh – Summertime (Thanks to Chris Live)

Set It Off 12 inch – Big Daddy Kane (Thanks to Andyman)

Hard 2 Obtain – Ism & Blues (Not On Album) (This track is also in the Rar file for the Ism & Blues Album for those of you who don’t have the album)

Dana Dane – Rollin With Dane (Warner Bros., 1995)
1. Dedication
2. Once Again
3. In da Mix
4. Rollin’ Wit Dane
5. Booty Call
6. Record Jock
7. Ain’t No Love (Interlude)
8. Chester
9. Nina
10. Mama Told Me
11. Show Me Love
12. Fort Greene (S) Killz
13. Ain’t No Love

This album was a big change up from anything else he released, but it’s been sought after and someone just saved me 7 bucks for an album I really didn’t want.

Doug E Fresh – Play (Gee Street, 1995)

1 Where’s da Party At?
2 It’s On
3 Take ‘Em Uptown
4 I-Ight (Alright) [Allstar Remix]
5 Original Old School!
6 Freaks
7 Freak It Out!
8 It’s Really Goin’ on in Here
9 Who’s Got All the Money?
10 Get da Money
11 Hands in the Air
12 Doug E. Got It Goin’ On
13 Keep It Going
14 Breath of Fresh Air
It’s been out there before, but only in C-box, if you were an idiot….like me….and missed it the first time, here’s your second chance

Main Source – Breaking Atoms (Wild Pitch, 1991)
1. Snake Eyes
2. Just Hangin Out
3. Looking At The Front Door
4. Large Professor
5. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball
6. Scratch & Kut
7. Peace Is Not The Word To Play
8. Vamos A Rapiar
9. He Got So Much Soul (He Don’t Need No Music)
10. Live At The Barbeque
11. Watch Roger Do His Thing
12. Just A Friendly Game Of Baseball (Bonus Version)

A classic, what can I say, except I’m pissed I only have this on tape

My Contributions
Arabian Prince – Brother Arab (Orpheus/EMI, 1989)
1 Sound Check
2 She’s Got A Big Posse
3 Get On Up
4 Let The Good Times Roll (Nickel Bag)
5 Never Caught Slippin’
6 I Got A Big Bonus Beat
7 Situation Critical
8 It’s A Dope Thang
9 It’s Time To Bone
10 Now You Have To Understand
11 Gettin’ Down

I like this joint a lot. For those of you out of the loop, Arabian Prince was an orginal NWA memember. Don’t remember the story on how he wasn’t anymore, but this is still his best album out of the three solo joints.

Hard 2 Obtain – Ism & Blues (Atlantic, 1994)
1. Joker’s World
2. Babble On
3. Heels Without Souls
4. Shit We Do
5. Street Dwellers
6. Lil’ Sumthin
7. L.I. Groove
8. Time
9. Local Hero
10. Gaining Pounds
11. Parkyard Lingo
12. Bust Me Down
13. No Batter Swing
14. Ghetto Diamond
15. Joker’s Wild (Next Mix)
16. L.I. Groove (Reprise)

One of my all-time favorite albums from this time period. Every joint except one is produced by the Stimulated Dummies (track 4). Dante Ross and company did an excellent job on this. It’s a pity no one else thinks so.

D-Nice – 2 Tha Rescue (Jive/BMG, 1991) *** Rapidshare was down
1. 808 Prelude
2. 25 Ta Life
3. Rhymin’ Skills
4. Time To Flow
5. Get In Touch With Me
6. To The Rescue
7. No, No, No
8. Straight From The Bronx
9. Check Yourself
10. Time To Flow
11. And There U Have It
12. I Send This Out To

Good album that everyone avoids for some reason

Copywrite – The High Exhaulted (Eastren Confernence, 2002)
1. Sintro
2. Fucksoundcheck
3. Fire It Up
4. Let Me In
5. Enterlude
6. Three Words
7. Hear Me Though
8. Badabing
9. Centerlude
i personally like black 10. Nobody
11. Holier Than Thou
12. Ready, Aim…
13. On My Dick
14. Tower Of Babble
15. Seven Light Years
16. Theme Music
17. Exitlude
18. June

A little newer than I like posting, but oh well. I’ve always like this album. Guess it’s the nerd in me. Desp
ite all the shit Pete Nelson gets, I still think he’s a pretty dope MC. And really, who couldn’t kick Nas’ ass?

Leak Brothers – Waterworld (Eastern Conference, 2004)
1. PCP Ward (Intro)
2. Got Wet
3. Waterworld
4. See Thru
5. G.O.D.
6. Gimmesumdeath
7. Follow the Liters
8. Dead
9. Druggie Fresh
10. Delerium
11. Leakie Leak (Skit)
12. Stargate
13. Submerged
14. Outro

The subject matter is the same fucking thing throughout the album….and since I can’t really relate to it, it get’s old. BUT……the beats are insane. If you aren’t a junkie, or have never been one, this album gives you that feeling. It’s deep that way.

Crusaders For Real Hip-Hop – DeJa Vu’ It’s 82′ (Profile, 1992)
01 That’s How It Is (4:34)
02 We Love The Hotties (3:55)
03 Higher (3:51)
04 Funky Uptown (4:15)
05 Main Entree (3:45)
06 No Ballads (1:09)
07 May I Continue? (3:59)
08 Buggin’ On Old TV (5:11)
09 Police Brutality (4:21)
10 Ultimate Reality (Beat Box) (4:14)
11 Real Rhymers (4:42) Featuring – King Sun
12 Skills (4:24)
13 What Are We Gonna Do? (4:10)
14 Off To Another House (4:41)
15 Kicked To The Curb (3:34)

A Tony D project, this album is one of the lost treasures. Fo’ Real!!!!

Poor Righteous Teachers – The Median (Not Sure of Orgin)

Got this from Cocaine Blunts a while ago. I don’t know nothing much about it, except it contains some unreleased stuff and the such. It’s a great collection of tracks though. I just found out that PRT had a bunch of this kind of stuff, I don’t know if what Urbandons was requesting is the same or not, but we’ll throw it out there. Track listing is in the Rar., yeah sucks, but you got to download to find out.

Roxanne Shante – Bad Sister (Cold Chillin’, 1989)
1 Bad Sister (5:00)
2 Live On Stage (6:57)
3 Independent Woman (4:35)
4 Knockin’ Hiney (3:36)
5 My Groove Gets Better (3:30)
6 Feelin’ Kinda Horny (4:10)
7 Have A Nice Day (Remix) (3:21) Remix – Marley Marl
8 Let’s Rock, Y’all (4:17)
9 Fatal Attraction (4:28)
10 Wack Itt (Remix) (6:00) Remix – Marley Marl
11 Skeezer (2:45)
12 What’s On Your Mind (3:20)
13 Go On, Girl (Remix) (5:01)
14 Gotta Get Paid (1:52) Rap [Featuring] – Craig G

Big bad slap a bitch

Aceyalone – Book Of Human Language (Project Blowed, 1989)
1 Forward (2:25)
2 The Guidelines (4:47)
3 Contents (0:54)
4 The Balance (5:07)
5 The Energy (1:39)
6 The Hurt (4:33)
7 The Hold (3:40)
8 The Walls & Windows (5:42)
9 The Jabberwocky (1:52)
10 The Grandfather Clock (4:57)
11 The Reason (1:21)
12 The March (2:04)
13 The Vision (1:26)
14 The Faces (4:16)
15 The Hunt Prelude (1:19)
16 The Hunt (4:42)
17 The Catch (1:25)
18 The Thief In The Night (6:45)
19 Human Language (7:47)
20 Afterward (2:06)

Best Aceyalone album I’ve heard…..but that ain’t sayin’ much


Raodium Mixes -

Dr. Dre – You Got Ganked
Dr. Dre – Criminal

I still have two J-Zone’s, True Culture, and Anotha Level to upload, I just gave up, I spent more time tonight uploading things than usual…..

Peace, I’m off to the strip clubs then the hot tub….peace out bitches….

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